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Space around my sinuses tickles when listening to ...
I've been listening to music and then my face starts to tickle. Its really weird and it freaks me out....More
Posted by enriquebadillo
Dr. Moser, Anyone Help? Ear Pressure, Pain & Wetne...
Dr. Moser, I've been dealing with ear pressure (aural fullness) in both ears for almost 2 months. It...More
Posted by jayjayice89
Yellow liquid draining out my left nostril
I was going on about my day as usual, cleaning, doing laundry, dealing with the kids and so on, when out of...More
Posted by ocnatty69
Achy all weekend... now subnormal temp
Hello. I started feelinng really achy on Saturday afternoon. I didn't think much of it until Saturday night...More
Posted by tonyshawjr
Burning Red Ears
HELP!! For the last year straight I have been dealing with my ears turning beet red and they burn like they are...More
Posted by danh228
Vertigo w/in 24 hours of flu shot
My husband experienced vertigo the day after his flu shot this year. Never had vertigo before, and...More
Posted by dahminator1961
Chronic sore throat and yellow soft palate
Hello, I'm 19 years old and have been having a sore throat since late September. It is about to be December...More
Posted by An_260269
Sinus Infection, Cold, or Ear Infection
Is it possible to have sinusitis after having ear pain? Ear pain since Sun.since Wed.nasal congestion and...More
Posted by jszaradowski
TDAP vaccine
Thankfully I came across this discussion after having similar symptoms. I'm not sure if the cause of your...More
Posted by rebeccan77
My arm hurts too...............
Okay - I thought I would start posting weekly updates so you guys know how at least one of us is doing (or...More
Posted by katielulu
3 days ago i inhaled some bread but i haven't been showing any symptoms of aspiration pneumonia....More
Ear fullness, ringing, congestion and sensation of...
In September of this year, I began having trouble breathing through my nose. My right side in particular. I...More
Posted by jayjayice89
Linering cold/flu/throat symptoms not going away.....
Hi all - about 11 days ago came down with a soar throat / mild fever situation with a little bit of general...More
Posted by machthree
THROAT PAIN (long-term)
Hello everyone, I'm new here and hope that someone could help me. I have throat pain (and slight ear pain)...More
Posted by thankful4
Buzzing /vibrating sound in head? Possibly from dr...
Hello, My buddy has been a long time heroin user, and now recently added cocaine user. His preferred ROA is...More
Posted by An_260236
Something was pulsating in my chest/ neck, what ca... So, in the background there is a...More
Posted by sprodger
One swollen tonsil, ear pain for a month
About 5 weeks ago I had a sore throat and pain in my right ear and went to the doctor. The doctor noticed...More
Posted by An_260186
Staph - dry cough
My son has had a dry cough for almost two weeks. I have taken him in twice where numerous test were done,...More
Posted by An_260178
A lil worried
Today at 1:58 pm in the afternoon. My nise started discharging this yellow liquid that looked like urine n...More
Posted by chrisarv1994
Ringing and head pressure
Hi everyone. Does anyone know whats wrong with me ? This has been going on for more then two months.Im male 31...More
Posted by endurer
Allergies and Possible Food Sensitivity
First of all I have never had allergies in my life, but two years ago my left ear started ringing. I had a...More
Posted by An_260136
Post Tonsillectony
Hi I am a 26 year old female and 4 months ago I had my tonsils removed. I have recovered from the surgery...More
Posted by eunicemm88
Muffled hearing + tinnitus + full feeling + pain -...
About 4 or 5 months ago, I visited an emergency clinic due to pain in my ears. Not only did it hurt, there...More
Posted by An_260126
vertigo and faint after flu shot
I had my flu shot on November 5th around 10am. Around 3:30am on the 6th I woke up when I rolled over in bed....More
Posted by An_260125
Hello, I had an infection and had to take two different types of antibiotics for about 2 weeks. After...More
Posted by mcisz1988
My Story
Left shoulder frozen due to shot, went to PT didn't help, had surgery followed with more PT and finally it...More
Posted by An_260112
Thumping in my ear
I've just started having this weird thumping sound in my ear. Just to describe it... (1) It is a muted...More
Posted by An_260103
arm hurts from flu shot
I received the flu shot nearly 3 weeks ago, (fluvirin) in my left upper arm, I have never had a shot up so...More
Posted by An_260075
Sore(est) throat
For the last 2 weeks I have had a cold. First a low grade fever..then sore full laryngitis and...More
Posted by An_260074
Ear drainage and off balance; Hi, I have had ear drainage for 6 to 8 months. Went to my GP and he told me...More
Posted by peanutkgb

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Sj?gren's Syndrome
I guess seeing in hindsight that this was posted over two years ago, my comment would mostly be for people stumbling upon this thread. When ... More
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