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Voice echos in my head
Hi all, I had an ear infection 11 days ago which was treated with antibiotics. The doctor has said that...More
Posted by suzgleneden14
After care of cauterized nose
I have been to hospital today to have my nose cauterized I only had the left nostril done today she did it...More
Posted by An_258101
Airway momentarily closes during the day while tal...
Very strange sensation, almost like i'm getting ready to snore while wide awake. I can be mid sentence and...More
Posted by teresa0717
Ear infection and echo
I've had an ear ache from swimmers ear since last night. I put ear drops for swimmers ear not too long ago...More
Posted by kelsey19rae
Medications after gastroscopy
A friend of mine just had a gastroscopy and is in a lot of pain. She also had her hand sliced open the...More
Posted by imprudentsmile
Swollen Tonsils From Hell
I need answers and I need them fast. I'm a 20 year old female with no prior health issues and I'm...More
Posted by bostonstrongxo
Symptoms only on my right side
Symptoms for the past two days: Swollen tonsil-right side only, kind of looks like skin is pealing off,...More
Posted by snowboard101
Nose cautery hasn't worked?
Has anyone had their nose cauterised and it hasn't worked? My mum had hers done after bad nose bleeds. It was...More
Posted by katyyy
Can someone please respond to my query. Thanks
Posted by ody24
Outer ear drainage and scaling
I have a similar issue with ear drainage which will not go away. Generally, a thick oozing fluid comes from...More
Posted by pollylee
Large Tonsil No Pain
Hi my tonsils are the size of grapes but i have no pain and can eat and swallow normal and am not sick. Now...More
Posted by An_258076
Can you help me about this ?
I just want to ask about my throat if it is normal its getting a white something and a red dots appearing...More
Posted by jonathanrosas
Ear plugged AFTER flushing?
Hi there, I was having issues with tinnitus in my right ear. An ENT said that my right ear had a lot of wax...More
Posted by foxcopy
Throat swab
Also what is a rare gram negative rod?
Posted by An_257474
Loss of Hearing / Cold / Flu
Hi, First post on here so bare with me I'll get all the boring bits about me out of the way first! I'm a 27...More
Posted by nexiv
throat swab
Hello, I recently had a thriat swab and it says Rare Gram Negative Rods, Pus Cells 0-1/OIF, Epithelial Cells...More
Posted by An_257474
pregnant with terrible earache
I am 33 weeks pregnant a few days ago I got a cold and next day my ear was killing me I have tried many home...More
Posted by renee36
Periodic severe sharp outer ear pain
I have had episodes of this type of pain for many years. Md unable to diagnose since it wasn't ever happening...More
Posted by tessman
Poor immune system
I have a laryngectomey ( cancer from second-hand smoke at the age of 23), and I have taken care of myself,...More
Posted by An_257968
Inner Ear Pain When Sleeping
Once in a while i'll get a pain in my right ear after sleeping on it. It happens immediately after i switch...More
Posted by An_257964
Acoustic trauma
Hi,I am 55 years old..went to a concert and had fullness and increased tinnitus for 5 weeks ..this...More
Posted by trophytaker
It's been like this for over a year...
hey there guys, I've been experiencing a rather inflamed left tonsil for 17 months now and have been...More
Posted by natasjalouisexo

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It's been like this for over a year...
hey there guys, I've been experiencing a rather inflamed left tonsil for 17 months now and have been...More
Posted by natasjalouisexo

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Pain in my throat and lungs
Hello, I got the flu and a soar throat 5 days ago, I took antibiotics and probiotics and still taking them...More
Posted by mariatf

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Complete fullness infection, failed tube insertion...
Last week friday my ears started filling up a little and were hard to pop. By Monday I had woken up to my...More
Posted by An_257926
Perforated eardrum
was swimming in the pool and dove to deep i believe and had a sharp pain in my left ear didn't hurt much it...More
Posted by jdavidj
cellulitis of ear canal
I have been having fullness in my ears for 3 weeks. I contribute it to the weather heat and humidity....More
Posted by sullivan56
reaction to dtap
I received a dtap and pnemonia shot, one in each arm at the beginning of April. Like so many of you, my neck was...More
Posted by sosocu
recurring flue-like cold every 2-3 weeks
Since December 2013, I have gotten a flu-like cold every 2-3 weeks like clockwork. Sore throat, sore ears,...More
Posted by poppytroxel
Inflammation of throat bones
I have often felt a lump in the throat specially on the left side.It has been diiagonised as extension of bones...More
Posted by sailor5

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FAQ Tip #2: Tonsilliths and Cryptic TonsilsExpert
People are often puzzled by white accumulations in their tonsils. Some feel they have Strep, yet they do not really have a red, sore ... More
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