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4 days late
I'm 18 dpo and I've been taking pregnancy test since I missed my period on the 30th of May and all came back...More
Posted by An_248974
Could I be Pregnant?
I had sex while I was on my period and the condom broke. I took Plan B the next day. My period was seven...More
Posted by starship29
best time to test
hello everyone, This would be my first month without birthcontrol and i had my son over 3 years ago and i...More
Posted by aaronsmomxo
HELP is it possible I am pregnant?
I have been on the pill for about 2 years now and I never miss any. My boyfriend and I had sex a few hours...More
Posted by kelli1228
scared i might be prego
So me and my BF had unprotected sex like a bunch of idiots but he pulled out and I should be starting my period...More
Posted by mayar96
Could i be Pregnant?
was put on my birth control pills because i have irregular periods, by irregular i mean in 2014 i didnt get...More
Posted by An_262992
could i be prego
Well my period a week late going on week 2 could i be prego ?? I have this very light light pink bleeding...More
Posted by jenny1717
ablation and tubal ligation
I am 36 I had an ablation and tubal ligation 2 years ago. I've had spotting and 1 full regular period...More
Posted by kellyenriques
Chances of her being pregnant considering all thes...
My girlfriend hasn't had her period in over a month now, about a month and a week to be exact. We're in a...More
Posted by An_262909
Post d&c symptoms
I'm just curious it's been 4wks since my d&c. My body has quickly reverted back to its old self , in...More
Posted by laurmull0410
IUD & possibly pregnant
I've had my IUD 10 months now and my twins are now 1 year old. I stopped breastfeeding early february and had...More
Posted by An_262848
About mid April I started keeping track of my cycles and trying to track fertility as well. On the 16th or...More
Posted by Anon_18760
Can she be pregnant
My girlfriend is on paragard. We have checked for her strings and didn't find them. She is having symptoms of...More
Posted by baloo1981
Help please!!
visited my long distance boyfriend april 16-21, and i had my period from april 2-7 (so i was ovulating...More
Posted by An_262779
HELP!!! Please
I had the Mirena IUD for 2 years after I had my son. I had to have it removed because it was going through...More
Posted by anonymous
HELP!!! Please
I had the Mirena IUD for 2 years after I had my son. I had to have it removed because it was going through...More
Posted by anonymous
PCOS and slight lactation
I have PCOS and have been trying to conceive a 3rd child for 6 months. I ovulated April 14 and noticed today...More
Posted by An_262742
Confused by Symptoms
Four months ago I elected to have the essure procedure for permanent birth control. Then four weeks ago I had...More
Posted by nycole16
could i be pregnant
I had an Endo Ablation and Tubail back in 2010, we decided since my periods were so bad and wasn't able to...More
Posted by tumbelina
please help
Alright I ended my period a day ago. But before that I bleed once., My upper Rib cage were hurting to were...More
Posted by alycia420
whoohoo I'm pregnant!!!!
I am 49 years old and 5 weeks pregnant I don't believe it but hopefully I don't MC. I just found out from my...More
Posted by An_262577
Scared to do a pregnancy test
I'm 49 years old and my partner is 48 he never had kids before. I had 9 pregnancies and I had a MC when I was...More
Posted by An_262577
Pregnant on iud?
I've gotten my 1st iud after I had my daughter. I had it for three years with regularly periods till I had it...More
Posted by An_262523
Am I Pregnant??
my boyfriend and I had sex the 9th and he cum inside of me. I am on birth control however I had to start over...More
Posted by An_262516
81 days late on period! Pregnant?
Hi, I'm 81 days late on my period! My period is never accurate last I miss was 75 days. I'm freaking out...More
Posted by An_262515
Could I be pregnant?
I am 16 days late, and I have nausea, frequent urination, fuller breasts, tender nipples, mood swings, slight...More
Posted by sayjay
Could I be?
Had a tubal ligation 14 years ago, Cut, tied, burnt after my 4th child. Then in 2010, I had an ablation...More
Posted by 1ditzychick
Am I Pregnant?
I'm 27 years old and recently lost son at 16wks back on October 4, 2014 and ever since then my fiance and...More
Posted by luckycharm87

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Married to my wonderful husband for three years. We have been together 6 years. Proud parents to two little boys ds 4 and ds 2....currently trying for...More

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trying to get pregnant
.. im trying to get pregnant for 2 yrs.. im nearly hopeless..pls help More
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