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had unprotected sex in january - just after i had stopped taking the contraceptive pill. took the morning...More
Posted by An_258132
Advice !
My Fiancé and I don't have sex regularly and when we do we usually use the pull out method (I know it's not...More
Posted by rosey20116
Possible pregnancy?
So me and my boyfriend had sex in early May and I had a regular 6 day period in June at the beginning of the...More
Posted by An_258114
okay everybody must of been asked did question but i dont know if im pregnant i mean i have my periods but...More
Posted by tina713hc
Could it be both blood test and scan could not det...
I am 44 Year old and I have been on contraceptive injection for over a year. I took the last injection in Dec...More
Posted by laadeedy
Can I be a pregnant?
Ahoj holky,can I be pregnant,when I have four mornings nausea? But my period is normal. Thank you.
Posted by kikuska
Am i pregnant?
I had my tubes tied twelve years ago and i have been sexually active with my husband. For the past month my...More
Posted by kayford
Just a Question
June 6th I started my period. I took a pregnancy test(first response) a few weeks ago. Then another on July...More
Posted by An_258025
I need help
How do I know if I'm pregnant if I don't regularly have periods? I haven't had one in a few months And last...More
Posted by An_258022
Please Help
Hi, I'm 23 and my girlfriend just turned 21 last July 3. I want to make it clear that WE DO NIT ENGAGE IN SEX...More
Posted by An_257998
could I be pregnant?
I am 18 days late now, I supposed to have my period last June 18. I had my last period last may 15 and it...More
Posted by An_257985
Not sure?
Im 1week late for my period. My period is supposed to arrive on july1. My boyfriend and i had sex. But there...More
Posted by nicole1306
Could she be pregnant?
My girlfriend and I have never had sex, we don't even do anything but kiss... Unfortunately one night we just...More
Posted by An_257969
On July the first I had sex with my boyfriend. We just decided to do the pullout method. And I've heard about...More
Posted by An_257949
Help me please
Help me please I am having a pregnancy scare. Please don't judge but I am 16 year old girl and my boyfriend...More
Posted by An_257943
could this be implantation bleeding
I had my period June 16th and it ended on the 21st I had sex on the 23rd and I've been having sex every...More
Posted by naziyasmommy27
My gf and I have sex probably about 2 times a week on average and is currently going on her 6th week without...More
Posted by An_257891
how to be safe?
For medical reasons i can not use BC pills. My doctor told me i would be ok if i used spermicidal gel and...More
Posted by An_254782
Tubal Ligation a year ago, now feeling prego?
had a Tubal done a year ago when son was born. This April i was 15 days late then finally got a very heavy...More
Posted by Anon_129237
Possibly prego?
Hello, I have taken a break from Clomid for a couple months and decided because of my fatigue to take a...More
Posted by mrsa0915

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Possible Miscarriage? baby loss?
I have my period from June 3-7,2014 week after that is my normal day and starting June 16 I noticed blood...More
Posted by genekid11
12 DPO feeling hopeless for this months chances.
So here's my low down for this month. DTD 4 days before O, day before, day of and then 4 days after. I'm...More
Posted by Anon_4055

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So what do you think?
should i take the test?
So i had sex on monday, my period is supposed to get here around friday. after sex i took a shower a realized...More
Posted by An_257816
Could i be pregnant?
I was expected to get my period on the 6/1/14 but i didn't get any symptoms that i was getting my period....More
Posted by An_257800
Could it be possible to be pregnant while Mirena i...
I have had my Mirena for 5 years, with NO PERIOD at all, and was supposed to have it removed on June 20,...More
Posted by ninerpuddin
am i pregnant!
Hello Doctor My name is Ashley I'm a bit confused about whether I'm pregnant or not. my menstrual cycle...More
Posted by cayleesmommy11
late period
So I'm 13 days late on my period , this normally doesn't happen. I took a test it came back negative ,...More
Posted by livelovelaugh612
could i be pregnant?
have irregular periods and i never know when its coming, if its two months or 1, or 3, i never know. i had...More
Posted by An_257773

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Not sure if i am pregnant
I had a lapse between my old birth control and my new one and during that time had sex without protection due to the fact i'm allergic to ... More
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