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Ear Pain after PE Tube
I have never posted anything before, but am hoping to find a positive answer. I had a PE tube put in my right...More
Posted by exanarm
Ringing in ears
Hi for the last 2 weeks I have had ringing in my left ear and my nose feels constantly blocked it seems to...More
Posted by An_256389
Confused about celutitis in the ear and lymph node...
I have been at the dr. For 3 weeks now with swollen lymph nodes and a discharge from my left ear. Every morning...More
Posted by razzled
Coughing Fit Chewing On Right Side
Whenever I start chewing food on the right side of my mouth, I get what feels like a tickle on the...More
Posted by gambinosoldier
Do I Have Cochlear Hydrops?
Hi Everyone. I'm new to the forums. Since January 2014 (3 months ago), I went to bed, was normal, and woke...More
Posted by torontojay

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Sore throat at top and on left side.
my throat for the past 2 days has been sore, but it's only sore on the left side. it's weird because whenever i...More
Posted by ategl
is this a mold allergy?
I had a cold last month. i had swollen tonsils. first since i was 13. i am 39. the cold went away. never...More
Posted by mjs0613
Ringing In The Ears
3 weeks ago I had a pretty bad head cold. My ear started ringing a week later and is worse at night. Could I...More
Posted by shelley525
swollen lymph nodes
I am just wondering how long my lymph nodes should be hard and swollen in my neck. For over 5 months my neck...More
Posted by donna75
uncontrollable cough
I've had a uncontrollable cough now for a week with a sore throat a fever 99.9.My throat hurts when I...More
Posted by An_256195
Echo/hollow sound in Right ear daily in afternoons
This has been happening for 2 weeks now, im only focusing on it right this moment because i have a headache...More
Posted by clawskitty
Sore throat
So last night my throat was feeling dry but I ignored it and all night I could feel the air flow threw my...More
Posted by An_256157
Hello: You may remember me from years ago. I have ETD probable cause from dust mite allergies. I have learned...More
Posted by tinakep
Hyperacusis and tinnitus after party
Sorry for my English. I'm a medical student. I got my tinnitus after 5 hours in a loud night club with live...More
Posted by powerpook
Pre auricular pit
I am 24 years old, and I have this problem on both side of my ears. I don't really have much problem with it...More
Posted by soung
Sore Throat and Fever, days later mouth sores and ...
Was wondering if anyone hear of something similar to what I am experiencing. Below is the recent history....More
Posted by An_256120
adolescent ear issues
To anyone who may assist, My wife was cleaning my son's right ear with q-tips and a metal ear wax remover....More
Posted by medicalsavy
Wind in my ear, vertigo and vomiting
Hi, I am currently 33 weeks pregnant. About 7 weeks ago, i got a very bad cold. When it went i was left...More
Posted by rosiesflowers
Eardrum hole
Dear Dr: i have tear in my eardrum since one year. i will do the surgery within next 3 weeks. my problem is...More
Posted by shinwary
Been Having Itchy Nose for Many Months
On top of my nostril hurts where very top nostril hole is located. I purchased Allergies Nasal spray...More
Posted by viciouzbarbie
Pneumonia with jaw pain
Husband went to doctor Wednesday morning, diagnosed with pneumonia (some fluid in right lung). He was...More
Posted by momofmanykids
Blurred vision after flu
After being down for two weeks with flu I've discovered that I have blurred vision which has been ongoing...More
Posted by corralgal52

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swollen tonsils
had a cold last month. i had swollen tonsils. first since i was 13. i am 39. the cold went away. never...More
Posted by mjs0613
Sore Throat That Won't Go Away
I've had a sore throat for a couple months at this point and I'm all freaked out. I'm a 48 year old "obese"...More
Posted by aryon92
Swollen taste buds and white tongue
I was diagnosed with strep yesterday and put on amoxicillin at 875 mg 2 a day for 10 days. Today while...More
Posted by An_255975

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Ear Infections
I have a 3 year old, she is almost 4, she keeps getting ear infections almost 1 every other month, she has...More
Posted by An_255941
Infected Preauricular Pit
Hello, I'm 26 year old. I have a preauricular pit that has been infected since June 2013. It is my first...More
Posted by ajaylat
I hear a drip in my sinus cavity
I began to hear a drip in my sinus cavity a few years ago. Approx 5. I didn't think much about it. However,...More
Posted by An_255919
Should I go to the doctors?
All of last week the back of my mouth has been itching so badly that I have not been able to sleep. Until now...More
Posted by An_255916
My right-eye has been twitching for around 1 month. I had a sore throat , i also feel giddy at times and...More
Posted by sickme95

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