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popping pus pocket in throat
Hello, So I believe I have strep- my voice is completely gone, ears hurt, nausea, throat pain, swollen lymph...More
Posted by smitbrid
headache in the front of the right side of the hea...
hello, i'm a female i'm 20 yrs old, i've had headaches for four years now they com and go mainly because i...More
Posted by phenominal
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Reply: Sinus and a fleshy material
HI Dr.Moser there is a thick sticky substance on the left side of my left nostril I can't get it out and it...More
Posted by brianna545
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Foggy Head / Disconnected Feeling
hi winter blue 2, I have been experiencing these symptoms, with lots of anxiety. this has been going on...More
Posted by kimberly8990
Reply: Tonsilitis and Ear problems
Are you still having this pain? Ear pain is one of the symptoms listed in this article about...More
Posted by atti_editor
Crackling Sound when Swallowing
last month i went to the beach and i got some water in my ears, which maked my ear (specially left one...More
Posted by An_265084
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Reply: Weird tastes and smells
I know this is 8 years later but I just came upon this. About three months ago the exact same thing ...More
Posted by Hollystylz64
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Second post - Clicking sound in nose/ear while/aft...
Hi, I am a female in my 30s & have the same problem. My sinuses or somewhere at the back of my nose make a...More
Posted by cjarewo
Cochlear hydrops
I would like to know the average time it takes after changing diet and using steroids and using diuretics...More
Posted by Tennisnut15
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Reply: Side effects from cold medicines
I am having the exact same symptons - inability to achieve orgasm - I get there but then when it is time to...More
Posted by chebeck
Ear pain after cleaning
I got my ear cleaned by a doctor using water jet before two days and since then, it has become very...More
Posted by An_265043
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Reply: Red throat for 6 months, very few other symptoms
Hi, I was just wandering if you ever found out what was causing your red (non sore) throat. I have had a very...More
Posted by Stevus
Ear problem
Hi, Im wondering if anyone has any clue what is wrong with my left ear I have had problems with...More
Posted by karenlawty
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Ear pain when running with coolwind
I have only had the cold wind/ ear aches effect for two years......which makes me ask "what changed"? If it...More
Posted by willey
Blowing sound in ear.
I've had a bad ear since I was little. Over the years, I have been in and out of the doctors and hospital...More
Posted by Maryjones98
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Reply: Vibration in ear
Hi Nicole. I seem to be having the same problem you had. Constant vibrating in my right ear which is all day...More
Posted by blundell
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Reply: periodic SEVERE outer ear pain
My wife has been suffering off and on for several years now with no answers. I have been doing my own research...More
Posted by Rick32
My 8 year old son has had a rash that I thought was hives for 3 weeks now. It is very itchy and started on his...More
Posted by Glup2003
Reply: Vertigo and the flu shot
Allergic to med or solution.
Posted by tjake13
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Heightened sense of smell
Did you ever find out anything on this? I am on my 4th of 10 days. Yesterday, I thought some tastes were a bit...More
Posted by SKYAKY
Includes Expert Content
Reply: red/hot ear
Shot in the dark, as I realize this thread is 4 years old, but did you ever discover any methods to deal...More
Posted by Goirish2013
Chronic excessive mucous in throat
I woke up one morning almost 7 months ago with this overwhelming amount of mucous in the lower part of my...More
Posted by Lblue80
Ear Pressure, Popping, TMJ
I am 34 years old. About eight years ago, I was in a car accident where I was hit in the temple, had a...More
Posted by Sarah1128
Don't want tonsils removed, but should I?
Hello all! About a month ago, I started getting an occasional sensation that there was something caught in...More
Posted by heat1nate
Reply: sinusitis
Hi Maymay2015, I am not a conventional doctor or a certified naturist. I am going to suggest what worked for...More
Posted by carlomezz
Right ear buzzes and not hearing correctly
Hi folks As my title explains, these are the only words I have to describe my issue at the moment! Brief...More
Posted by Justfine99
Nose cauterization
So I just got my nose cauterized earlier today and I've had a cold so I've been blowing my nose. Earlier in...More
Posted by Bryn1017
Ear Infection ?
Hi, I think I may have an ear infection but I'm not sure. It is the weekend and I'm busy working so I won't...More
Posted by LovelyAni
Includes Expert Content
Reply: Strange yellow liquid dripping from my nose
I had this issue, the ENT doctor had me put the dripping contents into a jar it was sent to a lab, And he...More
Posted by Faithjoy1
Ear Tube 2 years ago still in, sudden deafness 8/2...
The ear tube insertion was done after a cyst was found where eustachian tube empties into trachea. Cyst...More
Posted by bootsnspurs

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I'm not a doctor but.....
I tend to do this once every couple of years. My doctor tells me it's an infection and gives me an antibiotic. It clears up with the ... More
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