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Is anyone here?
D & C
I had a D & C almost 2 weeks ago. Nurses told me i would bleed for up to 7 days. But i am still bleeding...More
Posted by An_263458
is there a possibility that I'm still pregnant
It could be 9 weeks and 5 by now. LMP Feb. 11... No period day 42 HPT fainted positive line. Day 45 spotting...More
Posted by xwifey27
It's been 7 years today.. ***Triggs living childre...
So it's hard to believe it's been 7 years since I lost my little girl. I was 22.5 weeks when my water broke....More
Posted by crys0511
New Here
Hi, all. I'm new here, although I used to frequent the parenting boards a decade ago with my first child. I...More
Posted by minsko77
Looking for support
Hi everyone My woman and have suffered multiple missed miscarriages for the past few years that we've been...More
Posted by hightman
Follicle study/HCG/pregnancy
Hello, i am 25 years old and married from 1.5 years. i had irregular period problem from last 6-8 months then...More
Posted by An_261255
when should i get my period?
I had a miscarriage about 4 weeks ago. Drs don't know how old the baby was bec it was early (5-6 wks after...More
Posted by tolik
Feeling stressed
My husband and I were trying to concieve a few months back and were very happy to find out that we were...More
Posted by An_260592
i have o negative blood and have had five miscarri...
have o negative blood and never even knew that made any difference when pregnant until four miscarriages...More
Posted by lilybean12714
8 years hope gone
Was so happy and joy that I am preg but thing never turn good as bb left me in 6 week. Still in the recovery...More
Posted by wishme
8yr hope gone
Was so happy once informed that I preg but this never last long. My bb left me in 6 weeks. Still in...More
Posted by wishme
Possible misdiagnosed miscarriage? 5th week sac vi...
I got my home preg test kit positive on 5th week. After 2 days, I started bleeding on which we immediately...More
Posted by falgunid
First pregnancy
I am a 41 yr old female & I just found out that I was pregnant well as miscarriage in the same visit. ...More
Posted by babyred8850
lost my third child at 12 weeks in june 2012 still...
so i lost my third child after trying for two years to complete our family we finally got my baby was...More
Posted by mommymaine
My baby came through the stitch.
Hey.. Everyone, Don't know where to start this, Well... I found out I was pregnant in November 2013, a...More
Posted by fiyyah123

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Nausea after d&c
Hi, I am so grateful for the 1 year old I have at home and am an older mom (I just turned 42 this past...More
Posted by An_257553
2nd blighted ovum in 4 months...
Hello! I'm so glad I found this board!! Here is my history. I am a proud mommy of a beautiful son that is 7...More
Posted by nic14120
2nd blighted ovum in 4 months...
Hello! I'm so glad I found this board!! Here is my history. I am a proud mommy of a beautiful son that is 7...More
Posted by nic14120
help plz
hey I'm on the Mirena iud and iv been on it for two yrs now and my .bf cums in me and now my boobs hurt for a...More
Posted by ashship91
so depressed
So my husband and i have decided that we will start trying to conceive again. We lost our baby last june at...More
Posted by jenica1432
Loss of my baby girl
My fiance and I have suffered a traumatic loss of our baby girl Mia Isabella. We were so sad and our worlds...More
Posted by desiree1018
Lost my baby at 7 weeks
I was 7 weeks pregnant and miscarried, this would have been my 7th baby. I have never been through a...More
Posted by Anon_7780
Miscarriage at 6w2d
I am a 22 year old woman. I have a son who is almost a year old. When I found out i was pregnant my fiance...More
Posted by An_254357
Second Miscarriage in Six Months
This past Sunday morning I had my second miscarriage in six months (ironically within a few days of the...More
Posted by RandeePandee
Blighted Ovum Help
I need some help. I was just diagnosed with a blighted ovum, and told that everything will move on its on, as...More
Posted by An_240344
Morning sickness after miscarriage
I have had a miscarriage and I'm still having morning sickness. How long before the nausea stops?
Posted by lisalpointer
Did I do something wrong?
Yesterday I went for what would have been a 12 week sonogram. (I also had one at 6.5 weeks just to confirm...More
Posted by MrsS77
I had a miscarriage today, I've never had one before. so I was really shocked. I took the tissue and the...More
Posted by An_252281

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On Aug 7, 2011 I went into the ER with massive cramping, and excruciating pain. I was 10 weeks pregnant, and I was spotting for a couple of days. Fou...More

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