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Joined: 02/27/2010
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Wow. It has changed alot since the last time. I have a new steady. I am a sucker for romantic comedies. I fit the stereotype with that one. However, I am different from the other ladies. I like my men younger and I tend to spoil them. I am not what you call a "cougar" (since I am not old enough to be one yet).

My favorite author is Ann McCafferty. I like self-help books too.

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Reply: Holiday Weekend Confessions and Words of Wisdom 5/...
? So if I work hard and earn money for my labor do I get to keep it? How about if I work...More
Posted by sallyfirst
Sweetest thing
What is the sweetest thing your man has ever done for you?
Posted by sallyfirst
Reply: men who are sneaky with porn!
not in the south.
Posted by sallyfirst
Reply: Testing your mate/date
How come jobs will ask "Where do you see yourself in 5 years" but people in...More
Posted by sallyfirst
Reply: Can I vent? HUGE TRIGS
Why did the judge send the kid to the mom? And what consequence did the judge get?More
Posted by sallyfirst
Reply: Ladies...
The comb over OMG just be bald and deal with it.
Posted by sallyfirst
Reply: Nudism
It is more of a regional thing.
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Reply: Shout outs!
I miss contemplating.
Posted by sallyfirst