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Do you know someone?
Hi i just want to know if you know someone who got pregnant without actual penetration? I mean there is...More
Posted by mainemiller
possible pregnancy?
I have a very complicated situation and it's stressing me out. I had gotten a mirena after my daughter was...More
Posted by blbarker66
need your help
i had a light bleeding on 16th to 18th February the day i was supposed to have my periods. i had...More
Posted by An_261736
I need help
Ok 2weeks ago I had sex now I been crying over everything movies songs I been eating crazy my nipples itch...More
Posted by An_261720
I'm confused?!
My last period was January 21 and lasted the normal 7 days. Usually my periods are irregular, but for the past...More
Posted by lexi0124
could I be pregnant?
Ok so I had two periods in January and then didnt have one in February and am a week late this month. I have a...More
Posted by arazzaia
Pregnancy related or something else??
So first of all I am on the birth control pill Tri Sprintec and i have been for a few years now and while i...More
Posted by An_261697
could i be pregnant
I got my period on the 8th of feb, had unprotected sex on the 20th & 21st i know its only the 28th but my...More
Posted by love3322
my period iz 2 days late nd I'm now doin some.very little bit of clear sticky vag discharge what could this mean
Posted by mmeee
Pregnant or not
I had sex with my boyfriend February 14. I took a pregnancy test on February 20 it was negative. I think...More
Posted by charbear1993
Am having diarrhea and gas pains and diarrhea plus I'm suppose to start my period today. Yesterday took a HPT...More
Posted by An_261642
maybe pregnant
Hi I'm tye i am 18 i had sexually in a chorus a day before my period February 17th was the last day I have my...More
Posted by An_261635
Worried I might be pregnant. Had a dream a couple weeks ago that I was.
Posted by bre927

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I have the IDU but lately I have been very hormonal and occasional naseauness. My husband says I'm not pregnant but I'm worried. Has anyone else been like this and been pregnant?
Could I be pregnant? or am I just ill?
hi all wondering if you could help me iv been feeling sick the last week or so, my belly feels bloated and...More
Posted by pinklady92
Could I be pregnant?
So I was diagnosed with pcos a few yrs back and finally in 2012 I decided I wanted a baby. My gyno put me...More
Posted by rockerchik87
could I be pregnant?
Irregular cycle. Had a period for 2 weeks got done on feb 13th. Had unprotected sex on the 14th and 15th of...More
Posted by erin1352
could I be pregnant?
On the 1st of Feb I got my period and it was super heavy. I took myself off the pill on the fifth of feb...More
Posted by erin1352
How soon should i take a pregnancy test ?
Hi, my husband and I are trying for a child. We had sex on the 11th of Feb and my expected time of period is...More
Posted by An_261572
Could I be pregnant
Could I be pregnant ? Me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex on valentines day "Feb14,2015" and he...More
Posted by girlygirl45
Could I Be Pregnant?
My last period was January 12, 2015. On January 27, 2015, I had sexual intercourse. I have always had a...More
Posted by An_261520
So I am a 37 year old who had her tubes tied in 2003 after giving birth to my twins. Now I have missed 2...More
Posted by twilal
implantation bleeding vs weird period?
Hi everyone! I am confused as to whether I should continue worrying about being pregnant. Last spring I had my...More
Posted by haleix
Early symptoms?
So last week my husband and I had sex (using condoms) We made love during the week of ovulation (again...More
Posted by lmolina_223
Mirena pregnancy???
I recently went to the doctors and upon checking he told me that my mirena IUD had shifted out of place. Due...More
Posted by An_261353
Hello, I am trying to conceive. I am supposed to be getting my period like yesterday and I have not started...More
Posted by shehan01
im pregant
dear people j am pregant
Posted by keziahecabs
Could I be pregnant???
Hiya I was wondering if someone could help...I'm due my period in a week and 1 day, but for the past three...More
Posted by jejabella
is it possible?
I had my tubes tied after my youngest was born (2003) my period was absent after birth as I was...More
Posted by mama23butifulboys
Confused, Concerned and possibly Crazy!
Hi, So I need a little bit of help with my current dilemma. The last time I had unprotected sex with my...More
Posted by onceuponalife

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My husband and I have been married for almost two years. I have a seventeen year old son from a previous relationship. He has no children. My hubby an...More

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need help!!
am now 3 weeks late i did take a test and was neg but my tummy is starting to get hard!! any ideas? More
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