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Lemierre's disease in 2007
My daughter had Lemierre's disease in 2007. She had a septic clot in her left jugular vein. She was...More
Posted by An_260798
tonsils sore on one side
I have been having a sore throat, mainly on my left side, for about a also experiencing ear pain on...More
Posted by An_260775
veiny throat orangey white patches on tonsils
two months ago I have given oral sex to someone who had chlamydia, I didnt really get any weird symptoms...More
Posted by An_260765
Hi , I'm 18 years old and about 3 days ago I went to go visit my Doctor about a sore throat, aching, running...More
Posted by danielm52
Cold fluid behind ear and headache?
I have a cold and fluid in my ear? I have a cold and fluid behind my ear but that's not what's...More
Posted by smaureen2008
"great green gobs of greasy grimy gopher guts...."
I have been examined and treated by an ENT, but don't feel I've gotten the right diagnosis yet. I had been...More
Posted by An_260745
Constant Cracking Sound In Right Ear
So for about 5 months now I have experienced a very annoying crackling sound in my ear, its never...More
Sinus Pressure
About 3 years ago I began to feel a constant slight pressure in the right side of my head, much like the...More
Posted by mergleman
Lump Behind Right Ear
I have a small lump behind my right ear and have been to see two different ENTs. The first said it was TMJ and...More
Posted by ams0319
My ears won't pop
So I've been having a cold basic stuff stuffed nose sore throat for about 3-4 days but early yesterday I blew...More
Posted by An_260710
Swollen tonsils, No symptoms/pain present
Hello, For the last couple of years, my tonsils have been severely swollen. I've also been diagnosed with...More
Posted by An_260706
Question about perforated eardrum
Hi, My gp informed me after my ear was syringed that I had a hole in my eardrum. He gave me Ciproxin hc and...More
Posted by ben4214
Nasal Cauterization
Is it normal to see a little blood vessel in my nose after cauterization? No's been a week.
Posted by An_260686
Chronic Illness unable to be diagnosed
My husband has some type of seizure after eating almost any meal. He has been to his internal medicine,...More
Posted by rebeccajwest11
Ear crackling sound and go away
In the past few days, I started having crackling sound in my left ear. It started out producing the sound...More
Posted by pieceofbread
Feel Terrible
I was cleaning my daughter's ears out after her bath and the swab slipped and it made her ear bleed a...More
Posted by kmiller2130
sore yellow bump on tounge
Hi, I've notice a raised yellowish bump on the left hand side of my tounge, there is not much pain but there...More
Posted by dejan420
irregular heart beat? and clicking!
hi. im 36years old. sometimes when i go to bed and im laying on my left hand side i can hear clicking in my...More
Posted by eddiehorn
Very concerned about tonsil
My throat was sore about 2 weeks ago. Then it cleared up, and my sinuses were acting up. I went to the doctor...More
Posted by An_260660
my son has had gunk growing in his ear for a year and a half now. After a month they put him under general...More
Posted by An_260639
Ringing in ear
For past two months I've had ringing in my ears more so in the right one.lately they are now popping and...More
Posted by abrown9
Dull and echoed sound in my left ear
Hello, my name is Karla and I am a 13 year old girl and over the past 12 hours I have been having a nightmare...More
Posted by An_260612

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Persistent Migraine W/Flu Symptoms
My wife presented with flu-like symptoms about 2 days ago. Body aches, sore throat with cough, slight fever...More
Posted by vegas007
Just noticed enlarged antitragus
I must have had these maybe forever; can't understand why I didn't notice it sooner. Both of the antitragus...More
Posted by An_260604
Which is less painful; balloon sinuplasty vs fess?
Hi, I'm new to this site so I'm not sure if this is how I'm supposed to do this but oh well. So, I have to...More
Posted by dezzie51
Wind sounds in my ear/similar to being on airplane...
Tonight I am in tears, I have just read some of the posts and must say that this whole process frightens me! I...More
Posted by kina810
Wind sounds in my ear/similar to being on airplane...
Tonight I am in tears, I have just read some of the posts and must say that this whole process frightens me! I...More
Posted by kina810
5 year old with enlarged tonsils no pain
I have a 5 soon to be 6 year old that has swollen or enlarged tonsils and we have always been told since she...More
Posted by mpnkosovo
Ear tubes (Corrected)
One week ago I had ear tubes inserted. Immediately my hearing worsen. My ENT prescribed steroids 60 mg taper...More
Posted by 848484123

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