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Strange symptoms in the ear
It's very hard to describe what I feel , but I will try to describe . I do not feel any pain , pore , when I...More
Posted by Brunoalves
Sore throat
While in the hospital for a knee replacement I was given oxygen for 2 days straight, and my throat was feeling...More
Posted by note4u
Occasional fuzzy/static noise in left ear in HIGH ...
Hi guys! This is my first post, so bear with me.. Recently I've been reading articles regarding earbuds and...More
Posted by vmieling
Squishing noise in left ear when I press near trag...
I have seen some talk about possibilities for what this is, but not specifically for my situation, so I think...More
Posted by sensitkin

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So long story short, should I feel confident about not seeing an ENT specialist (at least not immediately)? If the symptoms are meant to naturally go away, how long should I wait before "seeing an ENT" might be a good option?
  • You should see an ENT professional immediately.
  • Wait about a week to see if the noise goes away, then an ENT.
  • See an ENT specialist no earlier than 2 weeks if the noise stays.
  • If nothing changes after 1 month, I would worry and see an ENT.
  • I wouldn't see an ENT expert ever for this. Be confident!
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Lymph node on jawline
About exactly a week ago I notice a very tiny bump under my chin well I would say on jawline after reading...More
Posted by anoyomous1
Snoring and trouble sleeping
To start off I'll just say that Im 18 years old and male. Ive always been a very loud snorer but it seems...More
Posted by An_264342
Rare Strep/UTi
Hello, 6 and a half weeks ago I performed oral sex on a guy. Within two days I had a severe sore throat...More
Posted by rare_strep
need advise before surgery
so i havent been able to smell or taste anything for quite some time now. About 2 years ago i finaly saw an...More
Posted by miladjuckel
Why do my colds seem to be really bad?
Whenever I get a cold which is usually around 6-8 times a year it's not just a runny nose and a cough...More
Posted by ConcernedTeen101
Cracked tooth causing sinus problems? What next?
About 10 months ago, I was diagnosed as having a post nasal drip cough. I've been to the Dr. 4 different times...More
Posted by cp0861
Concern over Staph infection reactions in my 5 yea...
Hi! This is my first time posting, so please bear with me - it will be long! My family moved to Shanghai, China...More
Posted by Angels4
pain on right lower forhead
Hello so recently ive been having pain on lower right side of my forehead i have no idea what to do
Posted by An_264273
nose cauterzed harmful or not?
does it harmful to have so many nose cauterized? my son,9 years old, has nose bleeding a lot, went to ENT...More
Posted by Anquan
Baby diagnosed with unilateral vocal chord paralys...
My six month old was diagnosed with unilateral vocal chord paralysis. He also has a swollen nodule on the...More
Posted by An_264244
Plugged ears
I have had plugged ear for two monts. Hearing test, endoscopy , tympanogram and CT were all normal. Am...More
Posted by giffordw
Single sided Deafness
I ama 52 year old female I had a cholestiatoma removed from my left ear in Nov of 2014 when icame out from...More
Posted by Izzypop2015
Reappearing scab on ear
Hello all. I'm a 54yo male & new to this forum. I have not been diagnosed with anything yet. I have an...More
Posted by dizzyagain
Behind the Ear Pain
So Basically, this just started today. I've been getting Behind the Ear Pain in my Right & Left Ear. What...More
Posted by Josh55
6 month strange ear problem?
Hi, Im looking for some advise on a problem iv had with my ear for the past 6 months + Iv first had the...More
Posted by D_Gibbo
strange clicking sound of my soft palate when i ta...
Hello, i am female, 33 years, from germany... sorry, when my english is not so good and i will making...More
Posted by matilda1982

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