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Reply: Blackmail?
Congratulations! More
Posted by BalconyBelle
Reply: I have been married for 8 months and my husband wa...
'Love' is just a word unless it's backed by actions. So, no--"Love" on it's own is not...More
Posted by BalconyBelle
Reply: New Boyfriend still Married. Soon to be ex- wife w...
FCL asked a very good question. Quite frankly, your description of your relationship...More
Posted by BalconyBelle
Reply: End of a marriage?
1st off, if you are either the husband or the wife in this situation, while I can...More
Posted by BalconyBelle
Reply: That time of year again...
((Hugs)) I can certainly understand why you're having a tough time--& I think Pi...More
Posted by BalconyBelle
Reply: My "Parents"
I don't think you're overreacting. Admittedly, my relationships with my parents isn't...More
Posted by BalconyBelle
Reply: Relationships
Yes. My ex-fiance and I had a bit of a boundary in place when it came to his mom. She...More
Posted by BalconyBelle
Reply: Update--Singledom, Wheels, Overtime, and ER
I got exceptionally lucky with my scooter, and I know it. I've been researching...More
Posted by BalconyBelle
Update--Singledom, Wheels, Overtime, and ER
Darlyn05, I've been doing alright. I'm past the numb fury stage to just feeling...More
Posted by BalconyBelle
Reply: Summer is almost here. Have anything to confess?
((Hugs)) My sympathies for the tragedy Guard. I hope you'll heal cleanly; and I'm...More
Posted by BalconyBelle