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Sinus Infection?
Wondering what I can use for a sore I have inside the right side of my nose? It is...More
Posted by jszaradowski
Sinus Infection, Cold, or Ear Infection
Is it possible to have sinusitis after having ear pain? Ear pain since Sun.since...More
Posted by jszaradowski
March 2013, July 2013 January 2014, may 2014, had a red ear canal,and an open wound on...More
Posted by jszaradowski
Sinusitis or Sinus Infection or Allergies?
Can anyone tell me what I have or what meds I can take for symptoms I have had for...More
Posted by jszaradowski
Yesterday 5/13 felt a little pressure and itching of right ear and started a dry...More
Posted by jszaradowski
Cellulitis or Ear Infection
Have a cough that comes and goes since. Now have a red outer ear and tenderness on...More
Posted by jszaradowski
Nasal Congestion & Tenderness of Nose
Have had nasal congestion since 11/30. Also have a cough that comes and goes. Have had...More
Posted by jszaradowski
Sinusitis/Sinus Infection/Strep Throat or What?
last Wednesday started having nasal congestion, Friday-Sunday only had left facial...More
Posted by jszaradowski
Sinus Infection or Sinusitis
Do I have a sinus infection or sinusitis? Have had sore(Dry Skin) on bottom of left...More
Posted by jszaradowski
Ear Infection or Cellulitis of Ear?
Can anyone tell me if I have an ear infection or cellulitis of the ear? I have a lot...More
Posted by jszaradowski