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Joined: 02/24/2012
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I'm blessed to have a daughter who is three and a half years old. I've wanted another child since she was small but we didn't start trying until August 2011 because I was finishing up school. I have hyperprolactemia with very irregular periods and anovulation. I had a mc on my second round of Clomid and the third round was a BFN. Last year, they tested my prolactin level, and it was pretty elevated. After my third round of Clomid, after the m/c, it was normal. Different things can make prolacitn elevated, but I had other symptoms that went along with hyperprolactemia (galactorrhea, or milk discharge - TMI i know!) So we've been trying naturally since the prolactin was normal, and I've been having periods but they've been getting farther and farther apart. They tested me for PCOS, I do NOT have that - so they've upped my dosage of Clomid from 50mg to 100mg.

Took Clomid 100mg twice, both BFN- took the next month off, relaxed and didn't chart or obsess and got my BFP on 11/27/12!

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