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Reply: Ringing Ears A Week After A Concert
Well that weekend I saw the doctor. He said it should go away and that I didn't suffer any hearing loss....More
Posted by An_261696
Hot, burning, red ears
My 9yr. old son has hot, burning and red ears, too. The redness is very noticeable, they are bright red. He has...More
Posted by tbean
Reply: Mother's Ear Infection ( still not cured )
Doc said , it will disappear over time. Recently I noticed the lump on her temple is decreasing in size. Any...More
Posted by shirazno1
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Reply: Typical ringing after concert
Hi. This is what I am experiencing now. The time frame on this isn't clear all are just dated "6 yrs...More
Posted by felicityfairey
left arm pain after shot
Over a month ago I received a shot in my left arm it was a antibiotic steroid shot and every since I've...More
Posted by baj831
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Reply: dizziness and head pressure
Ok, so 4 months ago I was Diagnosed with Vestibular Neuritis. I had nystagmus in my right eye; this was all due...More
Posted by qt1111
Reply: Chirping in ear
The chirping could be caused by tinnitus (which is a common symptom of Meniere's). The only way to get a...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Eustachian tube dysfunction
Check with your doctor about getting either an Otovent or Ear Popper. If you occasionally have problems, the...More
Posted by johnny5tx
Excruciating pain in the cartilage of the upper ou...
I am experiencing this pain now. Looking for some help. Most of the articles I have read are talking about pain...More
Posted by debjaxn

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Reply: periodic SEVERE outer ear pain
I have the same pain. It is excruciating, my pain is in the cartilage at the top of the ear. I do not wear...More
Posted by debjaxn
Reply: Could it Be Mistaken for Tonsillitis?
Hello, I think that it would be best to make another appointment with your doctor or an ENT. As this...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Scalded Inner Ears with Ear Flusher
Are you still experiencing ear pain? If so, I think that it would be best to make an appointment to see...More
Posted by atti_editor
Reply: Lumps in throat
Have you uploaded the photo to a photo-sharing website first? You will need that link to upload your photo...More
Posted by atti_editor
Ear Ache
I had a flight last Friday. During the night I woke up with terrible ear pain. The following morning after...More
Posted by An_262432
PLZ HELP-repeated swollen neck lymph nodes in 3yr...
They want to remove entire neck lymph node in grandson. He had 1 bout of swelling, was given a zpak and...More
Posted by lifeofrieley
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Reply: Foul smell from nose
I have had problems with my sinuses for a very long time. About two months ago I developed a severe case of...More
Posted by leedawson10
Reply: weak foot
Yes i have seen an orthopedist ..he checked the radiography ..he said ,, i dont see a problem he gave anti...More
Posted by greldy
vibrations in chairs and floor
I am experiencing vibrations in chairs and beds and through the floors. I am also experiencing this pulsing...More
Posted by An_262374
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Crackling/Crunching Noises in my LEFT ear!
Hey Doc, Years after your response to this these similar symptoms are now bothering me. The coincidence is...More
Posted by neozyne
hallo all i am looking for info and other people experience with cholesteatoma i have had one surgery to...More
Posted by deborahxxx
Sinus Symptoms since December
In early December, my doctor diagnosed me with a sinus infection and I was prescribed a Z-Pack. After the...More
Posted by rivera42
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Chronic ear pressure
Also, I should add that I've been down the allergy route-- have gotten treatment for allergies (sublingual...More
Posted by nrosamund
ear echo
I am 60 , and I have echo in my left ear , is this related to my age? can it be treated?
Posted by An_262334
People who wrote about ear pressure, dizziness, et...
Are you people experiencing actual vertigo (dizziness) where your external world is spinning around you; or...More
Posted by An_262329
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Reply: Ear pain when running with coolwind
Hi there @capoline , You explained this perfectly for my case too. I loathe not being able to exercise...More
Posted by d1982
Ear pain after tubes put in.....
Hi...I am a 40 year old had an ear infection for about 2 1/2 months prior to having a tube placed in my...More
Posted by melrosesun
Re-curring first time Ear Infection
My son just turned 4 and has an impeccable immune system, as he's barely been sick since he was born....More
Posted by An_262307
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Reply: One nasal passage constantly blocked
Vitalym, your post is dated 3 years ago, did you have the surgery, how was it? How do you feel now? Can...More
Posted by believinginjc
Graft tympanoplasty to repair eardrum
I had a graft tympanoplasty to repair my eardrum about six weeks ago. I am getting a salty tasting drainage...More
Posted by An_262161
I think I found it... ear pain!
Relapsing Polychondritis I get painful cartilage in my ears, sometimes one and sometimes both. I am a RN and...More
Posted by jones21498

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