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How long?
Two days after my mom in law passed away, I began to have major pain and heavy bleeding with large clots. I...More
Posted by Anon_137798
I am completely struggling right now. I miscarried 1/13/12 and I was fine for a while but I have...More
Posted by preciouslittleone
TRIGS! So confused?! Apo 2 other boards...
havent been on here in a while. So. some background. DD 2003. molar pregnancy 2005. DS 2007. 14 wk miscarriage...More
Posted by Laur1981
Could I be pregnant again???
I recently went through a miscarriage with d&c on february 15 however, I still haven't gotten my...More
Posted by tiffanymcbee1215
Does the sadness go away?
I had my first miscarriage last week and my D&C was last Thursday evening so this is all still so new...More
Posted by Daniela71497
I recently suffered a miscarriage at 4 weeks pregnant. Deep down, I know that this is for the best due to the...More
Posted by An_244002
Start of a Miscarriage
Hello, I haven't been on these message boards in a few years! I was pregnant with my 3rd and was...More
Posted by Daniela71497
D&C question! Heavy bleeding and clots.
Had my first D&C last Friday. I lightly spotted for 3 days, fourth day heavy period bleeding and dark...More
Posted by raea2009
I just found out last week that I was 6 weeks pregnant. and all at once had a miscarrige. I try not to...More
Posted by Carameltone
Second worst day of my life
Today my husband and I went into the doctor to hear our little baby's heartbeat. We were unable to hear it...More
Posted by melissam2256
not sure what to do anymore....
So a year and 7 months ago I was 23 weeks pregnant with my first (and so far only) child Leon Vincent James...More
Posted by JayyCd
not sure what to do anymore....
So a year and 7 months ago I was 23 weeks pregnant with my first (and so far only) child Leon Vincent James...More
Posted by JayyCd
please help. friend had a m/c
back info: a good friend of mine had IVF done. She was implanted with 3 eggs. 2 survived. She started...More
Posted by mommyin2011
Losing #3
My HCG levels are rising very slowly so the dr said he thinks I may have an ectopic pregnancy or Im having an...More
Posted by LoriL28
Hello . ?? About Miscarriage.
I found out on Feb 2nd that i was pergo . i was too excited . On feb 8th I started spotting.. I didnt think...More
Posted by Npeterson12
unsure in pinehurst
am 27 year old female married with three boys. my husband have been trying to have a little girl for almost...More
Posted by An_243448
loss my daughter at 21 wks 3 days after i fell in ...
it has been almost 6 years since i loss my daughter and i still feel sad about her was a very hard...More
Posted by An_243275
What to do???
I found out I was pregnant on Dec. 28th however, when I went for our first ultrasound they found two...More
Posted by tiffanymcbee1215
It's been three months since I lost my son and I hurt everyday. I wish I could get pregnant again but I...More
Posted by SimonaSwaby
Depression after Miscarriage
It's been 2 months since my D&C and I feel very depressed. Thankfully, I've decided to call my doctor for...More
Posted by J9812
Struggling after a miscarriage
I lost my baby Nov 21, 2011. I was told to wait to get my cycle before trying again.I got my cycle on Dec...More
Posted by An_243065
unexplained loss
iam 21 i lost my daughter on november 7,2012 due to a placental abruption at 7 months. i was hurt and couldnt...More
Posted by kg217
Just having a rough day..
A little backstory, I was 10 weeks along with my 2nd child and at the first ultrasound there was no...More
Posted by britt200408
Too many questions....need help with finding answe...
About 6 weeks ago, I went into early labor (at 24 weeks) and my baby girl is now in heaven. I had what I know...More
Posted by jent82
I feel like such a horrible sister...I have been married for 3 years and have been trying to concieve...More
Posted by SarahHennyPink
Methotrexate for ectopic
Hi, everyone. I'm hoping someone who has had methotrexate to end an ectopic pregnancy can tell me how long it...More
Posted by KristiK77
So mad at the world and don't feel like I belong a...
Hi, everyone. I don't even know that I belong on here since no one seems to know what is going on with me. I...More
Posted by KristiK77
Miscarried today
I've been having cramps and bleeding since Tuesday and doctor took an ultrasound yesterday and said...More
Posted by preciouslittleone
In a blur.
Hello everyone. I have been reading comments and discussions for a few days, trying to learn how others deal...More
Posted by hlvmom10

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In January 2010 I gave birth to what I assumed would be my last baby. I went on the pill after her birth. She was having some minor complications so m...More

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