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could I be pregnant
Im 16 and ive missed two periods now I got on depo on 3/19 I was supposed to start on 3/17 pregnancy test are...More
Posted by jalee1233
My boyfriend may have possibly had pre cum on his hands when he fingered me...(possibly) could I become...More
Posted by An_256708
Cramping and Light spotting
So we are in our second month of ttc and since Thursday the 10th I have been cramping and feeling heavy...More
Posted by chemchick1030
22 days late?
ok I have one child who is 2 w/her I didn't know I was pregnant w/her till I experienced morning sickness for 2...More
Posted by ashp3mb
Might be pregnant on Implanon
Hi there, I have Implanon but I am experiencing pretty serious pregnancy symptoms. Morning sickness, my...More
Posted by An_256681
Frantic on my new Iud
So, I had my iud (Mirena) placed inside me this past week while on my period. The cycle started the 6th...More
Posted by good_lord_why
Am i pregnant?
so i had my period on march 23rd and about a week after that me and my boyfriend tried to conceive, now...More
Posted by breannanicole5
hi im 21 years old and im currently in a relationship with my boyfriend for almost 2 years now abd we are...More
Posted by An_256609
so my boyfriend and I took a shower together and he just pre ejaculated is there a way that I could be...More
Posted by An_256569
test or not?
In need of advice. I had my mirena removed 3-6-14. Was told I should get a period 4-5 days after. Start...More
Posted by koebcke28
If my boyfriend and I have been overly sexually active could that delay my period?
Posted by An_256569
So my bf and I have been doing a lot of stuff lately and he accidentally came on my there a...More
Posted by An_256569
I have an IUD am I pregnant?
Ok, I have the Mirena IUD, I have had it about 1 year now, I have had off and on pains with it. My Gyno put...More
Posted by An_256559
Last one was early, so...?
My last period was 4 days early, not common for me. So I had expected to start 28 days from then, yesterday,...More
Posted by An_256536
Could I be pregnant
I had one episode of spotting about mid way through my cycle but no more, slight cramping. Could I be...More
Posted by pkatrina807
am i pregnant
hi, i was to recieve my periods between 28 - 30 of march but haven't received them till now.i did the...More
Posted by An_256447
Trying to Conceive - What if?
So my husband and I are currently in our second month of trying to conceive. My last cycle started on...More
Posted by chemchick1030
chance of pregnancy
Her Gynecologist found ovary cysts. So he put her on progesterone only pills. we had sex twice on Mon night,...More
Posted by An_254782
am i preg?
hi guys, I already had my period this month on the 12th, 2014. my hb and I have been intimate about 2-4...More
Posted by alicia012

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could i be pregnant
I had sex with condom but the condom came off in me. He ejaculated in me thinking the condom was blocking....More
Posted by allamoepie2
Bleed and weird symptoms - could I be pregnant
Hello, I'm hoping someone has had a similar experience and/or can give me some advice. On day 22, in the...More
Posted by fit_guru512
Could I be pregant?
My last period was on Feb 6th..and on feb 21st I noticed I spotted..which was like on and off through out the day...More
Posted by ckauz
Pregnancy from fingering?
Yes, I know you cannot tell me if I am pregnant. I would have to take a pregnancy test for that. However,...More
Posted by An_256253
Pregnant with Condom and Plan B?
hello! I am wondering if you can get pregnant with a condom on ( no ejaculation took place while inside) and...More
Posted by An_256245
Hi, I had sex the day before yesterday and my bf ejaculated while trying to pull out.. I don't know if he...More
Posted by mjtheenigma
me and my bf are waiting until marriage to have intercourse, but we try things sometimes. he came on my...More
Posted by An_256156
me and my bf are waiting until marriage to have intercourse, but we try things sometimes. he came on my...More
Posted by An_256156
Pregnant from fingering?
My boyfriend fingered me after he had touched his penis. He thinks he may have had something on his finger,...More
Posted by An_256113
am i pegnent
found a positive hpt on monday,1oth wednesday midnight it statrs bleeding.nd my hpt resut was...More
Posted by vavakannan

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am i pregnent
Can one cortizone shot delay period at all?
I had an allergic reaction on February 20th and had a cortizone shot to get rid of the bumps all over my...More
Posted by An_256031

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My husband and I have been TTC for about 1 year now. I worry because it took my sister 7 years to get pregnant, and her baby boy was born prematurely ...More

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have heard the same thing from my sister who is the mother of five so this is more then likely true.. More
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