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Not sure if i am pregnant
I had a lapse between my old birth control and my new one and during that time had sex without protection due...More
Posted by An_185096
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It's been 20 years sence I had my last child .and I had a tube . and I forgot how it feel to bee pregnant. I...More
Posted by 43lisa
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38 and could be pregnant
'm 38 years old maybe pregnant it is my 4th, I have 2 boys and 2007 miscar. happen. I'm litlle consern about...More
Posted by An_185094
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38 and could be pregant
'm 38 years old maybe pregnant it is my 4th, I have 2 boys and 2007 miscar. happen. I'm litlle consern about...More
Posted by An_185093
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no sweeite
its very unlikely that you would get pregnant by him fingering sprem dieing once it hit oxygen and you said...More
Posted by ashley2514
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Wondering if I am pregnant?
I had my last period on Oct. 3, 2010. I took an Ovulation test on Oct. 18, 2010 and it was positive,...More
Posted by DanielleRenee1126
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Posted by licia1122
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Had a miscarraige a few months ago. Been having un...
so what do you think is going on!
Posted by An_185091
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Im a girl btw and i have a serious problem u see i get headaches off and on and vomit but i dont throw up its...More
Posted by An_185089
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just wondering o.0
I posted a question but none haven't answer yet My period is irregular my cycle sometimes is 26 28 or 30...More
Posted by An_185088
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How To Have A Baby Boy?
There are many different factors that determine what gender your baby will be. Some of these factors you have...More
Posted by shona2412
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Chances of Being Pregnant With Repetitive Negative...
I've see a few post on this. Here's some info that I found. A repeatedly negative pregnancy test when...More
Posted by phoenixfire76
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Why Maybe False Negative.
Home Pregnancy TestsHuman Chorionic Gonadotropin (hCG) pregnancy tests or home pregnancy tests determine...More
Posted by phoenixfire76
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pregnant with negative test results and then a mis...
hi girls u had the worst experience we have been trying to get pregnant for a while and then I missed my...More
Posted by isabelas_mommy
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I am wondering wither I am pregnant or not. My “period” this month was almost non existent, it was 3 days and...More
Posted by An_185103
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Posting a Picture
If you want to include a picture within a post- (not the persona/profile/avatar image that appears...More
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Am I Pregnant Poll!
If you're wondering if you're pregnant, why not add a Poll onto your Discussion? It's easy--just...More
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Why 1st morning urine?
I bet some of you are wonder why you should always use 1st morning urine when testing with home tests. ...More
Posted by phoenixfire76
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Copying and Pasting
You'll have neater posts with less distortions if you post directly from Notepad or other text...More
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Spotlight: Member Stories

I was told at the age of 15 that it would be almost impossible for me to have children. At 16, I was pregnant with my daughter. I have tried to concei...More

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have heard the same thing from my sister who is the mother of five so this is more then likely true.. More
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