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    My husband and I have been together for 20 years! We have been married only for 8. We have been ttc for a 18 months now. I am 36 (DH is 37) and thought I might have a little trouble, but not the amount of trouble i am having. We did the traditional method for several months...didn't work. My doctor tested my husband and also made sure my tubes were open. All looked good. After not getting pregnant by September we did our first dose of clomid (50mg), didn't work, (100 mg) in October...still nothing! In November we did 200 mg of clomid...BFN!!! In December, January, and February we did IUIs with no results. In March we got referred to an RE. We decided to do a LAP surgery on 3/28 and he found severe endometreosis and scar tissue. Here's to hoping we can get pregnant on our own now!!!

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