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Possible first pregnancy, but totally unsure!
Hello, Could I Be Pregnant community! Here's what's happening - I switched from Nuvaring to Junel FE...More
Posted by beautifulsavage
Last AF was 4/14 only (lasted 4 days) I am a 28 cycle day. The only time I have been late was for 3 days...More
Posted by An_257384
Ok I'm probably gonna type of mini novel but here it goes. Ok I need some advice. Me and my man...More
Could I Be pregnant?
My menstrual cycle is 30days and this Month of May was supposed to start on 13th. I missed it but couldnt...More
Posted by An_257354
Random spotting 11 days after period
Me and my husband have been trying to have a baby.. hasnt happen yet.. but i had a period this month for 5...More
Posted by An_257348
wondering if I'm pregnant
I had unprotected sex last ovulation time 4/29, and I thought there was a chance I was pregnant, but then I...More
Posted by An_257332
Is she pregnant?
Pregnancy test showed up negative but it was taken in the afternoon. About a day after her period(3 days with...More
Posted by An_257306
Am I ovulating??
I have not had my period for 5 months... Am I ovulating still?
Posted by An_257309
Could I be pregnant??
I haven't had my period since December 15 2013... They have ways been irregular... But I haven't had sex in...More
Posted by An_257309
I'm scared
So I've just started this spotting/'s a lot like the stuff I get around the days of my...More
Posted by An_257291
Possibility of pregnancy or just Plan B?
Hello everyone, I hope to get some answers for this - it's really starting to stress me out! Here it...More
Posted by An_257275
10 days late after Tubal Ligation a year ago?!?!
had mt tubes tied a year ago. I breastfeed my son about 2-3 times in a 24 hour period now, but i have had 4...More
Babies are life's little miracles and like all miracles they come from inside.
Posted by sweets1988
still didn't get my period
still didn't get a period yet but got brownish bout 2 weeks ago today would be the day my period would have...More
Posted by nunu55
Going a little nuts here
I am regular, very, regular. Average cycle is 27 days, 28 on the highest end and 26 on the low. I am now at...More
Posted by luckyme34
i am not sure am pregnant
am 20 year of age i am not sure if am pregnant because i have morning sickness my last period was 22 march i...More
Posted by moya_kay
Possible Preggo with a Mirena?
I have a mirena (have had it for almost 2 yrs now) and haven't had any periods since i got it. now i have...More
Posted by sweettea_pa36
iud and pregnant?
Hi. Iv been feeling weird lately . Like pregnant, my breast are sore , my lower back hurts , I have cramps...More
Posted by mlujano91
Pregnant? Me and my bf have been dating for 1 yr a...
I used this brand of birth control for 2 months successfully, and then was forced to switch to a cheaper...More
Posted by rowanwalt21
Could I be pregnant? Please help!!!
I need help please, I´m very confuse. My period has change alot. For instance in september 2013 it...More
Posted by 05pinkprincess
Could i be pregnant?
We had intercourse last night. I followed condom use instructions , leaving space at the tip , rolling down...More
Posted by An_254782
Am I possibly pregnant?
My husband and I had unprotected sex 6 days before my ovulation date and also two days before my missed...More
Posted by An_257157
is this possible:-)
I have a 10 months old baby. She stop breastfeeding at 9 months.l had my period on the 8th of April. Met my...More
Posted by An_257129

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Is it possible for me to be pregnant?
I feel like I am mentally driving myself crazy here. Back in January I started to feel what I thought were...More
Posted by An_257111
how do u know if you have implantation bleeding....taking clomid had reg period then brownish blood 2 weeks...More
Posted by nunu55
Am I pregnant?
Okay so on April 16, 2014 I had unprotected sex but my boyfriend pulled out in time. Im aware at the fact...More
Posted by An_257079
Could I be pregnant??
I have been on birth control for about 9yrs. I have never skipped my period before. When I tried to skip...More
Posted by southpaw1919
Could I be pregnant on the mirena?
I've had the mirena in for almost 2years now for the last week an a half I've felt that I could e pregnant....More
Posted by skyeonorato
Could i be pregnant?
Non stop mucus discharge since ovulation started till now & my period is due today n haven't gotten...More
Posted by annalise45
Could I be pregnant?
There was no penetration or rubbing of genitals at all. The incident only included manual sex. There was no...More
Posted by An_254782
about pregnancy
now its 29th day i feel very hunger tired and my breast are paining to touch is this pregnancy symptom
Posted by anithav

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*Student/In college *Nanny & Babysitter *Christian *Engaged, wedding date is June 25, 2011! *Marrying my best friend *Love my dog! *Enjoy watchin...More

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Why 1st morning urine?
I bet some of you are wonder why you should always use 1st morning urine when testing with home tests. Well the theory is that because ... More
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