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sinus nasal osteomas
I have osteomas in my nasal cavity. they are visible when my doc scopes my nasal passages. They are...More
Posted by An_259321
perfoated eardrum
perfoated eardrum in my right ear but i heard vibration in my left ear when i hear motor bike noise drum's...More
Posted by An_259313
Small Lump Behind Left Ear
Hey All, So about a month/month and a half ago a noticed a small lump a little bit behind my left ear....More
Posted by bobbysmith123
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Reply: Second post - Clicking sound in nose/ear while/aft...
I am also suffering with this for around 3 weeks now, it was annoying but I just thought in a few days it...More
Posted by lovelyhead84
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Reply: Hearing loss after flu shot
Hello, I just wanted to let you no I have been going through the same thing . In Jan. I got the flu shot on...More
Posted by thegmaof12
Includes Expert Content
Reply: White Tongue, Red Spots, Swollen taste buds
Joe, my tongue looks EXACTLY like this and I am having some pretty heavy anxiety about it... Did you get a...More
Posted by An_259308
Throat, Ear pain Tonsillitis?
I started feeling like my allergies where acting up about 5 days ago. I could feel my sinuses draining down...More
Posted by nickfaris
Blisters on back of throat.
I have these blisters on the back of my throat that have been there for a few months and wont go away. Some...More
Posted by An_259295
Deviated Septum Surgery - Nose Bleeds
I had surgery approx. 2 years ago and my nose still gets so stopped up at night that every morning I have...More
Posted by ctrobertson
Canker Sore in Esophagus?
I am a 43-year-old male. It's allergy season here, and my sinuses are draining quite a bit. I'm wondering if...More
Posted by An_259287
Choclear Hydrops
I have had CH for about 3 years but only diagnosed this past January. It was a relief to finally know what is...More
Posted by essiesn
similar issue
I have had a problem with my ears after a rhinoplasty I had 2 months ago, since having the op I have a...More
Posted by amy_amelia
ear and throat pain
Hi I'm sal and I have a horrible ear and throat pain it all started like I woke up and ate a hash brown...More
Posted by salvador77
Pain in jaw after flu shot?
I had a flu shot a few days ago and now I have what I'd generally refer to as pain in my jaw. Tender in my lymph...More
Posted by AmyC84
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Reply: Spasm of tensor tympani muscle
Still waiting for some advice on what I can try at home Drops? Ear flush? Anything? this is driving me nuts...
Posted by iowahill
Collapsed nasal valve
My nasal valves collapse when I inhale and as a result my breathing is noisy. Most of the time this is not a...More
Posted by noses
Wind Sound in My Ear.
I've been having this wind sound in my ear for about a week and a half now. I was wondering could someone...More
Posted by kenny2cool
Includes Expert Content
Reply: White skin like layer came out when flushed ear
Hello! This exactly happened to me the other day. I stopped using qtips about three weeks ago but I got the same...More
Posted by pheek
Hearing and Dental Work
As a musician, I am very proactive about protecting my hearing. I had some dental work today and was somewhat...More
Posted by tombaker
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Having Dizzy Spells/Buzzing in Head
Since I'm having a dizzy day today, I will tell you what my doc thinks. I too have that five second dizzy...More
Posted by cators34
Reply: Painful sore throat after nasal cauterization
I suspect your cough and feeling of a sinus infection is due to the cauterization procedure. I got the same...More
Posted by candy888
t louder. worried
hello there, I am a 48 year old Australian woman, with a 9 month history of tinnitus post a nasty...More
Posted by millyisfluffy
Reply: smelly ear
Yes go to the ER or see a doctor immediately.
Posted by candy888
Tonsil issues?
Hello first off i'm very frustrated. I am a 27 year old male. For the past 6 months or so my throat has been...More
Posted by cxoxdxy87
Crackling noise in right ear.
Hey! I've recently been having a crackling noise in my right ear, similar to that of small bubbles popping or...More
Posted by seoulmate

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I feel discomfort in my throat and it is chronic
One morning I woke up and felt a tight sensation in my throat. I thought I was sick, and it was unlike anything...More
Posted by jaky819

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May I receive a diagnosis about my throat pain
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Reply: Vertigo 24 hours after flu vaccine
Thank you for admitting that it IS possible because all of us are experiencing these symptoms. I was in...More
Posted by firefly7071
Reply: Is my tinnitus permanent or temporary
Hi luke_ As this article explains, not all tinnitus can be eliminated, and I don't believe doctors can...More
Posted by atti_editor
Swollen Lymph Node
Around march of this year I began having heart issues, my heart stops for a couple of beats then comes back...More
Posted by samilee84
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Clicking Sound in throat-heartbeat
Wow, glad I found this thread. I too have this weird clicking sound in my throat, more obvious when I am...More
Posted by phoenix992

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