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Yesterday 5/13 felt a little pressure and itching of right ear and started a dry cough. Still have cough...More
Posted by jszaradowski
Sharp Pain then numbness
I have always had this happen, but I finally want to know why. Sometimes when move my head to fast, I get this...More
Posted by brodey
Tender Bump on Tragus
I woke up to a bump on my right ear by my tragus and it is really sore, at first I thought it was a pimple...More
Posted by An_257174
noise in head
Hi I know this is an old topic but I thought I would post a comment anyway. I'm 50. I have had a clicking type...More
Posted by cstarz
Hearing Loss after Flu Shot
I too have to report I lost hearing in my left ear within 10-15 hours of taking a flu shot. I want answers....More
Posted by vrhughes777

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Has anyone else suffered any hearing loss after taking a flu shot?
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  • In my left ear also
  • In my right ear
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Still SWOLLEN after tonsillectomy (adult)
Back of tongue STILL SWOLLEN 23 days post op of adult tonsillectomy. Has this happened to anyone else? Tried...More
Posted by An_257027
Ear Pain Getting Worse
I was diagnosed with otitis media two weeks ago. I took antibitoics, and it cleared up. The fluid is still in...More
Posted by An_257104
Pain after Hepatits B Vaccine
It has been nearly 3 weeks since I got my 3rd Hepatitis B vaccine and my arm still hurts near the...More
Posted by michaelapettersen
Scarlet Fever or what?
First, let me start by explaining that my first mistake was seeking medical attention from way back. I...More
Posted by concernednga
Exact same thing happened to me. I had pulsatile tinnitus for four years. Several doctors looked in my ears...More
Posted by amandam75
Strep Throat pus pocket?
I came down with strep throat (doctor diagnosed) 2 days ago and since yesterday I have felt very congested...More
Posted by An_257067
Throat cancer
am a 26 year old male and i have been dipping for a few years now. ive had a sore throat for a little over a...More
Posted by ninja07
Ear Infection Not Improving with Antibiotics
Nine days ago, I was diagnosed with ototis media. I was given amoxicillin and prednisone. Two days later, I...More
Posted by smidget0192
pneumonia vaccine and hearing loss
Went for my regular check up and was asked if I wanted the pneumonia vaccine. I had a cold at that time and...More
Posted by spurlean
Painful sore throat after nasal cauterization
I had one side of my nose cauterized with silver nitrate this past Monday 4/28. The whole experience was worse...More
Posted by lizgr86
The Sound of Wind Blowing through my Ears when Run...
When I run long distances (13+ miles) I usually get the sound and feeling of wind constantly blowing through...More
Posted by shafe135
Floral smells in my nose
I sometimes wake up with a strong, putrid floral smell in my nose. I threw away my husband's and my deodorants...More
Posted by joy1020
"Robot" Tinnitus after Sinus Problems
Hello, I've been having some difficulty with tinnitus for roughly 5 days, it seems to have started after...More
Posted by An_257003
Clogged sears
I have been exercising for years now and never noticed my ears clogged after a workout until recently. I would...More
Posted by stlove
Hi all, Has anyone had experience of Mastoiditis? I had an operation to remove the mastoid bone about 16yrs...More
Posted by An_256976
A few things to consider
No one really really knows all the mechanics of how lysine works in the body. The scientific method is theory...More
Posted by talldave
Tinnitus and loss of high frequencies after eardru...
Hi, I recently had a serious head injury with blood bursting through my right ear. The eardrum healed 3...More
Posted by An_256929
Sore Throat
I've had a sore throat for about 6 Days and it's changed in the ways its hurt, it went from a small normal...More
Posted by catscher
Pain under left jaw and chest cramps
I am a 17 year old, 270 pounds 6'0 male. I'm not very physically active, but I've had no real problems before...More
Posted by noahnoble
Red hot ears
I have the same problem doesn't happen when I blush...but at any time...why does this...More
Posted by jeniferraz
I swallowed some fluid down the wrong pipe, now I'm concerned with dry drowning or delayed drowning? Is this...More
Posted by An_256902
ear tubes
Thanks for all the information on here..some is very scary. I had a tube in one ear a week ago and I am...More
Posted by earfull38401
Ear drainage for over 5 weeks, antibiotics and now...
My daughter had tubes put in her ears June 2013, due to hearing loss. She got a cold about 6 weeks ago and...More
Posted by An_256864
virus or something else?
Started as a head cold or flu, nasal congestion, weakness, hoarse voice, feverish. In 4 days the cold part was...More
Posted by mrv519
Plugged ears
My daughter had a fever an some ear pain yesterday. I figured she had an ear infection and had planned to take...More
Posted by dqheiner

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Ear and throat pain
Hi, I have been experiencing a swollen tonsil for about three weeks, I went to the doctor mi first week and told him mi symptoms: sore ... More
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