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Heartbreak at first OB appointment
I went in for my first appointment and in the sonogram there was no heartbeat. The dr. gave me a 2% chance and...More
Posted by jessiekz
lost baby 3 days old, then a missed miscarriage
I had an emergency c section at 27 weeks and 6 days, due to hellp syndrome, severe preeclampsia, and my...More
Posted by bennieboobear
Miscarriage Maybe?
Hello, I found out I was expecting on 8/29. I had been on clomid for two rounds so we were super excited. I...More
Posted by seeshauna
miscariage and pregnancy test??
if i had a miscarriage... and the baby is still in my tummy, if i took a pregnancy test. like a home one, would...More
Posted by DKnape
What to expect
Hello all, I found out I was finally pregnant after about 15 months of trying on 9/8. On 9/15 when I went in...More
Posted by nicram8683
Not sure what to do
In the past 5 years, I have been pregnant 3 times. Lost the first at 6 weeks, the second at 12 weeks, the third...More
Posted by bmccrea
Emotionally Drained
Hi, I'm new to this and really unsure where to start. My husband and I lost our baby about 7 weeks ago...More
Posted by mrskaleboswald
Miscarriage at 6 weeks
Hi guys! I am alone and need to help plus ways to cope with the loss of a baby at 6 weeks 6 days. What are...More
Posted by An_239625
Missed Miscarriage
Hi everyone. I went to the dr. on thursday and when he did the transvaginal ultrasound he didn't see the...More
Posted by bella3250
How does one go on after a miscarriage?
I want to say I'm sorry to all the ladies who lost precious babies. I mc on July 18th at 8 weeks and don't...More
Posted by andi0930
How do you move on from a loss of pregnancy?
Hi, I just had an ectopic pregnancy August 16,11. Still recovering from surgery, I find myself crying all the...More
Posted by js_626
Getting Ancient by these Docotrs and Gynecologists
Lawd have mercy am going to be 40yrs old on the 24th of september.Went in to my GYN after losing my baby a...More
Posted by trinionboard
Lost My Babies
Hello, I am at 8 weeks and I just found out yesterday that I lost both my babies (twins). Just last week I heard...More
Posted by CEB85
Preparing for Preganancy Loss at 20 Weeks
I went in for a routine ultrasound on Friday of last week and out of nowhere our doctor told us that there is...More
Posted by maria_84a
ectopic pregnancy
Hi, My name is Randi, and I have had 3 losses so far on my road to baby #2. My 2nd loss was a ruptured tubal...More
Posted by mlk240
Having panic attacks after a full term birth loss,...
Hello I don't know if this is mentally going to help me but I need to figure something out because I feel...More
Posted by mistym123
another Loss (TRIGGER)
Just yesterday I was 4 weeks pg and in a blink of an eye I was no more. After a trip to the ER for back...More
Posted by HappyMomma1990
I am 25 years old. On August 1st,2011, my doctor confirmed I was pregnant; my HCG level was 35. On...More
Posted by Anon_236188

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restinparadise /:
im 17 , just found out i was pregnant and a couple days later i miscarried. ive been crying ever since and...More
Posted by Anon_236116
After 3 years of my 2 miscarriages!
In march 26, 2008, I lost my first pregnancy I was 3 months, I can't believe it when I found out I was...More
Posted by Chicaboricuapr
I miscarried on 7/18 at 8 wks and am 45 yrs old. A week later,my husband had a seizure while driving and...More
Posted by andi0930
My baby is dead!
Just found out yesterday that the baby doesn't have a heart beat anymore...I am 15 wks pregnant...the...More
Posted by AllaSamsMom
8 days later..
I cant believe Im writing on this board...seems I just got my BFP (oh wait I did)..heres my story...DF and I...More
Posted by vybe77
Trying to deal
Hi... Just want to say sorry for your loss.... I recently lost my son at 18 1/2 weeks and am still...More
Posted by MissingmyJ
These posts were 3 years ago but I was wondering if anyone was still on here. I need some advice and don't...More
Posted by MissingmyJ
What next? Do I go for it or wait?
Today makes 5 weeks ago that my miscarriage started. I was very early in pregnancy so the bleeding only...More
Posted by bummedoutmama
I had a misscarriage the day before my husband deployed ! Sucked having to go through it alone. The dr wouldnt...More
Posted by sxychclt
hi my name is candace and i had a miscarriage about 3mo ago now and i am still having some bad days i...More
Posted by candygirl131981
Miscarriage after 5 weeks
This was my first pregnancy and I'm feeling so empty inside. I think one of the hardest things for me to...More
Posted by sarahteacher
Pregnancy failed 2 weeks ago
I saw my OBGYN this past thursday. I had my miscarriage follow up appt to be sure the mc happened...More
Posted by bummedoutmama

Spotlight: Member Stories

Hello, I am a 24 year old mother and wife. I have been through one miscarriage, May 2008, and one abdominal pregnancy July 2010. My grief at this poi...More

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