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Yellow fluid leaking from nose.
Over the last year or so I occasionally get congestion in one nostril and yellow,fluid starts leaking out of...More
Posted by nacoomer
Can an earlobe infection spread to recurrent eye/n...
Up until 1996, my life was going to be completely normal. I made one simple mistake that any kid can make. I...More
Posted by mesh138
Throat cobblestones, or something worse?
I'm a 29 year old female, occasional smoker/drinker. I do have allergies all year round although worse...More
Posted by mirandadavidson
Throat cobblestones, or something worse?
I'm a 29 year old female, occasional smoker/drinker. I do have allergies all year round although worse...More
Posted by mirandadavidson
Dizziness -vertigo
hi i am thiyagarajan, my wife is having the same symptoms, and we are consulting neutro.. mri scans are...More
Posted by An_262839
Ringing in my ear after a loud noise
I was exposed to a loud noise in work last week, I was leaning down to put some plates in the sink which I...More
Posted by tommy1991
voice loss after infection
I am a professonal singer/entertainer. I recently had a rather severe viral infection, left me with total...More
Posted by alanneil
Ear pain and crackling sounds
I had sudden acute pain in my right ear with crackling sounds.I have heard about ETD but I don't understand...More
Posted by freedom410
Hearing loss and clicking/whooshing noise after bl...
Hello, for the past 2 months I've had issues with a sort of blockage feeling in both of my ears which grew a...More
Posted by blackflunk
head pressure and dizzyness
hi I getting same thing I had dizziness, but now this head pressure , I had brain mri 6 months ago , it was...More
Posted by oritajune2
Food catching in throat.
I have a "pocket" (for lack of a better term) in the back of my throat just below my left tonsil where...More
Posted by mr_flintstone
Same issue for OVER 2 years now
I have been checking sites after sites regarding this random outer ear pain/cramping. I thought it was due to...More
Posted by An_262695
Inflamed tonsils
I had my child been sent home last few month 3 separate time and 2 other occasions I've kept her home due...More
Posted by lizziemom23
Deviated Septum Surgery Post Op
I had surgery for a deviated septum five days ago. I have since had alot of blood crusts form... ok they...More
Posted by sinusproblems
So it's been a while now and I can't really say how many doctors I've been to, but no luck whatsoever....More
Posted by vardaelentari
Help or advice for tinnitus
I have had a non stop ringing in my ear for the past month. I have never had any ENT issues in my entire life....More
Posted by lernst40
problems after throat biopsy
My husband recently had a throat biopsy which thankfully was benign. Soon after the procedure he was...More
Posted by stardust1984
Buzzing sensations
Hello, I am Asian, 44 yrs old, 5'6, 170 lbs. I've been having a few episodes a day (3-4) of buzzing/vibrating...More
Posted by An_262561
Upcoming surgery
Hi I'm Kelsey im 25 years old. I am having my first cholesteotoma removal surgery in a few days....More
Posted by kelseymichelle1990
Doctor at Fault for Perforated Eardrum or...?
My Son had an ear fungus last summer. It took multiple visits and many months until it finally cleared out....More
Posted by An_262527
Beep in my ear: Mosquito / cat deterrent/repeller
The elderly in particular use a cat-deterrent in their garden. It is a small apparatus with a speaker...More
Posted by mosquito666
Hot, burning, red ears
My 9yr. old son has hot, burning and red ears, too. The redness is very noticeable, they are bright red. He has...More
Posted by tbean
left arm pain after shot
Over a month ago I received a shot in my left arm it was a antibiotic steroid shot and every since I've...More
Posted by baj831
Chirping in ear
I have mineres (sp?) disease. Hearing in my right ear is getting progressively worse - which I understand is...More
Posted by An_262461
Excruciating pain in the cartilage of the upper ou...
I am experiencing this pain now. Looking for some help. Most of the articles I have read are talking about pain...More
Posted by debjaxn

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Ear Ache
I had a flight last Friday. During the night I woke up with terrible ear pain. The following morning after...More
Posted by An_262432
Lumps in throat
Can any one help tell me what theses are. The left hand side of my throat hurts when I swallow and the rest...More
Posted by An_262414
PLZ HELP-repeated swollen neck lymph nodes in 3yr...
They want to remove entire neck lymph node in grandson. He had 1 bout of swelling, was given a zpak and...More
Posted by lifeofrieley
Scalded Inner Ears with Ear Flusher
Today while using an earwax solvent, I used the provided water ear-flusher, while having the tap set to an...More
Posted by shizbly

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