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implantation bleeding vs weird period?
Hi everyone! I am confused as to whether I should continue worrying about being pregnant. Last spring I had my...More
Posted by haleix
Early symptoms?
So last week my husband and I had sex (using condoms) We made love during the week of ovulation (again...More
Posted by lmolina_223
Mirena pregnancy???
I recently went to the doctors and upon checking he told me that my mirena IUD had shifted out of place. Due...More
Posted by An_261353
Hello, I am trying to conceive. I am supposed to be getting my period like yesterday and I have not started...More
Posted by shehan01
im pregant
dear people j am pregant
Posted by keziahecabs
Could I be pregnant???
Hiya I was wondering if someone could help...I'm due my period in a week and 1 day, but for the past three...More
Posted by jejabella
is it possible?
I had my tubes tied after my youngest was born (2003) my period was absent after birth as I was...More
Posted by mama23butifulboys
Confused, Concerned and possibly Crazy!
Hi, So I need a little bit of help with my current dilemma. The last time I had unprotected sex with my...More
Posted by onceuponalife
Could i be pregnant
Have been with the mirena for six months and now i have all the signs that i could be pregnant, and I...More
Posted by evelynjonah223
pregnant questions
My question is this, I haven't had a period in over five months and I had slept with someone around New...More
Posted by An_261143
my boyfriend and i think i may be pregnant.Ive taken two pregnancy tests and they came back negative.Im...More
Posted by An_261129
Possible Pregnancy?
Hello, I have two different but related questions. The first is about birth control (maybe not the right...More
Posted by An_261123
Possible Pregnancy?
Hello, I have two different but related questions. The first is about birth control (maybe not the right forum...More
Posted by june4444
am i pregnant? should i take a pregnancy test now?
I started taking althea pill on the 1st day of my menstruation on jan3. My boyfriend and i had sex on...More
Posted by An_261073
Am I Pregnant?
Hi, I am 33 yrs old with 2 girls. My eldest is 17 and the baby is 6. I have had 2 abortions. My period has...More
Posted by An_261068
Positive Test, No symptoms?
Ok so I just went to my ob/gyn today after 3 months of not having a period. I assumed this was amenorrhea...More
Posted by An_261047
What is going on?!
I had my last period on Dec 19-23rd. I usually have a 32 day cycle. We had sex on Jan 1st and then 8th I had...More
Posted by An_261041
Wondering if this is Early Pregnancy Signs
TTC for 2 years been off Clomid for about 6 months. My husband an i decided to do a home incemination last...More
Posted by mztillman
Does anyone understand?
My situation is a little weird. I took myself off the pill, my last regular period was on NOV 10. 2014 -...More
Posted by 92girl
Pregnancy chances?
During my ovulation window, my boyfriend fingered me with wet precum on his fingers, something I (stupidly) did...More
Posted by cdp2842
Test Discrepancies
Hi All, I was due to get my period either this past Monday, Tuesday or today, Wednesday. I've been...More
Posted by Anon_136196
could i be pregnant?
so, i am about to start my third round of the depo shot on january 20th. typically the whole month before my...More
Posted by An_260863
could i be pregnant?
so im ten days late on my period.. and i have irregular periods sometimes but lately my periods always...More
Posted by madisonrayee_
Am I pregnant
My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex on New Years and two days ago . And he did it inside me both times. ...More
Posted by An_260851
Am I pregnant? Someone answer me please
Like my boyfriend and I did some messy things but NO SE at all.. he fingered me but he never entered it inside...More
Posted by lanemae

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Am I pregnantt?
am I pregnant
Recently I have been experiencing weird things with my body. Around the 20th I had a period but it wasn't...More
Posted by freedom_babey

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could I be?
I've been having very sensitive pain on the right side of my belly button. Also my period for the fist time...More
Posted by love713
Possibly Pregnant?
My boyfriend and I had sex for the first time on December 12th. We used a condom and he did not...More
Posted by An_260709
Hey need help will I had a miscarriage 3months ago and I had my first cycle on nov30 2014 and I had it for...More
Posted by An_260736
Could I be Pregnant?
Since having sex with a condom I have had a heavy period. The period was early and lasted 3 days. Could I be...More
Posted by An_260709

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i'm 20 years old. a high school graduate and i'm taking up culinary arts at the technical college were i live. happily in love with my boyfrie...More

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Why 1st morning urine?
I bet some of you are wonder why you should always use 1st morning urine when testing with home tests. Well the theory is that because ... More
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