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need advise before surgery
so i havent been able to smell or taste anything for quite some time now. About 2 years ago i finaly saw an...More
Posted by miladjuckel
Why do my colds seem to be really bad?
Whenever I get a cold which is usually around 6-8 times a year it's not just a runny nose and a cough...More
Posted by ConcernedTeen101
Cracked tooth causing sinus problems? What next?
About 10 months ago, I was diagnosed as having a post nasal drip cough. I've been to the Dr. 4 different times...More
Posted by cp0861
Concern over Staph infection reactions in my 5 yea...
Hi! This is my first time posting, so please bear with me - it will be long! My family moved to Shanghai, China...More
Posted by Angels4
pain on right lower forhead
Hello so recently ive been having pain on lower right side of my forehead i have no idea what to do
Posted by An_264273
nose cauterzed harmful or not?
does it harmful to have so many nose cauterized? my son,9 years old, has nose bleeding a lot, went to ENT...More
Posted by Anquan
Baby diagnosed with unilateral vocal chord paralys...
My six month old was diagnosed with unilateral vocal chord paralysis. He also has a swollen nodule on the...More
Posted by An_264244
Plugged ears
I have had plugged ear for two monts. Hearing test, endoscopy , tympanogram and CT were all normal. Am...More
Posted by giffordw
Single sided Deafness
I ama 52 year old female I had a cholestiatoma removed from my left ear in Nov of 2014 when icame out from...More
Posted by Izzypop2015
Reappearing scab on ear
Hello all. I'm a 54yo male & new to this forum. I have not been diagnosed with anything yet. I have an...More
Posted by dizzyagain
Behind the Ear Pain
So Basically, this just started today. I've been getting Behind the Ear Pain in my Right & Left Ear. What...More
Posted by Josh55
6 month strange ear problem?
Hi, Im looking for some advise on a problem iv had with my ear for the past 6 months + Iv first had the...More
Posted by D_Gibbo
strange clicking sound of my soft palate when i ta...
Hello, i am female, 33 years, from germany... sorry, when my english is not so good and i will making...More
Posted by matilda1982
I'm 23 years old I have been dealing with anxiety,head pressure, and I just recently started to get the dizzy...More
Posted by mhl2010
Piercing problem
I got my cartilage pierced a week ago today at a tattoo shop. I have had both my cartilages pierced before...More
Posted by An_264185
clear yellow fluid from the nose
I have done a root canal 2 weeks ago to the last tooth at the back of my upper right jaw. While the dr was...More
Posted by meya877
hardened Navicular fossa/root of helix
I have a hardened fold near or between the Navicular fossa and root of helix area of the outer ear. I am...More
Posted by An_264160
Smell of ear
Hello! I,m a 23 year old guy. I usually clean my ears daily with a cue-tip after showering. For some time now my...More
Posted by DaveBz

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Why does my right ear smell like peanut butter, while m left ear remains odorless?
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Right Ear plugged
I have had a plugged right ear for nearly 2 months now . it came on suddenly. I have no vertigo or pain and...More
Posted by giffordw
Clicking noise in my head when jogging
I've been jogging for 3+ years and have recently developed a clicking noise that is close to my ear or nasal...More
Posted by chev100
Outer ear nerve pain
I am having this same paid now. Have had it sporadically for years. Have thought it was part of my...More
Posted by Duchessewing
Hi, I'm a 37 year old male. I suffered cholesteatoma and went through radical mastoidectomy in my left ear at...More
Posted by Yoda69
white substance on eardrum
I have a white, cottage cheese like covering over each ear drum. I have ringing of the ears, and often feel...More
Posted by An_264060
white substance on eardrum
I have a white, cottage cheese like covering over each ear drum. I have ringing of the ears, and often feel...More
Posted by An_264060
outer ear pain
I have had this same pain for close to 20 yrs, normally I would only get it evey few months and it would...More
Posted by Brandy101b
Small, skin-tag-like bump beside my Uvula.
Hello, I was going about my day normally when I suddenly felt like something was caught in my throat....More
Posted by DanielLucas95
What is in my throat???
I have these enlarged tonsils and I have a recurring cold which comes with stuffed nose and trouble breathing. I...More
Posted by Afg007
Sinus Infection?
Wondering what I can use for a sore I have inside the right side of my nose? It is just inside the nose on...More
Posted by jszaradowski
Sounds in the ears
I have a bit of hearing issues when it's like in a crowded environment(eg. restaurant kind of area)......More
Posted by yumegokochi
small movable lump at left jawline
Hello did anyone ever find out what that was because I have one that appeared last Thursday. I have had...More
Posted by long4knowledge

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VNG is Excruciatingly Painful
I recently had a VNG test at a local neurology center. It was so painful that I could not make it through it, I had to beg them to stop. ... More
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