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I'm proud Momma of four awesome children. I had them in the perfect order I could have wished for: girl, boy, girl, boy. I've been a single mom since 1999 and wouldn't trade a minute. Mommyhood IS all it's cracked up to be!

My LO's are no longer infants (22,19,17,14), but they will always be my babies. I never charted my cycles, but I always "knew" I was pregnant each time way before I took a HPT! All 4 babies were delivered C-Section and with my last, I had my tubes tied. Done. LOL

I used to swear that if a man even looked at me when I was ovulating I'd get pregnant! I thought the HPT was broken with as fast as it turned blue. A blessing, yes. But, only if you want to be pregnant eternally. :)

I'm here to support the Could I Be Pregnant Community in any way I can. If there's ever a pregnancy question that has you stumped, or you just need to chat...just let me know!!

~ Andie
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