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Reply: Tinnitus and allergies
First off dont take Zyrtec its not going to get rid of the fluid in your middle ears which is part of the...More
Posted by sarahb1971
cold, flu or what else
I have the symptoms of the beginning stages of a cold or flu. They go away and in a couple of days they come...More
Posted by An_260330
Swollen tonsils, no pain
My throat swells up in the cold. Usually to the point i cant even breathe w/oit severe pain. I started getting...More
Posted by noridia
Reply: I feel high but I'm sober, please take a look.
has it got better for u because im going through the same thing and i need help!
Posted by An_260324
Hey my names Alex, I'm 20 years old. I found out I have had Cholesteatoma in my right ear for YEARS...More
Posted by pleasehelpme321
Exercise during flu recovery
I'm on day 6 of a bad flu with all classic symptoms. My fever broke TU night and is now normal. The...More
Posted by Daphne23456
Hi,i have red bumps on tongue since from 2 months and uvala look different,,,,i went to doctor they told...More
Posted by jimmikummi
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Reply: Hearing loss after flu shot
Same story for me. I turned 65 so they offered me the new HD (high-dosage) flu shot. I've had no problems...More
Posted by patient64
Includes Expert Content
Reply: pain in shoulder following flu shot 2012
I have had the same problem for 5 weeks! Excruciating pain in my arm at the injection site of the flu shot! ...More
Posted by rayjanet
Space around my sinuses tickles when listening to ...
I've been listening to music and then my face starts to tickle. Its really weird and it freaks me out....More
Posted by enriquebadillo
Dr. Moser, Anyone Help? Ear Pressure, Pain & Wetne...
Dr. Moser, I've been dealing with ear pressure (aural fullness) in both ears for almost 2 months. It...More
Posted by jayjayice89
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Vertigo 24 hours after flu vaccine
I have had vertigo for a week now after my shot. I have low blood pressure, experienced sinus infections for...More
Posted by kikiski
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Reply: Flu shot side effects (?)
I too got the flue shot a week ago and the next morning I couldn't stand up. I spent part of the day lying on...More
Posted by kikiski
Yellow liquid draining out my left nostril
I was going on about my day as usual, cleaning, doing laundry, dealing with the kids and so on, when out of...More
Posted by ocnatty69
Achy all weekend... now subnormal temp
Hello. I started feelinng really achy on Saturday afternoon. I didn't think much of it until Saturday night...More
Posted by tonyshawjr
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Arm/Shoulder Still EXTREMELY Painful after Flu Sho...
well I think you better tell your health experts to read all these post because it was the flu shot and the...More
Posted by jdfish
Burning Red Ears
HELP!! For the last year straight I have been dealing with my ears turning beet red and they burn like they are...More
Posted by danh228
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Small, Movable Bump - (Left)Jawline
I have the same thing on my jawline currently, it's been there for a year since last Feb. I already have a...More
Posted by kittylove15
Vertigo w/in 24 hours of flu shot
My husband experienced vertigo the day after his flu shot this year. Never had vertigo before, and...More
Posted by dahminator1961
Reply: THROAT PAIN (long-term)
I feel you're pain. I've also been suffering from chronic sore throat and am making an appointment with...More
Posted by concernedcandi
Chronic sore throat and yellow soft palate
Hello, I'm 19 years old and have been having a sore throat since late September. It is about to be December...More
Posted by An_260269
Sinus Infection, Cold, or Ear Infection
Is it possible to have sinusitis after having ear pain? Ear pain since Sun.since Wed.nasal congestion and...More
Posted by jszaradowski
Reply: TDAP vaccine
Apparently this did not post where I intended it to...but if anyone has had similar symptoms, any advice or...More
Posted by rebeccan77
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Sound from ear causes back tickle
Hello! I don't know if you are still active on this website, but I am curious as to whether or not you...More
Posted by faeriegrrl
My arm hurts too...............
Okay - I thought I would start posting weekly updates so you guys know how at least one of us is doing (or...More
Posted by katielulu
3 days ago i inhaled some bread but i haven't been showing any symptoms of aspiration pneumonia....More
Ear fullness, ringing, congestion and sensation of...
In September of this year, I began having trouble breathing through my nose. My right side in particular. I...More
Posted by jayjayice89
Linering cold/flu/throat symptoms not going away.....
Hi all - about 11 days ago came down with a soar throat / mild fever situation with a little bit of general...More
Posted by machthree
Buzzing /vibrating sound in head? Possibly from dr...
Hello, My buddy has been a long time heroin user, and now recently added cocaine user. His preferred ROA is...More
Posted by An_260236
Includes Expert Content
Reply: dizziness and head pressure
I've been living with the same symptoms/feelings as all of you for 2 years already, all the same tests where...More
Posted by brunheide

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