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Rod Moser, PA, PhD

Joined: 02/03/2010
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Welcome to WebMD's Ear, Nose, and Throat Community — a site where members help each other. If you have an experience to share or would like to offer some personal advice, just jump right in. All that we ask is that you be respectful and helpful.

There have been thousands of postings over the years and it is likely that you will find similar questions to your own by doing a systematic search. Members discuss and address concerns related to colds, influenza, ear infection, sinusitis, coughing, allergies, sore throats, bronchitis, pneumonia, and tinnitus — just about the entire ENT gamut.

Rod Moser, PA, PhD has been the Health Expert on this busy board for well over a decade. Recently, he has stepped back and taken a hiatus. He will not be following the postings on a daily basis, but will be checking in from time to time. You will still find his expert participation on the Family Webicine Blog where he posts weekly. He is also answering some of the questions on WebMD Answers.

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yanksgirl...just copy and repost your message to the ENT board, Basically, I...More
Stepping Away
I have been the Health Expert on this community board for well over a decade,...More
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