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Tubal 20 yrs ago/Ablation 6 yrs ago.....Pregnant??...
I am 42 and have had pregnancy symptoms for the last 2 weeks. I haven't had a period for the last 6 yrs since...More
Posted by justine14
The faintest line on earth
Today I am 13 dop, I tested this morning with a first response and thought I saw the faintest line on earth....More
Posted by lollycee

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Could I still be pregnant?
How would I know if I was pregnant?
My brest are really tender and around my nipples are red and they hurt really bad, also I have been...More
Posted by mollyshaffer
Spotting and conception
I have had unprotected sex with my partner and we successfully used the pull out method as a form of in the...More
Posted by adak14
Odd things happening here
I only have my period once a year but my ovolatution is on time, me and my husband had sex on the 16 th of...More
Posted by crazy123
i need to know as soon as possible
I got off my depo shot in march and still haven't had a period my breast are itching like crazy and they are...More
Posted by An_258827
I'm new here I was on the depo shot got off in march still haven't had a period yet and my boobs are itching...More
Posted by An_258827
Cycle day 40 and confused..
I had posted this on another community for those who are already pregnant, and I didn't realize I was in...More
Posted by mrshardman14
Am I pregnant?
Ok. I know the only real way is to take a pregnancy test or go to the dr. but I want opinions from other moms. I...More
Posted by bresma

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9 days late
Now I'm 9 days late, yesterday had brown spotting all day but then went away. This morning I went...More
20days missed period but negative urine tests and ...
Hi everyone, i am new here. I just want some help with what i am going through right now. I had my last...More
Posted by reythelkim
6 days late and no sign of period or pregnancy!
So i'm 6 days late. I've been on a 28 day cycle since December. I had nno syptoms of PMS, which i always get...More
Posted by Anon_41996
Could my Girlfriend be pregnant?
So exactly a week ago today, me and my girlfriend had unprotected sex with each other (NEVER again) multiple...More
Posted by An_258752
Help me, I don't know what to do
So I started dating this guy, so I decided to start bitth control, also I needed to regulize my period cycle...More
Posted by An_258718
WebMD and the My Cycle App are only a day or so different in telling me when AF is visiting. The My...More
Posted by jacquelinemv86
Antibiotics/birth control
I have been on BC for a year and a half. I recently went about 2 weeks without it. I have been back on it for...More
Posted by An_258604
51 days and counting, negative test
After Copper IUD removed June 4th, my normal 34-35 days followed by 7 day bleeding ran 41 days(about 1 week...More
Posted by An_257750
I'm freaking out
Okay, so I had sex about 4 or 5 weeks ago and I'm pretty sure I started my period right after that.. Well a...More
Posted by An_258580
What is wrong with me??
Was on depo for years, then quit well over 1yr ago. I've been keeping track of my periods and ovulation as...More
Posted by toninsj
Anyone had similar???
Hi, I am currently around 10 days late, Cycle is usually about 24 days and always on time! I have done 5...More
Posted by An_258514
Can i be 40yrs old so im getting nerv...
me and my husband has had sex a lot in the last 4 or 5 protection but I had my tubes tied over...More
Posted by resee1974
okay, me and my boyfriend had sex with a condom but then he accidentally put it on backwards , we had sex...More
Posted by lucky_fool87
in need of help
my cycle stayed on 2 days and then it went back off now im spotting. could I be pregnant
Posted by sparkslady2014
Bleeding and cramping
I had my period last week and the last day was on friday. Well i started to notice that yesterday i was...More
Posted by An_258444
smudge on the pregnancy test
so my girlfriend is a week late this month so we decided to take a pregnancy test. first it showed one faint...More
Posted by An_258434
late period
Can someone please tell me my last period was on June 25 could there be a possible that I'm pregnant
Posted by simplyunique
Could I be pregnant?
Hey yal! My husband and I had intercourse unprotected Thursday July 24, 2014 and since the day after I have...More
Posted by emily09
whats happening to me...
Okay, So I`m almost 3 weeks late on my period, Having signs of pregnancy such as (tender boobs, back...More
Posted by a_rexus
little help.... a little confused,...
here's my dilemma and at this point, i feel certain. I am 25 yrs old and i think i could pregnant. ...More
Posted by firsttimemommie25
Implantation bleeding or chemical pregnancy
I'm not sure if I'll get an answer here that I haven't already read over the past 2 days, but any responses...More
Posted by An_258394

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My name is Salina and I have 4 children. My oldest (girl) will be 5 on March 21st, my second (boy) will be 4 April 27th, my third (girl) will be 2 on...More

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Why 1st morning urine?
I bet some of you are wonder why you should always use 1st morning urine when testing with home tests. Well the theory is that because ... More
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