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Should I be concerned
Not sure If I am pregnant or not yet. If I am I'm about 3 weeks. I should be able to...More
Posted by jerseylove12
Should I take precations
Obviously I can't test yet, but I have a hunch that I am pregnant. If I am I would be...More
Posted by jerseylove12
Very Strange Spotting
I don't know if this is the best place to post this, but if you have any info I'd like...More
Posted by jerseylove12
Support and/or a reality check
I'm 21, recently moved across the country, and I am dating a solider in the army who's...More
Posted by jerseylove12
Scientific question on getting pregnant on brith c...
I know that the pill is less effective when you miss one, or don't take it at the same...More
Posted by jerseylove12
Reply: Scientific question on getting pregnant on brith c...
when is the earliest a person can take a pregnancy test when this happens? do you have...More
Posted by jerseylove12
Negative tests and a late period
I was supposed to get my period 5 days ago. I am never late, sometimes I'm early, but...More
Posted by jerseylove12