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Mysterious Case
Hi! I've never had sex (any type at all), and now I have herpes 2 in my throat. Can someone please explain...More
Posted by jxdoe13579
Suction Cup Noise in Ear
I've been having this problem for a few months now: When I have my phone up to my right ear or when I have my...More
Posted by swbuff
Sore tonsil and some ear pain
Last week my right tonsil started hurting and it still hurts i get some ear pain to. It stings when i eat or...More
Posted by An_256719
ear infection
I went to the er, bc my right ear hurt, well they said I have ear infection, an I asked if it was normal to...More
Posted by jennd8
not able to smell well or taste well
used to have seasonal allergies, but now i have the above problem for many months. My sinuses are clear most...More
Posted by erika68
Mild throat pain
Hi, I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but here goes. About 5 weeks ago I felt a pain...More
Posted by An_256664
Can allergies cause ONLY. A sore throat? No stuffy nose, no watery eyes.
Posted by lisa71971
recurring headache back of the head
Have been experiencing a headache 6 months, unilateral, back of head behind left ear. Comes and goes. Can be...More
Posted by An_256612
Bleeding sensation in ear
Hi, I have been practicing Jiu Jitsu as normal I was in a tight guillotine choke ( inverted headlock), when...More
Posted by allanran
Please help!!!!
I have vertigo so bad and want this to go away I feel like I can't even walk is this normal? Anything I can...More
Posted by amiller2014
Thyroglossal duct cyst
When my husband was 16 he was diagnosed with a thyroglossal duct cyst and had surgery to finally remove...More
Posted by laurapher23

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Has anyone had a thyroglossal duct cyst reoccur?
No earwax and partial deafness after using chloram...
Two and a half weeks ago, after an ear infection (otitis externa) didn't go away and got to the point where...More
Posted by reveurgam
Watery Yellow Discharge After Flight
Hey there! I've been dealing with a nasty throat infection the past week which has brought on sinusitis and...More
Posted by An_256523
Pencillin and Amoxacillin
My son was prescribed by his doctor Amoxicillin for a sinus infection. Even though he knew my son was allergic...More
Posted by beauknot
Asymmetrical cold symptoms?
Several times over the past year, I have come down with a cold. Plain old colds, caught from family and...More
Posted by jysalia
Asymmetrical cold symptoms?
Several times over the past year, I have come down with a cold. Plain old colds, caught from family and...More
Posted by jysalia
Ruptured Eardrum
Hello I was working at a warehouse unloading tractor trailers about two years ago. When I was unloading...More
Posted by wildfire716
Ear Clogged After Flushing
Hello, Over the past 2 years I'd been having an issue with my left ear where it would intermittently feel...More
Posted by beckyjgb
One Swollen Tonsil
So since about 5 days ago, one of my tonsils has been swollen and sore. I usually get a sore throat when I...More
Posted by mikebloom819
Ear clogged after flying
On Saturday night, I started to get a sore throat. On Sunday morning I flew to Las Vegas, about a four...More
Posted by mrpyromaniac
Right ear problems - fearing acoustic neuroma
For a few months I've been having problems with my right ear. When I move my jaw a certain way my...More
Posted by kristinisdizzy
I have this pain under my jaw right where my jaw and neck meet by my ear, also sometimes my ear hurts. I've...More
Posted by lisa71971
smelling sweet chocolate or cocoa
I don't take any.meds and the past two nights I keep smelling chocolate or cocoa, ive used a wet wipe...More
Posted by braxtonsmommy2012
Crackling sound persistent in ear for 5 days, tryi...
I have a crackling noise going on in my right ear, which has lasted for 5 full days. The first day it was...More
Posted by sara12345
Ear Pain after PE Tube
I have never posted anything before, but am hoping to find a positive answer. I had a PE tube put in my right...More
Posted by exanarm
Ringing in ears
Hi for the last 2 weeks I have had ringing in my left ear and my nose feels constantly blocked it seems to...More
Posted by An_256389
Confused about celutitis in the ear and lymph node...
I have been at the dr. For 3 weeks now with swollen lymph nodes and a discharge from my left ear. Every morning...More
Posted by razzled

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