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Wax and light blood covering boyfriend's pillow
My boyfriend is having severe pains in his right ear. He woke up this. Ironing and there was yellow spots all...More
Posted by evaesis
I feel high but I'm sober, please take a look.
Hey all. So this past thursday (continued through weekend and currently feeling it) I began to feel as if I'm...More
Posted by xpresleyx
Ear feels clogged and ringing. Need help!
A few weeks back I felt something move in my right ear everytime I moved my head around. I also couldn't hear as...More
Posted by ayushm
What is wrong with me?
Hi, I am going on two months now and it is not getting better. I have been sneezing non stop, my nose does...More
Posted by pwgchris
constant sick young child during school!!!
My daughter turns 7 September 22nd. She is super healthy all summer but as soon as school starts she is...More
Posted by katieweathers
Echo in ear
I put a qtip in my ear after shower and I accidentally hit it with the towel and poked my eardrum inside now...More
Posted by An_258749
referred ear pain
I'm posting this out of desperation. My 30 year old son has suffered from severe ear pain for 9 months. The...More
Posted by An_258734
Echoing in my ear
I have had ringing in my right ear for a long time now. I have had severe headaches off and on. Because of...More
Posted by nettielne
Sudden problems with ears
Hello, I'm a 33 year old male and for the last two weeks I've had problems with my ears. First it started...More
Posted by voicetek20
throat sore
someone have posted this picture here, and i found it and i have the same exact symptoms and also have a sore...More
Posted by iamivan
Does anyone know what this might be?
Hi. I have been having phantosmia for about a year. I blew it off at the beginning because I thought maybe it...More
Posted by kerrinm
Does anyone know what this might be?
Hi. I have been having phantosmia for about a year. I blew it off at the beginning because I thought maybe it...More
Posted by kerrinm
Fulness in right side of neck and right ear
Hello Everyone, I am a 22 year old female. I work in an office very long hours and don't exercise...More
Posted by shellyluvzjelly
Possible Ear Infection???
I am 19 years old and I believe I have an ear infection. I used to always get them as a child b but now...More
Posted by sierrareylove

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Stopped Up Ear
About 3 weeks ago I took a plan trip and while on the plan my right eat stopped up. Since I came home I have...More
Posted by An_258666
Unsolved sinus/dental issues with severe pain
My symptoms began about 2 years ago with back to back sinus infections. I consulted an ENT who spent less than...More
Posted by tdangel3
Ear Fullness Alternating, Off Balance for 2 Months
I have been feeling off for 2 months now. Been to my PCP for initial treatment and was prescribed...More
Posted by thisguynotthatguy
Allergies and ear problem
I have been having terrible ear problems for the last 6 months. I get non stop sinus infections and swimmers...More
Posted by ttoy3kids
Congestion - not sleeping
I have been sick now for over a week. I have had severe congestion and I can't breathe through my nose very...More
Posted by bna1969
I was strangled last year and since then I have had real bad acid reflux. I saw an ENT and a Gastro doctor...More
Posted by qdedicate
This past June I pulled very dense ear plugs out of both ears which resulted in almost total loss of hearing....More
Posted by marketwiz
Many symptoms
I've been going through a lot these pass few months and its driving me insane because its affecting my...More
Posted by An_258596
Coughing in air conditioning
Our company recently moved to a different location and my desk is directly under the air vent which blows...More
Posted by An_258584
My 4 year old son shoved a Q-tip too far in his ea...
We do not use Q-tips to clean our ears anymore after I read the dangers of q-tips and benefits of ear...More
Posted by amber_lavine
Nose and Ear bleeding
After many years of suffering from nosebleeds (in left nostril) I recently went to an ENT and had varicose...More
Posted by An_258561
I hear my pluse when i lay down
When i lay my head on my pillow at night i hear my pulse. Does anyone know the cause?
Posted by Anon_13183
am 47 years old and been experiencing dizziness for one whole year that would not go away, been to three...More
Posted by An_258488
Staph or Strep?
I am 25 years old and recently had surgery (breast augmentation on Monday 7/28) but found myself recovering...More
Posted by An_258483
Ears flushed with machine pump
So, I've had a build up of ear wax In my left canal over the last year , recently whilst away on holiday It...More
Posted by clive1975
Strange knot ON the uvula. Dangerous ?!?
Hi. Im a 15 year old boy who is wealthy, im not smoking/doing drugs and im eating / excersising as a normal...More
Posted by hikoert

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