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Joined: 02/27/2010
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Wow. It has changed alot since the last time. I have a new steady. I am a sucker for romantic comedies. I fit the stereotype with that one. However, I am different from the other ladies. I like my men younger and I tend to spoil them. I am not what you call a "cougar" (since I am not old enough to be one yet).

My favorite author is Ann McCafferty. I like self-help books too.

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Reply: COMA
Did you ever see king of the hill? There was an episode where the ladies were giving...More
Posted by sallyfirst
Reply: Turned off by my church??
I used to get these people from the community that would come in to help out with the...More
Posted by sallyfirst
OMG zombies has been moved
OMG zombies has been moved to go under politics. There are a few loyal posters in this...More
Posted by sallyfirst
Reply: How protective is your mate of you?
I knew a pastor that lost his wife after her reunion. She left him for an old classmate....More
Posted by sallyfirst
Reply: Anyone remember the FYI post?
You go girl. You tell them like it is stlewis.
Posted by sallyfirst
Reply: Defending myself
I sure hope you are a guy. Please dont leave this board you are its soul.
Posted by sallyfirst
Reply: Hey Kels!!!
Daryln, Great detective work. I dont think you people should fall for the "it was...More
Posted by sallyfirst
Reply: Lost Faith in Humanity.......
Great post. There are heroes and then there are zeroes.
Posted by sallyfirst
Reply: ******DISCLAIMER******
What you are a bookie!!??
Posted by sallyfirst