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Reply: Breathe Right nasal strips?
The ORIGINAL works for me but the EXTRA falls off.
Posted by digital843
Reply: Sleep Apnea problems
I avoided using the CPAP like the plague, I tried sprays and nasal strips, and nothing seemed to work....More
Posted by danielleschwartz
Reply: Natural Sleep Apnea Therapy: Playing The Didgerido...
Well that seems to be interesting. Also there are various other ways to stop snoring and improve sleep...More
Posted by mariajohnson
Reply: Sleep Apnea
I've actually read and heard from my Dr. that being heavier sometimes is a reason for sleep apnea. And that...More
Posted by gramkay61
Reply: Sleep Apnea
What do they say you Do need then?
Posted by gramkay61
Reply: Still dozing with cpap
I had the same problem with my mouth opening up. I just HAD to slowly increase wearing it for small amounts...More
Posted by gramkay61
Need Help!
Hey everyone! I have had apnea for about twelve years and it's been awful, as CPAP did not work. I made a...More
Posted by An_250250
Reply: Still Snoring w/ a cpap
I had problems with my mask leaking a lot when I first got the CPAP. Called the provider and they gave me a...More
Posted by rhowell591
Sleep disorder
For the past few weeks now, I've been having a hard time sleeping. I will either sleep early and wake up in...More
Posted by eve_olivas
Reply: cpap frustration
MLHGS : You are not alone, believe me. I have been using my machine for 2 yrs & have had the same...More
Posted by Krissy0824
Help I may be Giving up the Ghost
They told the only Cpap person that came up to this area that it is no longer feasable. Therefore I am...More
Posted by Krissy0824
mouth device for sleep apnea (mild)
I have been diagnosed with very mild sleep apnea (just over the amount where treatment starts). I could not...More
Posted by An_243122
Still so tired
I was diagnosed with sleep apnea and have been using a Bipap for 6 months. My doctor says that the machine is...More
Posted by dcardjr
CPAP connection to high cholesterol
Does anyone know if CPAP, or untreated sleep apnea that is, can cause high cholesterol?
Posted by justmejust
question re: CPAP cost & need
I recently was diagnosed with moderate obstructive sleep apnea. The Dr. recommended a cpap machine. After my...More
Posted by melmige1
Will I ever feel awake again???
Ive always been a morning person. One who loves to get up before the sun. And feel awake. About a yr ago, I...More
Posted by need4spd83
OSA(untreated) + pregnancy=???? ANY STUDYS???
was diagnosed with severe sleep apnea over 6yrs ago and neither the CPAP nor the BiPaP have helped me in any...More
Posted by mom2tired
Reply: Sleep Apnea
Thanks. Well, I was just recently diagnosed with mild sleep apnea about two weeks ago. I am about to get all the...More
Posted by ajey7
Mild Sleep Apnea
I just found out today that I have Mild Sleep Apnea. Since this is Mild, there is actually more worst then what I...More
Posted by ajey7
Reply: husband & cpap
I am not a physician, but I do have personal experience with sleep apnea, and have successfully treated my own...More
Posted by HEC4u
benifits from using a cpap
I have been just diagnosed with SOSA, have high blood pressure and a thyroid problem, there is no family...More
Posted by An_187234
benifits of using cpap
I have been just diagnosed with SOSA, have high blood pressure and a thyroid problem, there is no family...More
Posted by An_187233
Stop breathing during normal sleep
My wife discovered that while I sleep II take about 10-12 breathes and then stop for 6-7 seconds. I do not...More
Posted by An_187232
Reply: Coping with Sleep Apnea
Dear Anon, My husband had the same problem as you, no insurance, severe OSA, and he was falling asleep while...More
Posted by zmc4us
really angry
a few years ago when i went too see my Dentist she asked me if i can breathe ok i looked at her puzzled...More
Posted by greeneyes7228
Reply: Used Cpap machine.
Hey RickChoui, There are alternatives to the CPAP machine - a dental appliance can be used which is much...More
Posted by GiGiTopCat
Reply: Snoring and sounding letter "p" during sleep
It's too funny and I'd laugh if it didn't wake me up too. Yeah he will sound like this papapapapapa and then do...More
Posted by BetzWeb
I can not wear the CPAP
I was diagnosed a year ago with moderate sleep apnea....I am always tired. I was told that I was not the usual...More
Posted by melbower
Sleep Apnea and Sleep
Information about coping with sleep apnea
Posted by sleep_foundation
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Insomnia and Sleep Apnea
Getting adequate sleep is essential to maintaining health in OSA patients. If you have symptoms of...More
Posted by sleep_foundation

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