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Reply: Ear and throat pain
Go back to the military doctor...again. They are the only ones who can and...More
You are very welcome, and now...go and throw away those Q-tips.
I cannot offer you a patient-specific response, since I have no way of examining...More
Reply: Your Home Black Bag
Thanks..... Here you go. I did it in November last year ...More
Reply: FAQ Tip #2: Tonsilliths and Cryptic Tonsils
Thank you for your expert input, Dr. Mella. Laser treatments for tonsilliths are...More
Reply: Hole in Ear (Drum?)
Cipro HC is an antibiotic steroid drop -- one of the few that is approved when...More
FAQ Tip #2: Tonsilliths and Cryptic Tonsils
People are often puzzled by white accumulations in their tonsils. Some feel they...More
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FAQ Tip # 1: Itchy Ears
The outer ear and ear canal is lined or covered by SKIN. Since skin can cause a...More
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Reply: Zinc and Childhood Ear Infections
That is a very potent steroid....not typically used for chronic eczema -- a skin...More