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Aspirated food followed by flu like symptoms
I think that I aspirated a piece of coconut a couple days ago. I've developed flu like symptoms with low...More
Posted by turtlegirl60
Blood nasal discharge
Hi Doctor, I been having blood nasal discharge quite frequently. It has been months. I have not seen any doc for...More
Posted by suwen
Swollen Thyroid
I am 30yrs old and have had problems in the past where my neck would swell but only for a couple of hours. On...More
Posted by issues101
Ear infection symptons remaining
Hi, my names Ryan. I've had a blocked euthracian tube in my left ear for about 2 weeks that developed from...More
Posted by ryanc1984
Snot ot Not?
I have been sick for the past week, at first I thought I had a sinus infection due to the extreme hot dry...More
Posted by anjail12
sore inside nose
I have had the same sore in my nose for over a year. I saw a primary care physician about it. He gave me a...More
Posted by ceceh42
Should I see a doctor? Red Spots on my back
Just 2 days ago, pinkish red circles appeared on my lower back but they're perfectly aligned to each other....More
Posted by An_255158
Epileptic with dizziness/buzzing
Hi, my name is Lauren. I am a 27yo caucasian female. I am epileptic and I have celiac disease. I also had a...More
Posted by lbower86
Reoccurring Ear Infections
When I was little, I had 2 sets of tubes put into my ears because of the numerous ear infections that I got....More
Posted by amanda_316
Throat pain and swelling only on one side
I've had a sore throat issue on the right side for 9 days now. It came on suddenly (right when I had finally...More
Posted by An_255126
Had vertigo now have head pressure and hard to foc...
I went to the doctor about 2 weeks ago because I woke up very dizzy one night. The doctor told me I had...More
Posted by jcwisneski
Yellow/reddish lumps in the back of throat
I first noticed them after checking my throat with a flashlight 3 days ago. I have no fever, nor a cough. I...More
Posted by An_255120
Hole in Palatopharyngeal Arch?
I had what I thought was sharp ear pain on one side with a swollen throat and neck in the same area. It has...More
Posted by uglypirate
Nose problems
I have a couple problems with my nose but I'm not sure if they're actually a problem or even fixable. I can...More
Posted by smartgiga
Mouth Sores turn to ear/headache
I started out by getting a sore on top of my mouth. A couple days later I started getting a sharp...More
Posted by An_255090
Pulsating Eardrum (Pressure Sensitive? Self-Inflic...
For the past week I've had a minor disturbance in my left ear. I couldn't tell if it was a collection of wax...More
Posted by An_255087
Lump in throat but doesn't seem like GERD/acid ref...
It started 3 months ago and has been fairly consistent ever since with only a few weeks break. It doesn't...More
Posted by sbright427

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Lump in throat but doesnnot GERD
It started 3 months ago and has been fairly consistent ever since with only a few weeks break. It doesn't...More
Posted by sbright427
Why so weird? and why so prolonged?
Starting almost a week ago (tommorow being 1 week) I started with some post nasal drip. The next day I had a...More
Posted by dylan9015
Could this be serious
Hello, My Fiance has been around people that have the cold, and she has been dealing with some kind of...More
Posted by An_255043
Strange throat sensation!
Before Christmas I had lost my appetite for some reason. I believe I was getting sick before then, but it...More
Posted by hannah199
Red Dot On Throat
I recently discovered a slightly raised red dot on the back-right portion (back-left in the photo) of my...More
Posted by An_255025
Persistent sore throat-pain when speaking-large to...
Hi, I have been having this strange feeling on my throat for over a month. It started feeling a tiny bit...More
Posted by goosee1984
Strep or Tonsilitis
I am a 26 year old female. I have had strep throat in my teens and believe it is back again. I have extremely...More
Posted by jlyn122
Tympanic Membrane ruptured after a flight
After a flight last Friday (1/3/14) I was having trouble relieving my right ear of the pressure differential. It...More
Posted by zgkali
I am new here, suffering from Tinnitus
My name is Ishank. I am new to this forum. I've been hearing low pitch hissing and sometimes ringing sound...More
Posted by ishankb
Prolonged Sore Ear
I've had a prolonged dull pain behind the targus of my right ear for several months now. Every time I rub my...More
Posted by pammersj

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