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I had my nostril cauterized 2 days ago due to excessive nose bleeds. The past couple of days were ok. I made...More
Posted by An_261663
Tinnitus from Allergies, with Patent Eustacian (sp...
Hi, I have been suffering from tinnitus and a pet on both sides since 2005. I have tried several things, saw...More
Posted by chrisrh

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Have you or anyone you know found real relief or a cure for allergy related tinnitus?
  • Yes. Over time with medication.
  • None.
  • Yes, with a physical / mechanical device, etc.
  • Yes, only masking it with a white noise app/etc, please name.
  • Other. Please make a note.
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Voice and Throat Issues
This is going to take some time to explain and I am going to have to give some background information to...More
Posted by riggsbster
Clicking Crackling Fullness In Ears, No ETD, No Fl...
Since a bout of bronchitis in July 2014 I have had a constant full feeling in my ears. Initially I suspected...More
Posted by momof2innv
Do I need my tonsils out?
Ok for the last 4 months I have been getting sick like viruses and and secondary infections like bronchitis...More
Posted by An_261593
Throat Issues
Hello all. Ive been having some weird issues with my throat for almost two months now. It started as a lump...More
Posted by mcdc101
Some of the same
It all started with my left ear plugged and it wouldn't go away about three weeks ago. It was intermittent...More
Posted by hotrodheaven
Water getting in the nose
I took a shower today and while washing my hair water got in my nose and as a result it made me throw up....More
Posted by junfan22
staphylococus infection in throat
my son 5 year old has been diagnosed with staph infection in throat after culture test and antibiotic...More
Posted by ankurmeghani
Certain Noises in Ear Cause Back Tickle
I've had this problem for as long back as I can remember where certain sounds in my right ear would cause my...More
Posted by tjgalvin
Toddler Lymph Nodes
Hello My son has had 2-3 palpable lymph nodes on the left side of his neck for 9 months. I had a CBC...More
Posted by michtestaa
Ear draining blood
What can cause the ear to bleed from inside? I was at the grocery store yesterday and felt a tickle in my...More
Posted by An_261482
Hearing loss
3 nights ago after trying to pop my ear i got an excruciating pain in my ear to the point I could barely see...More
Posted by rhodestg
wind tunnel
I hear wind tunneling through my ears, but certain sounds trigger it. If the phone rings, every time it...More
Posted by dolchelatte
19 weeks pregnant hip/back pain
Kinda weird Question...[br>I for a week now have had this horrible pain on my left side lower back and it...More
Posted by smexxii69
Balloon Sinuplasty questions
Hello all! I'm new here, and I have a few questions about balloon sinuplasty, and I'm hoping someone can answer...More
Posted by njneb
swollen uvula and tonsils not sick?
I woke up this morning and my uvula was swollen and touching the back of my tongue, I tried to gargle salt...More
Posted by smexxii69
Muffled hearing and ringing after indoor shooting ...
I went to a indoor shooting range with my brother about 3 days ago while we were shooting I noticed my ears...More
Posted by dnkallday
crackling and popping in ear. Feels like something...
A few months ago I noticed a strange sensation in my right ear. It felt like there was something in there...More
Posted by buggingout
Twitching/fluttering in ear followed by vertigo an...
I have had symptoms of vertigo for years starting at age 15, I am currently 24. In the past the symptoms have...More
Posted by 123ginab
Cold or hay fever
every two/three months, I am always down with cold like symptoms. The stages are as follow: - 1 to 2 days...More
Posted by tguna
Debrox Clogged Ear
I used debrox for the first time the other night. I followed the directions but after flushing my ear I still...More
Posted by An_261321
help with bad rash so ce tubes in ear
Can you get a rash from tubes in your ears that are like welts all over your body
Posted by teddybear1163
Maxillary Sinus Cyst
I had a CT scan on 1/13, and the doctor reported clear sinuses. I then had a dental xray on 1/21 that...More
Posted by mommymcgoo
Ear Tube Difficulty
Two and a half weeks ago I had a tube put in my right ear. it was painful and the medicine to numb my ear made me...More
Posted by mel41
had and earache about 24 hours ago i have taking ibuprofen and i wanted to ask why do they...More

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how can i stop the earache before it starts
  • garlic in a cotton ball
  • or baby oil 3-4 drops
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had and earache about 24 hours ago i have taking ibuprofen and i wanted to ask why do they...More

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how can i stop the earache before it starts
  • garlic in a cotton ball
  • or baby oil 3-4 drops
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maximallary cyst
hi my daughter was hit by and suv while walking two years ago her life has been hell since she has...More
Posted by dylanperry
Arm/ hand tingling
I am a 27 female with no real medical history other than get allergy shots weekly just for background. But...More
Posted by jfinch320
Ruptured Eardrum affecting both ears?
Hi, I ruptured by left ear drum 2 days ago, and my doctor said it was a minor rupture and should clear up on...More
Posted by rach3l_k

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