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Complicated Headache Issues
I am a 21 year old college student. I have dealing with horrible unilateral headaches since I was around the...More
Posted by An_254765
Reply: Chiropractic
I tried for 6 months but no help for me. I have heard it helped some people, try it if you can afford it....More
Posted by clusterfuked
Getting rid of cluster headaches
You guys try 500mg magnesium pill when u get up and 500mg magnesium at night be4 bed with a 5 mg melatonin at...More
Posted by mmafan1st
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Reply: They're Baaaaaack!
If a cluster manages to sneak in and it will once in awhile take 2 feverfew pills and you'll be good.. The...More
Posted by mmafan1st

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What can I do as far as the "Natural way" without pills/drugs to prevent these from occuring?
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Reply: Cluster's Suck
Hi, My husband was prescribed medical canabis as a treatment for his cluster headaches. It is not new and can...More
Posted by olggg
Reply: You've suffered too long
If dont mind me asking or you mind telling me was this procedure expensive. As i am a veteran and they only...More
Posted by martianiam
Reply: does anyone know of any unconventional drug treatm...
I am an active member of, and I swear that site has saved my life. If you check out the...More
Posted by undefined
Reply: Managing Pain of Cluster Headaches
Hi, I am a Humber College Journalism student doing an assignment on psilocybin mushrooms and their use to...More
Posted by delv212121
Warding off and curing cluster migraines.
Heavy duty breathing excersices can actually eliminate the headache but you need to know how to do it...More
Posted by carlwilliams254
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Warding off and curing cluster migraines.
Heavy duty breathing excersices can actually eliminate the headache but you need to know how to do it...More
Posted by carlwilliams254
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Help for someone suffering from a lifelong migrain...
I am 27 years old and I have 3 types of migraines. The migraine never stops, but sometimes I am lucky and...More
Posted by An_252515
Daily prevention
Is there anything I can take on a daily to ward cluster migraine
Posted by Vhart30633
Reply: 100% Relief for me
I agree about the serotonin factor. I've found that taking amitriptyline got me over my first bout (20mg...More
Posted by An_252454
Reply: Please help me
Yes it is like a red-hot poker sticking into your eye. Heavy duty breathing excersices can actually...More
Posted by carlwilliams254
clusters have stopped. Quit smoking now!!!
I suffered for 4 years straight with cluster headaches sometimes up to 6 attacks a day. My remissions would...More
Posted by spargueman
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cluster migraines
I am currently getting botox injections every 3 months and when they last for more then 2 days in between that...More
Posted by lynnie25
Reply: Sphenopalatine neuralgia
I had the RF, or microwave block. It's not permanent, but it helped. It was really hard to find a doc here...More
Posted by ctschiebel
Deseril (methysergide)
Hello! I would like to talk with users of Deseril. How long are you using this medication? How are you feeling?...More
Posted by CrixBR
Reply: Cluster Headache in Brasil
Ola, gostaria de conversar com voce a respeito da enxaqueca, mais especificamente da Deserila. Por favor entre...More
Posted by CrixBR
I think I may have cluster headaches.
I am a 38 year old male. I started having daily headaches when I was 27. It lasted about a year and went...More
Posted by athenspanic
Goodbye Cluster headaches
I began my painful journey when I was 12. I had painful migraines on the right side of my head, behind my eye,...More
Posted by MizzMo2
Clusters forever
Good Grief! Your husband is one tough old bird! I've had cluster headaches almost every day for many years. I...More
Posted by nvcordman
Reply: often
in the fall or spring, about a 3-week cycle with 1-2 a day. Thank god for imitrex injections.
Posted by CaptScott
Reply: Cluster Headaches and heat
Extreme temp changes can trigger mine. Either a very hot day or a very cold day can do it. I usually have a...More
Posted by CaptScott
Warm Food. Who'd have thought?
I've noticed that any time I've eaten something with a hot temperature, the cluster headache is either...More
Posted by kimorimia
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Reply: Help from Sufferers?
Nerve decompression, could you tell me more about the procedure?
Posted by gotarheels
Boiling Tiger Balm to open nasal passage
I have been suffering from cluster headaches for about 12 years and they have almost always attacked around...More
Posted by keneas2002
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Air travel and clearance for oxygen
Something I learned and liked to share. You can't travel on a commercial flights with oxygen tanks. You need...More
Posted by Msspolly

Spotlight: Member Stories

I've been dealing with cluster headaches for over fifty consecutive days. Each day has been a struggle either against people who don't believe...More

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100% Relief for me
I've been free of these terrible headaches for years now. Ever since taking an SSRI (serotonin reputable inhibitor)' specifically ... More
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