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Can she be pregnant?
Me and my Girlfriend had unprotected sex for entire month of January 2015. She got her periods on 31st January...More
Posted by bhags09
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Hey guys I need help, so I been feeling pregnant and I have all the systems Like cramping, then brown...More
Posted by babyboo3739
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I not sure if I am having my period cuz I am heavy bleeder and I am all ways normal and on time. right very...More
Posted by spookyjuly
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Wouldn't It be great to go through out your pregnancy without adding those unwanted pounds? Well now you can,...More
Posted by nickybank
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had sex a week before iud insertion on 92613
I had unprotected sex a week before i had my iud in, but ever since i've had it in i've been spotting, doctor...More
Posted by An_254135
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Constant nausea
I am getting similar symptoms ladies! Not even sure if I am even pregnant...I would only be over three...More
Posted by Ahernandez27
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Could I be pregnant??
Could I be pregnant?? I took a blood test about 4 days after I think i may have conseved and it came up...More
Posted by macce24
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Freaking out!!
I'm 32 years old,I just had my period 5 days ago n today I'm spotting again, this never happen to me...More
Posted by Beso1118
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Could I be pregnant
HI I have been married for six months and my husband & I were trying to conceive. We had sex two days...More
Posted by An_250980
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what is happening?
I am wounding if anyone can give me a tip on this but i was due on the 9th November and i have still not...More
Posted by crazy_mummy
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need help!!
am now 3 weeks late i did take a test and was neg but my tummy is starting to get hard!! any ideas? More
Posted by An_247735
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need help!!
am now 3 weeks late i did take a test and was neg but my tummy is starting to get hard!! any ideas? More
Posted by An_247735
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Here is what my OBGYN said
I just wanted to say first of all that this forum was really helpful in making me calm down. I am 29 years...More
Posted by An_242938
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not sure if this is the right area to post.......
ok i have Sore nipples and Lactating.....i stopped breastfeeding DS at 4.5 months. totally dried up by 6...More
Posted by cabesmommy2010
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6 days late on my period. Test say negative but im...
My boyfriend and I had unprotected sex on many occasions. I was supposed to start my period on 09/18/11 and I...More
Posted by yuelsmann
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Could This Be Pregnancy Symptoms So Soon?
According to calculators, my ovulation time was the 26th through August 29th... It's September 1st and I've...More
Posted by An_239466
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Advice needed very much.
20 years old. ovulated 20-23 had sex the 11-15; 19-21; 24-25.. Having neasua very bad. adn pms like symptoms....More
Posted by kaiori
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.just need to know
will douching a day after sperm has entered the body hurt the chances of getting pregnant ? More
Posted by Anon_228290
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Natural Ways to Help You Get Pregnant
Have you ever considered taking a vitamin or supplement to increase your chance at having a baby? You...More
Posted by Andie_WebMD_Staff
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Trying to Get Pregnant for the first time.
My husband and I have both decided to try and have our first child. I have stopped taking my birth...More
Posted by RawbheartsNeko
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Signs of early pregnancy, please help!!
Since it has been like 23 years since I have been pregnant, I want to ask you something, ok I am still 15 16...More
Posted by An_185102
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Do You Know How to Chart Your Cycle?
Do you know how to chart a calendar to track when you are most fertile? If you are trying to become...More
Posted by Andie_WebMD_Staff
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trying to get pregnant
.. im trying to get pregnant for 2 yrs.. im nearly hopeless..pls help
Posted by nylesor
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have heard the same thing from my sister who is the mother of five so this is more then likely true.. More
Posted by Rebecca334
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was wondering if someone could give me advice about what i should do. i quit taking birthcontrol pills...More
Posted by nicoleoliver23
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Just curious.
Hello, this is my first post on here. I'm really just wondering what your thoughts are on this. My DH and I...More
Posted by mrsohio
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I'm on the 3 year implant birth control device known as Implanon. I've had a couple of scares before and when...More
Posted by Mo5673
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Spotlight: Member Stories

Married to my wonderful husband for three years. We have been together 6 years. Proud parents to two little boys ds 4 and ds 2....currently trying for...More

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pregnant with negative test results and then a miscarriage
hi girls u had the worst experience we have been trying to get pregnant for a while and then I missed my period I took 8 pregnancy tests ... More
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