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This Exchange simulates the original Couples Coping Support Group. It is designed to help persons with concerns in their relationships, family, marriage, seperation, divorce, etc.Offering a wide range of real world, personal experiences, information, knowledge, suggestions, & views from real people.


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Dating a dirvorced man and now the ex wife wants h...
I am not even sure this is the correct forum...but I am looking for some outside information or feedback. I...More
Posted by An_252162
Is it him or me?
I have been with my fiancé for almost 5 years. When we first started having sex he couldn't ejaculate, no...More
Posted by An_252086
Sex drive
I have the most beautiful wife but finding myself with little or no sex drive. She says i'm almost perfect...More
Posted by An_252026
I don't know where we stand.
My boyfriend and I broke up about a month ago, shortly after, I found out I was pregnant. He came to me two...More
Posted by An_251983
Leaving for Military
My son is leaving in 4 days for Boot Camp. I feel really happy and depressed a little bit I know he's going...More
Posted by An_251822
Help, grossed out :(
Hi everybody! Hope you're doing well today. So, to make a very long story short, my husband and I had...More
Posted by MissCaptainKirk
Marriage In Crisis
Ok here is the short version husband and I have been married less than a year closing on a new home in May...More
Posted by nicolee77
Is my wife a DUD?
I have been married 5 years. Shortly after getting married we got pregnant. We weren't entirely read for it as...More
Posted by ricky123
My Fiance doesn't find me sexually attractive
I'm in my mid 30s and my girl and I have been together for over 11 years. We have had our ups and downs like...More
Posted by lostman
Boyfriend question
I am over 18 but this is my first boyfriend. We met about a month and a half ago and have hung out every...More
Posted by SweetAnonymity
PArticularly interested in women's perspective on ...
Trying again... My wife (we are in our late 40s) will fairly frequently say something like "Man, I really need...More
Posted by queston
Particularly interested in women's perspective on ...
A meital communication question... My wife (we are in our late 40s) will fairly frequently say something like...More
Posted by queston
In-laws a bit too helpful! Advice?
DH is a stay-at home father to DS (13 months old). My MIL comes over every weekday to help him and to...More
Posted by blossom_dearie
Ex's and their family
A couple seperates and divorces after 14 and 1/2 yrs. The (ex)wife had a daughter from a previous marriage...More
Posted by An_250877
Am I over-reacting
My boyfriend and I live together and have for 7 years. I have two kids and he has two kids. I've posted on...More
Posted by Anon_233937
Leave or not to leave
So I have been with my SO for 4years and its been a roller coaster ride, she has dated others I have dated...More
Posted by Luvpink80
This is going to be kind of a long story, but here it goes. The is the guy that my husband and i used to...More
Posted by itsashayduh
This is going to be kind of a long story, but here it goes. The is the guy that my husband and i used to...More
Posted by itsashayduh
Feel that my depression is killing my husbands ner...
Im newlywedd, just got married 4 months ago, I have to stay away of my husband due immigration process, Im in...More
Posted by An_251045
I fear marriage counseling
In our marriage, we have done much forgiving (it's the forgetting part we're struggling with). We love each...More
Posted by lovesbrian
Trying to figure out what's up....
Okay, this is a legit question. Won't seem it, but, HTG, it is. Wife and I married for 20+ years, 3 kids, all...More
Posted by An_250845
Couples retirement planning?
A couple in their early 50's, later last year refinanced the house mortgage for 30 years with the idea of...More
Posted by Anon_596

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Coccaine in the Workplace
Dont know what to do. I work with someone who constantly uses coccaine. We used to be friends. I like my job...More
Posted by maria562
Facing 3rd Separation
I am 43, been married 19 years, with the same guy for 25 (since I was 18). We have really struggled the last...More
Posted by MellyGal20
The OW
It sounds like the OW was not getting any feedback about your marital situation and she was putting out...More
Posted by An_250692
Coping with DH Gone
DH got a job where he'll be working out-of-town at night which means I'll be essentially a single parent...More
Posted by tlkittycat1968
Big Changes...
hi everybody! firstly, just want to apologize in advance for terrible punctuation/grammar. posting from my...More
Posted by 3point14
What to do about my husband's curiosity?
Ok, I don't want to come off as one of those "I'm thinking about divorce" girls, but rather I think I could...More
Posted by Bella324
I have this fetish with my wife wanting her to wear pantyhose or thigh highs. I mean she has great legs...More
Posted by An_250610

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My name is Kristin and I am 29 years old. I am lucky to be the mother to DS who is my world. He is the funniest kid I know. He is also very loving and...More

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Once they cheat, believe me they will always cheat, they don't know the real meaning of true love & devotion. If it bothered him in the ... More
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