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Reply: Trying to figure out what's up....
Maybe she thought you were satisfied with the status quo? Or maybe it had been that way for...More
Posted by gd9900
Reply: New Boyfriend still Married. Soon to be ex- wife w...
Has he shown you the divorce papers? If they are seriously contemplating a divorce, the...More
Posted by gd9900
Reply: In need of advice...
You made a choice to leave this marriage based upon your happiness in life. You said it...More
Posted by gd9900
Reply: Dealing with divorce...
I didn't go into my marriage just to end up divorced...I don't suppose there are many who...More
Posted by gd9900
Reply: New Here- Can You Ever Recover From An Affair?
I'm so sorry for what you are going through. Betrayal is difficult enough to deal with. From...More
Posted by gd9900
Reply: Inlaws cant respect our decision about our baby
Stick to your guns and keep letting them know you've made your decision and you agree to...More
Posted by gd9900
Reply: Big Changes...
3point - I've wondered how things are with you! Very happy to hear you and man-friend have...More
Posted by gd9900
Reply: a small rant
Its really a damned shame these protesters don't have an ounce of respect for one of our own...More
Posted by gd9900
Reply: The kids are causing problems
You have a legitimate concern with your SO. Something occurred to me as I was reading your...More
Posted by gd9900
Reply: OK women, help me out please
Jeez...I was re-reading what I wrote and realized that in my haste to finish the post I left...More
Posted by gd9900