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Hi. I am 40 years old. I stopped taking BC pill about 6 months ago. Was thinking about other BC options....More
Posted by Anon_34110
Hi. I am 40 years old. I stopped taking BC pill about 6 months ago. Was thinking about other BC options. During...More
Posted by my2guys
Every Symptom in the book
I am just curious, has anyone ever had loads of symptoms and NOT been pregnant? I am not TTC, my...More
Posted by januarymomma
Am I pregnant?
We were making out, & when he tried to insert his d***, It was painful, so I stopped it. But now I feel...More
Posted by An_264306
I just can't wait a arrggghhh! !
Hi guys, I'm new to this page but needed to talk to someone before I go mad !!! I came off the pill in Feb of...More
Posted by tripode84
Low Income Children Suffer From Stroke-Similar Bra...
Most effective most minimally invasive most appropriate safe and effective care for patients annals and that...More
Posted by clonthader
Am i pregnant?
Hello,[br>I had my periods on 5th of august and had unprotected sex with my bf on 13th aug.He didn't cum...More
Posted by An_264252
Pregnancy or Ovarian Cyst
I have the following Sonographic Findings: Cervix: Close Intact: 2.7 CMS x 2.7 CMS Uterus: Retroveted...More
Posted by Jhojam
preg test
So me an my partner been trying for two months nearly.. we started after my period and 2 weeks after my period...More
Posted by svos1203

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.. I have a long cycle about 35 days an a little irregular also.. I waited for my next period 12th of aug on the 14 th 2 days late I took a clear blue test showed beg ( I did the test afternoon) .. but not I'm still 5 days late..
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I'm Confused
I strted my depo in Nov. I haven't gotten my 4th one but lately I have had brwn dischrg Tht stopped and lead...More
Posted by Nazjah17
potential unprotected sex and period 3 days after....
I had sex afew days ago, although it didn't fully go in and he didn't come inside me. I'm not fully sure if...More
Posted by An_264161
Okay so I am 18 and I have been on marina for a little over half a year. My periods come at different times...More
Posted by An_264107
Pregnancy chance
What are the chances of getting pregnant from precum, given the following conditions: the unprotected sex took...More
Posted by Geuum
help me!!!
Iam 22 year old and I usually bleed for 2 days during periods, my last period was on 23 june, on 2 july my bf...More
Posted by chaindia
Cramping, sore throat, and a lot of discharge, am ...
Hi all, I'm not currently trying to conceive, but we would welcome it happily if it were to happen. I've...More
Posted by reisammy22
Tubes tied
I am 31 had tubes tied in 07 after daughter was born during my c section. My last period was may 22 no period...More
Posted by An_263774
Hi i started my period on june 7 it lasted for 5 days.. My boyfriend came home that day and we had unprotected...More
Posted by 84shay
Is it safe to have intercourse on CD12?
So i started my period last june 05, 2015 and lasted for 6 days, we had unprotected sex on june 16 which is...More
Posted by An_263730
18 days late
So I am 18 days late for my period. The thing is I havent had sex in about 3 months so I doubt that I am...More
Posted by An_263723
Delayed Period
Hi, I just recently lost my virginity June 9th and my last period started May 27th. I was supposed to get my...More
Posted by An_263712
What's Going On????!?!?!
Hi ladies, I need help. I had my period on 5/2/15 lasted for 4 or 5 days. I don't remember having intercourse...More
Posted by nikii3005
So confused
Hiya guys Me an my partner have been having unprotected sex but he's been using the pull out method...More
Posted by lauraandtom100
Could i possibly be pregnant?
Okay so i am only 19 but i really need some help, one week ago today i had unprotected sex and i went to get...More
Posted by An_263613
False positive???
Hi . I was wondering if I can get a false positive on a pregnancy test? I have pcos for six years now...More
Posted by misshollymarie86
vagina walls feel hard. possible pregnancy?
not sure the exact date I ovulated. But it was between the 11th and 16th this month. For the past few...More
Posted by lillmay91690
Lets start with saying that I am a mother of two, and this is unlike either of those. My cycles are typically...More
Posted by kelmo13
Very specific question, please read!!
Okay, so here's the rundown: I'm on a combination birth control pill, and have been using it for about 3...More
Posted by helenarose
Am I pregnant
I haven't had a period since April 28th. I've took two test and they both came back negative. What is my next...More
Posted by msdee105
Does this sound like pregnancy or no?
I started my last period on 25 April and it's now 7 June. I'm not that certain of how long my cycle it. It...More
Posted by gabby7777

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trying to get pregnant
.. im trying to get pregnant for 2 yrs.. im nearly hopeless..pls help More
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