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Hello, I had an infection and had to take two different types of antibiotics for about 2 weeks. After...More
Posted by mcisz1988
My Story
Left shoulder frozen due to shot, went to PT didn't help, had surgery followed with more PT and finally it...More
Posted by An_260112
Thumping in my ear
I've just started having this weird thumping sound in my ear. Just to describe it... (1) It is a muted...More
Posted by An_260103
arm hurts from flu shot
I received the flu shot nearly 3 weeks ago, (fluvirin) in my left upper arm, I have never had a shot up so...More
Posted by An_260075
Sore(est) throat
For the last 2 weeks I have had a cold. First a low grade fever..then sore full laryngitis and...More
Posted by An_260074
Ear drainage and off balance; Hi, I have had ear drainage for 6 to 8 months. Went to my GP and he told me...More
Posted by peanutkgb
Vertigo after Intradermal Flu Vaccine
I just had the intradermal vaccine about 45 minutes ago. About 5 minutes after receiving the vaccine, I was...More
Posted by An_260051
Ear tubes inserted and not helping
Hello, i am a 30 year old female who had reoccuring ear infections so bad that i had sinus surgery. At...More
Posted by janeyj41484
Painful arm after flu shot
I received a flu shot (placed way too high in my estimation) 3 weeks and 4 days ago. While I always...More
Posted by katielulu
Vertigo and the flu shot
I got the flu shot on oct 3rd and on oct 15th I couldn't get out of bed. I've had vertigo in the past and...More
Posted by steffiej
Ear Infection + Ruptured Ear Drum = Inability to d...
About a week ago, I got a terrible ear infection, and one of my ear drums ruptured (there was blood coming...More
Posted by An_260016
Strange uncomfortable sensation in ear
Hi, well first off let me say this. It is not an ear infection. I went to the doctor today and everything was...More
Posted by tkuhn
Sudden hearing loss
I stumbled across this blog and felt the need to post something. I suffered from SSHL July of '13. Just like...More
Posted by meleia78
vertigo after flu shot
I was looking for causes of vertigo, and remembered I had the flu shot two days before the dizziness started....More
Posted by An_259993
Yellowish Liquid dripping from the Nose
Hi, 4 months back i had Sinus surgery, but from the last month some times Yellow liquid dripping from my...More
Posted by abdulhabeeb
Severe head aches
Hi Dr. Web MD, I have fluid in my inner ears, hearing is greatly reduced, I have been having severe...More
flu shot 2014
too recieved a flu shot 0ct 7..its now nov.2 and my arm and shoulder still aches and fees as though i had...More
Posted by eastcoastamy
Throat irritatio
I have been having an irritation in my throat like something is stuck in there but never seen to come out. I...More
Posted by zipper90
Zocor nosebleeds
Can anyone help me? My primary care dr says zocor is not causing my nosebleeds. I have at least one MAJOR...More
Posted by An_259963
Pain swallowing
First time using this feature of WebMD. I have IgA deficiency, so I get 3-4 colds a year. I spent the last...More
Posted by champaign9
I have my flu shot Monday Oct 27,2014. I just fell little sore after but the usual ache pain, Tuesday my...More
Posted by An_259942
Vertigo after flu shot
I received my flu shot on Sunday afternoon 10/26/14. I felt fine on Monday and Tuesday morning, then in the...More
Posted by pandamo14
Someone Help!!
Two nights ago i was outside hanging out with a couple of my friends, when i went inside, i started...More
Posted by xxkamelot_queenxx
Ears leak when I eat
Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this but anyways: So for the past 5 or so years (not...More
Posted by carsoncar
Probiotics for a 2 year old?
My son will be 2 in December. He has had many ear infections since he was born, tubes put in twice, adenoids...More
Posted by lash1200
Hissing sound and sudden deafness in right ear
History of Patient Muhammad Umar Draz (Tinnitus, Meniere's Disease) Age 50 No Allergy No Medical History ...More
Posted by jhawri1
deviated septum mucous cyst and spur
I have been suffering from constant sinus infections over past year, abt 8 or 9. On and off antibiotics as well...More
Posted by kimfl
shoulder injury from flu shot
Very glad to find this forum, and to know that this is a recognized problem. I had a flu shot given by my...More
Posted by gretajansen
Knee pain after Flu Shot
I got my annual flu shot on October 23 while I was at my doctor's office for a weight check up. On October...More
Posted by An_259885
catching the flu
We have the flu shot except for one member of family living with us who refuses to get it. Says if he eats...More
Posted by sherirox

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