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I am into collecting informations regarding male and female sex related issues and diseases.My area of research includes Pregnancy,Erectile Dysfunction,Yeast Infection,Penis Enlargement,Premature Ejaculation etc. My BLOG highlights different treatments of these diseases.

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Reply: Pregnancy Signs?
I would really advice you to take a pregnancy test if you have missed your period.
Posted by shona2412
Reply: Is it possible that I am pregnant at 41?
Take a look at your ovulation calendar.If you have intercourse in and around the fertile...More
Posted by shona2412
Reply: question
Yes stopping of the period suggests that she is pregnant.Consult a doctor now.
Posted by shona2412
5 Pregnancy Complications That You Need To Know
Occasionally a perfectly fit, healthy woman can have something go wrong with little or no...More
Posted by shona2412
How To Have A Baby Boy?
There are many different factors that determine what gender your baby will be. Some of...More
Posted by shona2412
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