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Cough left sore throat that won't go away
I had a cough and a sinus infection that lasted for a couple of weeks. They cleared up but left a sore...More
Posted by rogerrabbit999
Pulsatile Tinnitus after endoscoopy/colonoscopy
I have had pulsatile tinnitus since January of 2013, it started after I had an endoscopy/colonoscopy. I have...More
Posted by msladyrich
I have to same issue
I have been having outer ear pain problem for 2 years now. It is throbbing pain can get hot and red and...More
Posted by An_258341
Sharp pain in swollen gland, drainage the never se...
I went to the ER last month due to ear pain, dizziness, fullness and feeling faint. They said like...More
Posted by cinnamongirlmt
Continuous build up of ear wax for past 9 months
Since last October, I have been blessed with ongoing impacted wax buildup and have undergone ear flushes and...More
Posted by Anon_36123
Bacterial infection of ear canal and neomycin drop...
I was diagnosed with a severe bacterial infection in my er canal and started using neomycin drops for it this...More
Posted by easnoddy
Blocked Eustachian tube?
Hi all I've just been to my doctor about my ears as for the past 2-3 weeks I've have a fullness in my ears,...More
Posted by lgl88
March 2013, July 2013 January 2014, may 2014, had a red ear canal,and an open wound on antitragus that...More
Posted by jszaradowski
Perforated Ear Drum Musician
Hi there, i'm new to this community as only posting for this really. However, i'll get on with it......More
Posted by An_258212
Weird stuf coming out of my ear and nose.
I have been sick for about 3 weeks now with a sore throat, swollen glans, migraines, and my eyes have been...More
Posted by jazz01m
Sick child
My daughter has been sick now off and on for almost 3 months. She has swollen tonsils with white on them but...More
Posted by An_258200
Juvenile Nasopharyngeal Angiofibrome vs. Antrochoa...
I've had my nasal endoscopy about two weeks ago. My doctor thinks that it's either JNA or antrochoanal polyp...More
Posted by heyemerson
ear drains at night
My left ear only drains at night while asleep, and then there is dry small crusty residue in my ear in the...More
Posted by An_258157
growth on palataglossal arch?
Hi, i have a smooth lump on the palataglossal arch, i'm 45 and a smoker. Also have swollen glands, feel like...More
Posted by An_258146
ear won't drain
I've had swimmers ear for about a month, it comes, it goes. It hurts sometime and others i can feel the...More
Posted by saltlife93
Green Fleshy Mucus Problem Help
I haven't had a cold but every week i blow out of the right side only of my nose a pile of green, fleshy...More
Posted by adkinstracy39
Acidic yellow fluied from nose at night
Hi, Last night in sleep suddenly yellow fluied came out from nose, can't remember well from right or left. i...More
Posted by prit1100

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Voice echos in my head
Hi all, I had an ear infection 11 days ago which was treated with antibiotics. The doctor has said that...More
Posted by suzgleneden14
After care of cauterized nose
I have been to hospital today to have my nose cauterized I only had the left nostril done today she did it...More
Posted by An_258101
Airway momentarily closes during the day while tal...
Very strange sensation, almost like i'm getting ready to snore while wide awake. I can be mid sentence and...More
Posted by teresa0717
Ear infection and echo
I've had an ear ache from swimmers ear since last night. I put ear drops for swimmers ear not too long ago...More
Posted by kelsey19rae
Medications after gastroscopy
A friend of mine just had a gastroscopy and is in a lot of pain. She also had her hand sliced open the...More
Posted by imprudentsmile
Swollen Tonsils From Hell
I need answers and I need them fast. I'm a 20 year old female with no prior health issues and I'm...More
Posted by bostonstrongxo
Symptoms only on my right side
Symptoms for the past two days: Swollen tonsil-right side only, kind of looks like skin is pealing off,...More
Posted by snowboard101
Nose cautery hasn't worked?
Has anyone had their nose cauterised and it hasn't worked? My mum had hers done after bad nose bleeds. It was...More
Posted by katyyy
Can someone please respond to my query. Thanks
Posted by ody24
Outer ear drainage and scaling
I have a similar issue with ear drainage which will not go away. Generally, a thick oozing fluid comes from...More
Posted by pollylee
Large Tonsil No Pain
Hi my tonsils are the size of grapes but i have no pain and can eat and swallow normal and am not sick. Now...More
Posted by An_258076
Can you help me about this ?
I just want to ask about my throat if it is normal its getting a white something and a red dots appearing...More
Posted by jonathanrosas
Ear plugged AFTER flushing?
Hi there, I was having issues with tinnitus in my right ear. An ENT said that my right ear had a lot of wax...More
Posted by foxcopy

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