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Infected Preauricular Pit
Hello, I'm 26 year old. I have a preauricular pit that has been infected since June 2013. It is my first...More
Posted by ajaylat
I hear a drip in my sinus cavity
I began to hear a drip in my sinus cavity a few years ago. Approx 5. I didn't think much about it. However,...More
Posted by An_255919
Should I go to the doctors?
All of last week the back of my mouth has been itching so badly that I have not been able to sleep. Until now...More
Posted by An_255916
My right-eye has been twitching for around 1 month. I had a sore throat , i also feel giddy at times and...More
Posted by sickme95
What is happening?
My right-eye has been twitching for around 1 month. I had a sore throat and slowly i developed a flu and...More
Posted by An_255914
Mastoiditis pain from Hell
My ear troubles seemed to progress way too rapidly! I went from ringing then sore left ear Wednesday night...More
Posted by paraharts
Fractured Hyoid Bone
It took 27 years to finally found out what really was causing teeth-chattering pain to get a true diagnosis....More
Posted by sbridge

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Just wondering, if I'd gone to the ER the night that I was hit in the throat, would they have known then, that my hyoid bone was then just fractured?
Also, what could have been done immediately, to not spend 27 years of pain?
  • Could it have been diagnoised right after being hit?
  • Could anything be done to fix it so long ago?
  • Why didn't it show on the many MRI's I'd had?
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Strange Crackling Noise in Ear on "S" Sounds
Let me first start off by stating that I was completely irresponsible and went to a concert and did not bring...More
Posted by jblock
Cervical Lymph Nodes (Help)
Hello, I had a regular ultrasound check up of my neck which seems fine except for this one statement: "A 6x4...More
Posted by nilo16
Large sore in ear canal
My boyfriend has had a large blockage in his ear for at least a year and refuses to go to the doctor about it...More
Posted by lmack16
Bump on back of tongue
I noticed last night in the mirror there was a reddish bump on the back of my tongue...More
Posted by eajim25
Sore throat
I have had a small cold for a while now but I woke up today and had a really sore throat and my parents...More
Posted by immamonster247
Day 13 of taking antivirals for Meniere's symptoms...
After much research and almost 'begging' for a script to try the anti-viral medication (generic--Acyclovir), I...More
Posted by Anon_963
I do gymnastics and I was on the beam and I fell off and smacked my neck on the corner metal part of...More
Posted by emilygymnastics
How long will I be contagious?
I have had the flu for a few days now. I am not sure when I caught it exactly... but the bad fever occurred 3...More
Posted by An_255786

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Are others around me safe yet?
  • yes
  • no
  • only if they are extremely far away
  • they can be close, but no contact
  • contact is ok, but only if limited and brief
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Balloon Sinuplasty recovery
I had a balloon sinuplasty 3 days ago. The day of the procedure I ended up a terrible sore throat afterwards....More
Posted by jessnrus
asymmetric tonsils
Since I was young I have had a large right tonsil. The left I can barely see. Every Dr I have been to always...More
Posted by An_255778
asymmetric tonsils
Since I was young I have had a large right tonsil. The left I can barely see. Every Dr I have been to always...More
Posted by An_255778
asymmetric tonsils
Since I was young I have had a large right tonsil. The left I can barely see. Every Dr I have been to always...More
Posted by An_255778
Echo in my ears
My left started to echo a week ago. Then the echo shifted to my right ear. The echo seemed to have subsided,...More
Posted by baxterch
ear pain/hearing lost
My husband has been suffering with ear pain and cannot hear well in his left ear what can cause this? He has...More
Posted by smiles42
constant vocal strain
I have struggled with "voice issues" for the past 6 years or longer. I am a teacher and I feel like this has...More
Posted by An_255671
Constant beeping in ear, no other symptoms please ...
Hi my name is hyun and i am 15 years old. About 3 months ago i noticed a constant beeping in my right ear,...More
Posted by donghyunkim
Bump in ear won't go away
Hi, I have a small pimple/blackhead looking bump on my ear, near the canal entrance. It has been there for...More
Posted by ashbonewish
Dr. M: Taking anti-viral meds for Meniere's---woul...
After contacting a Dr. in Mass., by email, who believe's Meniere's has a viral etiology, and treats his...More
Posted by yanksgirl
problems since I had the flu shot
I had a flu shot in Nov.2013 I have had trouble every since. My Dr said it was bursitis an gave me a steroid...More
Posted by An_255637
Ear Pain
My 3 year old son was jumping around last night and fell and hit his ear his ear is red and he is complaining...More
Posted by mommycim4
Air pushed in my right ear
Hello, I was wondering if any of you could help me, l've had this feeling only 3 times today (never felt it...More
Posted by mirita09
Swollen Tonsills
Ok My Tonsils Have Been Swelling For Over A Month Now, I Went To A Doctor A Couple Of Times Already And Have...More
Posted by thehouse
Ear issue
Hello, I work in scheudling for an ENT dept. I was able to run over to the clinic be seen for an ear issue...More
Posted by sarahflowers

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