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Right ear feels clogged with prolonged standing?
Recently I've been using a standing workstation at my job and I've noticed that after standing for a few...More
Posted by sparrowbones
Hard painless lump behind ear
I have had a lump behind my ear underneath the skin and sometimes it causes pain while other times it...More
Posted by An_257526
Small bump in the back of my throat
Hello, I was just wondering if anyone can tell me what is this small bump doing in the back of my throat....More
Posted by kevin32818
Scab like feeling in my throat - Acid Reflux?
Hello. I've been having a terribly annoying time recently with what I can only describe as a scabby like...More
Posted by An_257511
wind or cool temp exercise causes ear nose eyes an...
I always thought this was completely normal because I don't remember a time not experiencing this. I now...More
Posted by ani_bo_bonnie
Bloody nose that dripped a few drips. Blood wasn't...
I was walking through my house and my nose started dripping. I assumed it was a nose bleed as I have gotten...More
Posted by An_257491
Ear problems
I have had water stuck in my ear for about 4 days now and i just cant get it out. I have tried several...More
Posted by natalietheresa
Ringing in ear
Last night I went to a concert. I started the night in the back but ended up in the front by a speaker. I'm...More
Posted by katelyn_2
Loud workplace caused ringing and plugged feeling ...
So, I just got a new job at a CNC machine shop, and yesterday they were running 3 of those machines at one,...More
Posted by lexluthier
Various ear problems
My name is mike, I am 18 years old, and a healthy person. Roughly 2 months ago I was smoking an herb with my...More
Posted by pghmike
Don't know what future will bring.
I was diagnosed with synovial chondromatosis when I was 2 years old. I had a tumor on my leg that started from...More
Posted by johlman
Blood in my daughters ear
I have been reading on this site about bloody ears and ear tubes.. Tonight I was getting my 2 yr old daughter...More
Posted by erpeylaw
Sore inside ear wont heal and keeps crusting.
I have had a sore just inside my ear canal that has been there from probably 6-8 months. It use to just keep...More
Posted by An_257442
Sore throat, hard time breathing
4 days ago I got a very sore throat. I went to the doctors the next day and got a amoxicillin prescription. It...More
Posted by equine
sore throat
Took a picture of it was wondering if i should be.worried as i dont think it looks too good. No.other cold...More
Posted by An_257430
sore throat
Took a picture of it was wondering if i should be.worried as i dont think it looks too good. No.other cold...More
Posted by An_257430
Really miss laying down
So there this thing going around work, some kind of cold. I seem to have it a bit worse than anyone at this...More
Posted by jb0000
severe throbbing in throat and ear pain!
I recently have been under a lot of stress. I went to the ER and had a spinal tap the two days ago.I'll let...More
Posted by dwells85
sinus surgery
am having surgery for sinusitis tomorrow. My left side is completely blocked. I am very nervous about this...More
Posted by hollie43
Help Preauricular pit son any other disorders asso...
Hi, My son is 9 months old now and have two pits one on each ear, he plays feeds and developing normally...More
Posted by An_257377
I missed 4 doses of Bactrim. Is it ok to resume?
I missed 4 doses of Bactrim DS and am wondering if it is ok to resume. My doctor is unavailable till Monday...More
Posted by An_257370
Sinusitis or Sinus Infection or Allergies?
Can anyone tell me what I have or what meds I can take for symptoms I have had for about a week. Have...More
Posted by jszaradowski
Ear feels " clogged" until I blow my nose with qui...
I have recently begun to experience a problem with my left ear. Its has begun to feel "clogged" to the...More
Posted by tamgeo72857
Swollen gland under left side of jaw ...More
Posted by twinrule1
Static noise in ear worsening
Hi--I'm hoping some of you can steer me in the right direction. Last summer I started hearing noise in my...More
Posted by gremmi
Throat and back of mouth pain
I've never post on a med-site before but I just wanted to get some other opinion on my situation. I'm a 26...More
Posted by kristylucero
8 months later still pain from flu shot
8 months later still have pain in shoulder from flu shot. Especially when I lay down to sleep. I don't see...More
Posted by An_257344
Ear Infection
I'm been having ear infections and allegeries it's been almost a month know. How can I get rid of it? I have...More
Posted by An_257303
I have ben feelin the same like two weeks ago I had my wife boil out my ears with paroxcide when she pored it...More
Posted by josh42811
Torus and Dizziness/balance
Does any one know if Torus ( I have a small pressure on the top rear center/left of my upper mouth bone )...More
Posted by ggreg145

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