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when to test?
When do you guys test for pregnancy? How many days before your period is due?
Posted by gladys2000
Reply: lactating, sore breats
Did you end up getting your period?
Posted by gladys2000
Reply: Waiting!....
You can test now. I tested 5 days before my period was due and came back positive Best...More
Posted by gladys2000
is it too early to have pregnancy symptoms?
I ovulated on friday. we had sex on monday, thursday and friday. Starting saturday i...More
Posted by gladys2000
Reply: Help me out?
dont stress, that wont help at all. the average time it takes to get pregnant is 1 year....More
Posted by gladys2000
Reply: Pregnant?
Have you taken a pregnancy test? I would start there
Posted by gladys2000
Reply: is it too early to have pregnancy symptoms?
Thanks for your feedback. I have been having pretty bad cramps since saturday. they are...More
Posted by gladys2000