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Daughter and her sore throat
Hello. My daughter has been fighting a cold for last two days , sniffling , sneezing , cough ect. Has now...More
Posted by An_261115
Clicking in head around right ear
A few months ago, I was walking after a run and I noticed a weird clicking noise around (but not...More
Posted by amandacatherine
Reply: Flu shot caused neck, shoulder and sever headaches
I got the high dose flu shot on Oct.9 this year and have had stiff neck, shoulder pain,and headaches and...More
Posted by niteowl984

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Is anyone else having neck, shoulder and sever headaches due to the flu shot? If so, did it go away and how long did it take before you felt better?
  • Neck pain due to flu shot
  • Shoulder pain due to flu shot
  • Headaches due to flu shot
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Possible Tinnitus
About three weeks ago my right ear started ringing due to ear wax impaction. I'd been improperly cleaning my...More
Posted by thana02
Hearing loss after tube placed
Two days ago I had a collar tube put in my left ear because I was having pressure problems. I did not...More
Posted by czthemoment23
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Reply: Severe sore throat after endoscopy?
Hi, I too have severe throat pain after taking endoscopy now. But I did it earlier 2 times. At that time no...More
Posted by dcvetri
Reply: Just noticed enlarged antitragus
I had the same first time experience a couple of days ago. It seems odd to me as well. I don't have...More
Posted by healthmatters2015
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Reply: periodic SEVERE outer ear pain
I have many of the same symptoms as described here and I often experience very itchy inner ears and I have been...More
Posted by tinabp
Someone yelled in my ear
Hello, a friend of mine yelled directly in (as in inches away from, maybe even touching ) my left ear three...More
Posted by shayla200
Asthma common cold cure through breathing exercise
Posted by sunild1204
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heavy congestion
I was diagnosed with the flu 2wks ago and now I'm having constant coughing and heavy chest congestion what can...More
Posted by airtank
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Reply: dizziness and head pressure
Hi, I went to the dizziness center in Chicago and they had found that I have Vestibular Migraine. They put...More
Posted by deelibrary
Reply: Changing Ear Pressure/Ringing and Cracking
Me too, this is after having a bad cold or flu. Whatever it is. It has been over a week now. Any answers for...More
Posted by sharon53m
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Reply: Vertigo 24 hours after flu vaccine
I ended up taking the Meclizine for a week and the vertigo stopped. Then a few days after I stopped the...More
Posted by darkangel78
Reply: Bad smell from right nostril, right ear clogged, d...
no, i havent been back since because i figured if it was an infection it would have shown on the test he did...More
Posted by debbielaj
Reply: Tonsil problems (strep) for over a month
This is exactly what happened to my 18 yr old daughter, but it went on for 2 years and both tonsils were...More
Posted by calls14
Ear infection
I have persistent fluid in both ears from allergies. Nothing I take give me relief. I was seen 10 days...More
Posted by amandairene2002
loss of hearing after tubes in ears
On Sept 15 I had surgery on my nose and had tubes put in my ears - the nose part went fine and I am glad that...More
Posted by tunin4ks
Reply: Is This Years Flu Shot Causing Vertigo?
The same happened to me this year. I had the flu shot and 1 week later vertigo began. Went to the doctor...More
Posted by marsoto1973

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Did you have dizziness or vertigo with this years flu shot?
  • No
  • Yes, a slight amount of vertigo for a few days
  • Yes, a slight amount for several days.
  • Yes, a sever amount for a few days
  • Yes, a sever amount for several days.
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Reply: Vertigo after flu shot
The same happened to me this year. I had the flu shot and 1 week later vertigo began. Went to the doctor...More
Posted by marsoto1973
Reply: wet ear with swollen node
Doctor? I am so disenchanted with the health care system. Your question makes my blood boil. No offence! Seeing a...More
Posted by dmc65
Sick since Christmas
I got sick on December 23. Went to Dr. On Dec 29 was told I had strep. I finished antibiotics 2 days after I...More
Posted by nickat78
Reply: Strep?
Well ... guess who has the white spots on his tonsils again? I'm honestly so done with this crap.
Posted by danielm52
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Robot Talk...
The same thing happened to me. I freaked out of course, scoured the internet and didn't find anything...More
Posted by undefined
After effects of nose cauterization
Hi,Had my nose cauterised 2wks ago I felt the crust around the base of my left nostril 2 days layers...More
Posted by applepie12345678
Wierd cysts on tonsil
Hello. I have had a sore throat for a while, but haven't paid too much attention due to the cough I recently...More
Posted by adam217
ear blocked and echoing
Hello my name is matty and i had the smae thing for one and a half days ear echoing when i swallow i can...More
Posted by mattyxwolski
Felt like on Plane eveything was muffled
I was talking today and all the sudden. I felt weird sensation in side of head coming from ear. Like pressure on...More
Posted by tobe12
Reply: Anxiety issue
Here is a good explanation of dry and secondary drowning that you may find helpful to read through....More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: I've been sick for a month now.
Have you been back to see your doctor since these new symptoms started? I think that it would be best to...More
Posted by atti_editor

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