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I stopped taking Birth control June 2011. After a year of no success of getting pregnant and and thinking i was not ovulating(i took the test and never saw it positive) i finally went to an ob she ordered blood test and an ultrasound, she diagonist me with PCOS. I wasnt happy with her so I transfered to a infertility specialist July 2012 where i got my first round of clomid, IUI and more ultrasounds. When i found out i didnt get pregnant with that round i startd for my next cycle to start and when in in August. In August the clomid caused a cyst so I was not able to try in August and i am starting the cycle agian this month.

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thank you thats good to know. i am nervous but i know the doc will show my dh how to do it.
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Reply: Does clomid give a false positive?
not it should be sometimes if you got a shot of HCG or something to help ovulate that...More
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I finally started my cycle yesterday! i have an appt tomorrow with my doc for an u/s and...More
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how is everyone
sorry i have been out of touch, i have just been out in limbo waiting for my next cycle to...More
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now that january is here i am just waiting for for af to show her nasty but necessary...More
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Reply: U/S Update
congrats so happy for you
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Reply: ugh!
am sorry to hear this i know how you feel. my sister in law who just turned 22 is 22...More
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Reply: clomid
some women say they could feel the follicles growing i could not however and they only way...More
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Reply: ultrasound results
have the battle is finding out why you can not concieve, congrats on getting over the...More
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Reply: baby dust and good thought send my way
my af started this morning and i am not suppose to get the shots for another 5 days or so,...More
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