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Trisomy 16 and worried
I recently had a miscarriage at 6 1/2 weeks. During the ultrasound, there was no heartbeat. After the...More
Posted by simoneisis
What now?
A few months ago I had missed my period, not a big deal because I frequently run late and haven't had...More
Posted by MissinMySoulmate
Miscarried 10/8/12
Hi ladies, I'm new here, but have frequented some of the other boards. DH and I have been TTC for over 2...More
Posted by maragayle
New here need support
Hi I am new at this posting stuff but here it goes... this past Feb we found out we were pregnant for...More
Posted by mmforever911
I had a miscarriage and d&c 3 days ago.
Hello. I wanted to vent my story. My husband and I had been trying to get pregnant since May and we...More
Posted by lindsaaayerin
sex while waiting for natural m/c?
I was told on Thursday that it's a blighted ovum. My dr. recommends waiting for my body to naturally m/c. I know...More
Posted by cg_75
2 miscarriages in less than a year
A few weeks ago I had a d&c to end my second failed pregnancy and now my partner is saying he doesn't...More
Posted by jessiekz
I had a miscarriage in June, and even though doctors do not believe that a miscarriage can be caused by...More
Posted by angieflores92
Pain n suffering
Wed I went to the doctor thinking I had just a cyst and was 7 weeks pregnant. We'd I was rushed into surgery...More
Posted by Missa2778
Chemical pregnancy
I was roughly 4 weeks pregnant, had no idea that I was pregnant at all, then began bleeding heavily with big...More
Posted by An_247437
Still suffering loss
Hi. My husband and I lost our twin baby girls on April 14th of last year. We did one round of IVF and...More
Posted by ButterfliesAbove
Lost my Son at 31weeks, so heartbroken...
I'm sorry for everyone's loss. I also am going through a very hard time in my life. I gave birth to my...More
Miscarriage and disrespectful staff
I recently went through a miscarriage. It was my first pregnancy. Well, I had asked what will I end up going...More
Posted by An_246784
Back to back
So..I have miscarried twice now. I found out two days ago that I miscarried for the second time in four...More
Posted by Anon_29235
AF after miscarriage
Is clotting normal to happen during your first AF after a miscarriage? My bleeding from MC stopped about 2...More
Posted by An_246395

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I was 5 months pregnant and our baby died
On Sunday June 17, 2012 I was exactly 5 months pregnant. That morning I woke up with blood all over...More
Posted by Christine_Baires
Will the hurt go away?
I am 29 years old and suffered what my doctor called a "complete" miscarriage. I found out I was pregnant on...More
Posted by redgirl905
At a routine ultrasound yesterday (12 weeks, 3 days) there was no longer a heartbeat. Everything had been...More
Posted by jaimec77
Recent loss
Today I would have been 9 weeks pregnant with our first baby. Last wednesday I went in for an ultrasound...More
Posted by nnygirl
Spotting 5 Weeks Post D&C
I had a D&C after finding no HB at 11 weeks (stopped developing at 8 weeks) on May 4th. As of today (June...More
Posted by TaraT1222
Miscarried and now facing due date
I experienced a miscarriage this past winter (at 7-8 weeks) and D&C on December 1, 2011. It feels like so...More
Posted by J9812
I was just wondering if people were so insensitive about this whole thing? I miscarried last week...none of...More
Posted by An_245569
Waiting for miscarriage
Two months ago I was diagnosed with a blighted ovum. I was told I could wait to miscarry naturally, use some...More
Posted by Guennie
Ectopic pregnancy 5-8-12
Hi.My name is Marla and I am 41 and have been married for 18 years this would have been our first child..I...More
Posted by baby2013
one week after loss and scared
I experienced a miscarraige on April 10th. I was 17 weeks pregnant at the time. I bled for 10 hours straight...More
Posted by aisilyn
Didn't know til it was too late.
Saturday april 7th 2012, I took a pregnancy test at the advice of my boss. Never in a million years did I...More
Posted by jhetsmom
Anniversary of Loss
Back in 2007 I lost my one and only pregnancy. And to this day it is very hard on me. I lost the baby April...More
Posted by IrwinsLady
Miscarriage after Infertility?
Hi, ladies. I am writing because I m/c after infertility treatments and I have days that I really feel...More
Posted by jossanasmomma
Confused and hurt and don't know what to do
Hello, everyone. I had an ectopic back in January and am waiting for my period to come so I can get scheduled...More
Posted by KristiK77

Spotlight: Member Stories

I am a mother of two boys, 6 and 3. I love my children and my husband. I recently delivered a little boy who some are saying is considered a miscarria...More

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