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Could I be Pregnant??
I took a test yesterday it was the first response and while I was waiting for the results I saw the pink...More
Posted by An_259830

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Could I be pregnant?
Cycle day 32, 4 days late, 14DPO. Up until now, BFNs! Ugh!
do i have a chance
I had a tubal in 2002 and an ablation in 2011. I am now remarried and my husband doesn't have any children of...More
Posted by pmbrown7
possible that im pregnant..
hi,, gud taking a pill a month ago i stop this about 1week of last period was september...More
Posted by An_259756
Hi....I had unprotected sex on Oct. 5th with my husband. We already have a 7 year old. I checked my ovulation...More
Posted by life84
could i be pregnant?
I am currently 24 days late. I have recently been quite stressed so that may be a cause.. But the last time I...More
Posted by An_259669
Second Period in One Month or Something Else? Plea...
Hi, ok so I'm going to start from the beginning. I'm 23, married and my husband and I only have protected sex...More
Posted by An_259509

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What do you think it means?
  • pregnant
  • miscarriage
  • implementation bleeding
  • something else entirely
  • its just spotting, nothing else is going on.
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Any Advise???
So I had an ectopic a little under a year ago (surgery was in March) I am a little over a week late. I took a...More
Posted by msh85
Please help!!!! 22 days late for my period.. Could...
Hello... I was due on my period on the 10th of sep. It is now the 2nd of oct. I'm useally regular give or...More
Posted by jessmills123
Confused about period.
Hey all, just a little confused really.[br>[br>Firstly my period cycle recently has been like...More
Posted by angelar222
Could she be pregnant?
Hi guys, i'm going to get right to the point so i don't waste anyones time! Long story short, me and my...More
Posted by rob_connie
Cramping but no period
Hi everyone, I am 34 years old. I have been with my husband for 8 years and we have never been able to get...More
Posted by kitecat80
Very early symptoms?
Hi there, Just wondering if anyone has experienced any weird pregnancy symptoms very early on. My husband...More
Posted by An_259434
hi I've had nova sure ablation November last year and I've had a regular monthly period since so I...More
Posted by beccaboo_1979
please help!!!
okay so I been on the depo shot for almost 3 months. this might sound stupid but I was wandering if I could...More
Posted by ball92
Help me?
Hello, So I had my period on the 14th of Sept, which lasted till Sept 21. Before my period I had unprotected...More
Posted by tyoung0918
plz help me understand
last month I had my period 18-21 and this month I have not started yet and its the 25 could I be pg? I don't...More
Posted by An_259388

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could I be pregnant and what should I think, what are some sings I should look for ? can I get pregnant from someone else after being with someone for 8 yrs not getting pg, but trying four 4 months of being with someone else, how often u suppose to have sex
  • can i be pregnant
  • how often to have sex
  • what are some sings to look for
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I think I might be Pregnant on the Pill, if I stop...
I am sure I am pregnant but I still cannot test as it is slightly early, I was on the pill but missed quite a...More
Posted by An_259370
48 days no period...
I;m 19. -I haven't had a period sin e 7/14, making me 48 days late. -I have taken 2 pregnancy tests, both...More
Posted by jessica543

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Take another test or not?
  • yes
  • no
  • See your doctor
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48 days no period...
I;m 19. -I haven't had a period sin e 7/14, making me 48 days late. -I have taken 2 pregnancy tests, both...More
Posted by jessica543

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Take another test or not?
  • yes
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  • See your doctor
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Haven't gotten period
My period was due around September 21st, I had intercourse with no birth control method on September 19th, is...More
Posted by An_259356
Could I be pregnant?
It's been 8 days since my last period and over the last couple weeks I've been gaining weight no matter...More
Posted by kaleyconniving
Could I be pregnant?
Period came 2 days early, its usually 2 days late never early. Bleeding occur early morning,red normal blood,...More
Posted by deeee3
is it possible I'm pregnant?
I'm having a little problem n would like to get some feedback, I got my period on the 8th of this month...More
Posted by kellbell2009
Been trying with no positive results...well, I don...
I am 20 years old and happily married. My husband and I are trying to have a baby, but have had no positive...More
Posted by An_259292
weird period. or pregnant?
I started my period wed morning . It was a light flow which I thought was weird. Ive always bleed heavy the...More
Posted by An_259262
on birth control, a week late, test neg
ive been on bc for years and for the first time i am 8 days late with my period. i took a first response at...More
Posted by An_259247
early bleed
I'm usually one-time or once in awhile late, but not early......i started bleeding 5 days early, and heavy....More
Posted by luckyb86

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sorry it took me so long. but to those who were wondering about what i had done as far as taking a test. well i was positive twice and so i have seen ...More

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Hey guys I need help, so I been feeling pregnant and I have all the systems Like cramping, then brown spotting, boob hurts, vaginal ... More
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