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Right rar infection 1 month ago but still ringing
1 month ago i had ear infection on my right ear. The ringing started very loud and i felt pain. immediately i...More
Posted by hornriper
what is this?
I have been having balance problems for some time, It starts with a strange feeling in the side of the...More
Posted by starlight_294
Cold Is Gone But Symptoms Remain
Hi! 1 month ago I got a really bad cold. It's not uncommon for me to get sick about once a year and lose my...More
Posted by An_262026
Blocked Ears
Both ears have been blocked since July 2014. I have been to 5 ENT's nobody and tell me what is wrong. All my...More
Posted by medixon
Spontaneous Uvula Extension
I was relaxing when I suddenly felt something in the back of my throat, as if something had worked loose from...More
Posted by An_262016
Eustachian Tube Dysfunction
I have been having recurrent ear infections for the past six months now. They suspect I might have...More
Posted by An_262011
Mild pain in right tonsil for several months
Hello, I have been experiencing a mild pain in what seems to be my top right tonsil area since the beginning...More
Posted by An_262002
White Spots on Tonsils
side note: I have gingivitis 3 weeks ago I drank too much, woke up the next morning with bad breath and...More
Posted by An_261994
Ear ringing and one ear clog while whe...
Well I'm posting because I really have no where else to turn and the ringing is scaring me to where I can't sleep...More
Posted by tye55
Sinus Symptoms for Four Months
In early December 2014, my doctor diagnosed me with a sinus infection and I was prescribed a Z-Pack. After the...More
Posted by rivera42
Tube in ear came out during new acute ear infectio...
I got tubes put in my ears around October of 2014 after many issues with hearing loss and fluid buildup. This...More
Posted by An_261936
Me too. Plus.
The barber's clippers have always caused tickling and chills over my right ear. Recently during a groin...More
Posted by tonylowe
Sudden muffled hearing in left ear
I've had a sudden muffled feeling in my left ear for the past two days. I trying to gently blow out while...More
Posted by tamacirrus
sinus scab?
I have had a sinus infection,bronchitis and laryngitis. My sinus infection doesn't seem to be going away. I...More
Posted by beth130
Inner Ear/Eustachian Pain
I have been having problems with my ears for about 6-8 weeks. Symptoms would be mild pain during the day getting...More
Posted by sajaru
Ringing in my ears from a middle ear infection
About 7 days ago I woke up with pain, ringing, and a stuffed up feeling in my ears. I was originally...More
Posted by apatheticspazzle
Pain in ears during exercise
Hello. I have a question we haven't been able to get to the bottom of the past couple years. I just was...More
Posted by melannwag
Swollen Earlobe & Pain Behind Ear
I awoke to severe pain behind my earlobe right at the base of where the earlobe connects to the head....More
Posted by selfdiagnosed2000
Right chronic myringitis
My ENT said I have right chronic myringitis and I've had it since 2009. I've had tubes in my ear when I was 1...More
Posted by twilzers
Left ear still hurts 1 month after concert
I was dragged to a 5 hour concert a month ago and it was mind blowingly loud with harsh distortion in the...More
Posted by An_261865
Multiple swollen lymph nodes
In November 2014 I found a lump under the base of my ear (parotid node) and 2 swollen tonsillar nodes. My Dr....More
Posted by An_261835
Bad smell in nose
I had an infected tooth which the dentist did a root canal and cap but the tooth was cracked and an infection...More
Posted by An_261815
Ear infection and Tinnitus
I had an ear infection about 2 weeks ago now. I had ringing in my ears the first night that I knew I had the...More
Posted by mantaman
throat Hurts
for about a week and a half around 5:39 everyday my throat slowly feels like its closing , idk if that...More
Posted by lovelylinda310
ear infections whenever the weather changes..?
In the past 6 months i have been diagnosed with Acute otitis media in both ears. Symptoms which i have...More
Posted by sweidner2213
What do these symptoms mean?
Recently I have been having sharp shooting pain in my ears and the other day I coughed up a fleshly chunk that...More
Posted by egypt13
Inner ear spasms
I have had this inner ear spasm for like 20 years now.. It doesnt hurt so I doesnt hurt so I havent ben to an...More
Posted by An_261751
nose cauterized today,sneezed out bit of brun colo...
had my nose cauterized today and i cant stop sneezing and i sneezed before and out came a big bit of brun...More
Posted by jacob_bb
Muffled hearing after wedding
I recently attended a wedding on Saturday, and the following day noticed that I had pain in my right ear...More
Posted by tamacirrus
Geographic tounge?
I've had this problem for awhile and it used to go away, now it just sticks around. It's very sore and only on...More
Posted by mnoe17

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