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Crackling Sound when Swallowing
last month i went to the beach and i got some water in my ears, which maked my ear (specially left one...More
Posted by An_265084
Cochlear hydrops
I would like to know the average time it takes after changing diet and using steroids and using diuretics...More
Posted by Tennisnut15
Ear pain after cleaning
I got my ear cleaned by a doctor using water jet before two days and since then, it has become very...More
Posted by An_265043
Ear problem
Hi, Im wondering if anyone has any clue what is wrong with my left ear I have had problems with...More
Posted by karenlawty
Blowing sound in ear.
I've had a bad ear since I was little. Over the years, I have been in and out of the doctors and hospital...More
Posted by Maryjones98
My 8 year old son has had a rash that I thought was hives for 3 weeks now. It is very itchy and started on his...More
Posted by Glup2003
Tonsilitis and Ear problems
I have had sore tonsils for two days straight and it made me feel so sick and I could only sleep for like an...More
Posted by Cakoch
Chronic excessive mucous in throat
I woke up one morning almost 7 months ago with this overwhelming amount of mucous in the lower part of my...More
Posted by Lblue80
Ear Pressure, Popping, TMJ
I am 34 years old. About eight years ago, I was in a car accident where I was hit in the temple, had a...More
Posted by Sarah1128
Don't want tonsils removed, but should I?
Hello all! About a month ago, I started getting an occasional sensation that there was something caught in...More
Posted by heat1nate
Right ear buzzes and not hearing correctly
Hi folks As my title explains, these are the only words I have to describe my issue at the moment! Brief...More
Posted by Justfine99
Nose cauterization
So I just got my nose cauterized earlier today and I've had a cold so I've been blowing my nose. Earlier in...More
Posted by Bryn1017
Ear Infection ?
Hi, I think I may have an ear infection but I'm not sure. It is the weekend and I'm busy working so I won't...More
Posted by LovelyAni
Ear Tube 2 years ago still in, sudden deafness 8/2...
The ear tube insertion was done after a cyst was found where eustachian tube empties into trachea. Cyst...More
Posted by bootsnspurs
Muffled hearing
I had a tube put in my right ear almost a year ago. Immediately my hearing felt muffled in that ear. Since that...More
Posted by Pardlee
ear pain
Hello my name is ciaran and I gave been suffering from really bad ear pain with tinnitus for the past 4...More
Posted by ciarankelly
Worried: sore throat and swollen lymph nodes for 2...
I have had a sore throat off and on since July of this year. Then I noticed I have sizable lymph node...More
Posted by Tennessee32
echo in left ear for over six months
have had echos in my left ear for now six month. i have visited an ENT doctor who after doing hearing test and...More
Posted by kwesmi
ear ringing
Ear ringing, went to see ent today cause of still feeling little off balance and little congestion and...More
Posted by 270winmag
Throat complaints
Hi, I am 49 and have for the last past year been having throat complaints which seems to be getting...More
Posted by lpieters
Enlarged Taste buds an Yellow on Palate
It started 4 weeks ago as a sore throat. When looking in my throat I noticed enlarged tastebuds and a tonsil...More
Posted by An_264764
Red Ear Syndrome
There is a facebook group called Red Ear Syndrome (RES) sufferers unite. I just joined after my five year...More
Posted by britttanyy
Breathing yoga For Asthma Cold and Cough
Breathing yoga For Asthma Cold and Cough For Asthma or for good health; do these exercise at least twice a...More
Posted by sunild1204
Strange new sensations in one ear
Hi. I've been to an ENT specialist only a few weeks ago because of jaw pain who figured that it was an...More
Posted by An_264695
did I rupture my ear drum or is this something les...
I got a sinus infection on sunday, pain in my cheeks right near my nose, nose stopped up or running a lot,...More
Posted by An_264664
Help me Please!
I experienced something weird last midnight. I woke up and went to the CR but after that, something yellow...More
Posted by An_264657
Fluid in ear with no hearing loss
My ENT specialist told me that I have fluid in my middle ear 1 month after I got ear infections in both ears....More
Posted by Steupsin

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I'm not a doctor but.....
I tend to do this once every couple of years. My doctor tells me it's an infection and gives me an antibiotic. It clears up with the ... More
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