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Joined: 02/27/2010
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About Me

I live in sunny, steaming hot, Arizona. I've been married for 10 yrs and have a daughter who is 17. Also my dog who was 20 yrs old. just recently passed away, but I just got another dog. I met my husband in a chat room. He lived in England at the time. When he flew over to meet me for the first time, it was love at first sight. I believe that I am truely a lucky woman to have him. When we first met, my b/p was totally out of control. I just wasn't myself. I didn't like who I had became, I didn't like the things I had done in my past, I just felt like a bad person. But he saw through all that and he told me that he could see the good person that I really was. I was amazed that he was willing to marry someone who was such a mess. I've come along way, I no longer hate myself, my medications are helping, and when I do have bipolar problems my husband is very understanding and supportive. I've been diagnosed bipolar for over 10 years now, but I had been misdiagnosed for many more years before that. I also have anxiety attacks, panic attacks, bpd and post tramatic stress. I used to have issues with o.c.d. but Ive gotten over many of those. Also I used to have paranoia problems, but it only comes up every now and then. Lots of health problems, chronic back pain, asthma, allergies and Im losing brain cells by the minute. *wink*
My Website

I dont need a website my dahlings, Im so loved by all that I just use everyone elses.
Why I came to WebMD

I needed a place where there were others with bipolar,anxiety, and panic attacks. A place where I could get some advice or maybe help someone else. Or even a place where I could come to let it all out.
Where I can be found on WebMD

all over the place babies!!! actually on bipolar support board and sometimes on the back pain support board.
What I Like

Books: Stephen King books, Queen Elizabeth 1, Lord of the Rings,Ghosts of Coventry England
Movies/TV: Horror,Sci-Fi, War movies. National Geo, survivor, T.A.P.S Ghost Hunters,Animal channel, American Idol
Music: everything except rap....blah gag
Hobbies: Playing LOTRO,Texas-Holdem on, chatting with my friends in instant message, painting,
Other: Eat out, swim,being with my daughter,Beach,fishing, and kissing my husband
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