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Reply: FAQ Tip #2: Tonsilliths and Cryptic Tonsils
Perhaps not for everyone, but it can prevent some NEW stones from forming. The...More
Reply: Help me some one please i need help with my son
Unfortunately, I have absolutely no way of blindly diagnosing your son over the...More
Reply: Most People with a penicillin allergy can safely t...
Thanks for the comment.... Our computer at work still sounds a warning alarm...More
Reply: k
It could be more than ETD. The ENT would have diagnosed this condition during...More
Reply: I'm not a doctor but.....
There can be many reasons for coughing up blood other than an infection, so I...More
Reply: Focus with clogged ears, what can I do?
Your first and most important mission is to be properly diagnosed. Either start...More
Reply: Tinnitus TIP costs nothing and it works!
This tip may work for you, but since there are hundreds of other causes (most...More
Reply: same problem, lasted month/half
You are posting this comment out of context.....if this is related to another...More
Reply: Earaches
Peroxide in the ears would ONLY help if you had a wax impaction or, perhaps, a...More
Tinnitus in a Nutshell
Tinnitus is the medical term for "ringing in the ears". Tinnitus can also be...More
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