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Mono/Staph infection
Hi. My 11 year old daughter was diagnosed with mono and a staph infection in her throat, 6 weeks ago. And was...More
Posted by mellee1
Chronic Inner Ear Fluid Problems
I have had several ear sugeries resulting in two seperate ear tube insertions. After the first round, my...More
Posted by dee240001
Shingles Effected Ear and Nerve Pain Right Side F...
In late April 2015. I had fluid in my right ear and every day it was getting painful. So, I went two...More
Posted by An_263530
Confused and Afraid - Tinnitus?
I'm 28 years old and 5 days ago I woke up with a strange mosquito/ringing sound in my ear. It hasn't gone...More
Posted by loupdeedoop
How to tell if there is a problem?
Hi , I've often wondered if there is a problem with my nose and breathing.Whilst I can breathe through my nose...More
Posted by opello
pain in left ear and thrat
have this sever pain in my left ear and throat and i cant sleep at all this sharpe pains in my ear are...More
Posted by alexisreyes
New to Tinnitus, scared as heck
Hello everyone I've had a bad head cold a couple of weeks ago, and took some antibiotics for it, as...More
Posted by rapid_sausage
Pain in soft palate - any suggestions?
Hi, I have been experiencing pain in my soft palate on and off for years, mostly when I have a cold or hay...More
Posted by twig55
Pseudomonas aeriginosa found in throat cultures
My son (3 yo) and I recently had throat cultures come back w/ pseudomonas aeriginosa growth on it. We were...More
Posted by demo12
Swollen Lymph Node Behind Left Ear
I couple of days ago (6/9/15) I was scratching my head and found a lump behind my left ear. It's hard, and...More
Posted by pmaccount
Blowing Raspberries
For me, it's my nose that seems to act up whenever I hear a person blow raspberries. From my sides of my...More
Posted by An_263369
wegners disease
Can foul nose odors and bloody crustation be caused by any other problems besides wegner's disease? I have...More
Posted by An_263354
I have sharp pain in my bladder and testicles...?
Ok a little about me. I'm 25 and work as a night secuirty guard. It's hard to find a bathroom at night. So I...More
Posted by An_263335
How common is excessive ear wax and what causes yo...
Just wondering since I've had it all of my life and nobody really told me why I had it. I heard that it's...More
Posted by An_263244
Head lice in ears
My grandchildren have had head lice for years now. I just got them for the summer to see they still have it....More
Posted by lindarick8
recently went to a marriage and the drummer played it very close to my ear. Initially my ear started itching...More
Posted by manujb
If allergic to penicillin, is it ok to take hydoch...
I have a life threatening reaction to penicillin and have recently been prescribed hydochlorothiazide for...More
Posted by duckiegirl47
An issue concerning my ears
Attended a concert yesterday. Wanted to purchase ear plugs. Unfortunately didn't get a chance, Stood...More
Posted by undshamrocks13
Ear echo
I keep having echo's in my ear. When I lay on my left side for a certain amount of time I start to hear the TV...More
Posted by ieshadb
Grommet Insertion Swelling Help!
I had grommets inserted yesterday bilaterally, since they feel bunged up and whooshing/pulsation, can anyone...More
Posted by fiftykaye
Nose won't stop running after cauterization?
12 hours ago I got my left nostril cauterized, and both nostrils haven't stopped running since. I will be...More
Posted by eric_champlin
Tinnitus, TMS and Wellbutrin
I have had a head cold for 5 weeks. My ears pop or crack when I blow my nose and my sinuses are constantly...More
Posted by An_263167
Hi doctor i was recently diagnosed with bilateral cholesteatoma they said i need tympanomastiodectomy surgery...More
Posted by berroud99
History 2 years ago my right ear showed some hearing loss. I didn't really do a scan or anything. I also...More
Posted by An_263156
Possible Throat Staph infection
Hello, My 4 yr. old was diagnosed with a staph infection that showed up real ugly on her leg. It has been 3 days...More
Posted by jahjoh
Noise in ear when listening to music
I went to an ear clinic to discuss my tinnitus. Before the doctor came in, another person came in with some...More
Posted by denniscpa
Throat issues
Samson Samsonight May 22 at 3:33pm · Edited · Doctors- & to whom it may concern& whoever...More
Posted by samsonight
Nose Cauterization
I had the right side of my nose cauterized with Silver Nitrate 4 weeks ago. - This was done because after...More
Posted by fiset94
Dizziness caused by nasal irrigation??
I typically irrigate my sinuses about every 4 - 6 weeks during the spring allergy season. My...More
Posted by needhelpwithmyears

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