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5 year old with enlarged tonsils no pain
I have a 5 soon to be 6 year old that has swollen or enlarged tonsils and we have always been told since she...More
Posted by mpnkosovo
Ear tubes (Corrected)
One week ago I had ear tubes inserted. Immediately my hearing worsen. My ENT prescribed steroids 60 mg taper...More
Posted by 848484123
ear tubes
I had ear tubes inserted one week ago for Eustachian tube dysfunction. After they were inserted my hearing...More
Posted by An_260586
Nasal polyps and sleeping
I'm trying to find out if there is anything i can do to help with the "sound effects" while sleeping that...More
Posted by lokiie1984
Can I get reinfected with the flu?
My whole family has the flu. I had symptoms before all of them. I no longer have a temperature. Is it possible...More
Posted by jherr77
Strep throat and mold
My granddaughter is 6 yrs old and has had strep throat (a Guess) 12 times since she was born. she just...More
Posted by heddenjewells
Weird ear sensation with certain sounds
Okay, so I've spent the last month and a half googleing and googleing and googleing. NO ONE has the same...More
Posted by simon90
perforated eardrum
I have Meniere's in my right ear with very little hearing and 8 months ago while rinsing my sinuses created a...More
Posted by An_260549
Will My Medications cause False Positive on Drug T...
Hi, I'm taking some doctor prescribed medicines. Z-Pak and Tessalon 100mg. I have to take a drug test soon...More
Posted by An_260499
Recovering from Strep throat - pain on one side no...
I'm recovering from a very bad bout of strep throat, the pain got so bad that I was not sure I was even going to...More
Posted by kez23
Canker sore & shooting nerve pain
I have this canker sore way, way back on my tongue and as usual it's very painful to swallow and talk but this...More
Posted by mrsbitsy
Canker sore & shooting nerve pain
I have this canker sore way, way back on my tongue and as usual it's very painful to swallow and talk but this...More
Posted by mrsbitsy
sore arm from flu shot
Had my flu shot Oct. 2, 2014, it was given much higher on my arm then where other flue shots were given. It...More
Posted by bella106

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Yeast in ear
My daughter has been diagnosed with ear thrust and prescribed Canested solution drops These cause severe...More
Posted by An_260452
Lice in Ears and Nose! It isn't just in your head!
I am so glad to know others out there are battling the same problem I am having. I have taken pictures of...More
Posted by carmelcorn
Lineal tonsils.
Quick question for the doctors. Can infected cryptic tonsils cause your lineal tonsil to swell?
Posted by courtneypaul27
Obstructed nose, free when head in vertical positi...
I've read a lot of posts regarding this topic, but none seem to describe me specifically. I've been...More
Posted by randomperson_012
Strep throat into Herpes Esophagitis?
I was diagnosed with strep (with a test at a clinic) and placed on antibiotics. The pain in my throat and...More
Posted by An_260408
Eyebrow Pain
Hello. I have recently started getting pain in my right eyebrow only towards the right side of it. It only...More
Posted by An_260404
Inability to smell odors since birth
Grandfather was unable to smell or taste. Grandson and grand daughter have the same issue. Is there a name for...More
Posted by kbkat77
Ear and Sinus Issues...Need advice!
I've had ongoing sinus and ear issues for quite awhile. I allowed anxiety to prevent me from seeking medical...More
Posted by crazyme10
something in my throat???
For the past three weeks I have had pain when swallowing. The pain with swallowing has went away but...More
Posted by christiespencer
nose bleeds and ears
I have suffered with nose bleeds as long as I can remember. I have had my deviated septum chiseled several...More
Posted by taoleson
Ear Questions
Hi, I'm having an issue with my ears being stopped up. There's no pain, but there is the sense of fullness...More
Posted by lizbeth_9
cold, flu or what else
I have the symptoms of the beginning stages of a cold or flu. They go away and in a couple of days they come...More
Posted by An_260330
Swollen tonsils, no pain
My throat swells up in the cold. Usually to the point i cant even breathe w/oit severe pain. I started getting...More
Posted by noridia
Hey my names Alex, I'm 20 years old. I found out I have had Cholesteatoma in my right ear for YEARS...More
Posted by pleasehelpme321
Exercise during flu recovery
I'm on day 6 of a bad flu with all classic symptoms. My fever broke TU night and is now normal. The...More
Posted by Daphne23456
Hi,i have red bumps on tongue since from 2 months and uvala look different,,,,i went to doctor they told...More
Posted by jimmikummi
Space around my sinuses tickles when listening to ...
I've been listening to music and then my face starts to tickle. Its really weird and it freaks me out....More
Posted by enriquebadillo

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Sharp pain in left ear lob cartiliage
After the last 24 hours of excruciating pain and having tried Tylenol Regular and Sinus and heating pads, this morning I took Aleve as a ... More
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