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Joined: 01/24/2013
My Story:
Got engaged in December.
Fiance and I have been TTC since then and are so excited to be parents.

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Reply: Second Period in One Month or Something Else? Plea...
Despite what other users have stated, taking certain vitamins will NOT help you get...More
Posted by lovebird79
Reply: could i be pregnant?
I'm sorry you are under so much stress. That can definitely screw up your cycle. If...More
Posted by lovebird79
Reply: Very early symptoms?
The smell on the soap sounds like Bacterial Vaginosis to me - it's pretty common and...More
Posted by lovebird79
Reply: Cramping but no period
chances are you are not pregnant if the tests come out negative. I'd recommend going to...More
Posted by lovebird79
Reply: early bleed
I agree that it sounds like AF. If you don't want a baby yet, you really need to use...More
Posted by lovebird79
Reply: Could I be pregnant?
Sounds like your period to me. Implantation bleeding is not very common and is very...More
Posted by lovebird79
Reply: Odd things happening here
You should consult your doctor about having your period once a year. This is not normal...More
Posted by lovebird79
Reply: i need to know as soon as possible
It could be your body trying to figure things out OR it could be a sign of pregnancy. ...More
Posted by lovebird79
Reply: What is wrong with me??
I've never had it, but I think it's typically just spotting. I'd say call your doctor...More
Posted by lovebird79
Reply: Antibiotics/birth control
This actually is not accurate. I've never had TB but every time I've been on any...More
Posted by lovebird79