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Joined: 06/20/2011
My Story:
I like sunshine, and mystical creatures, and breakfast cereal, and the Disney Princesses.
I want to live near an ocean but I'm land-locked. I would settle to live near a lake.
I have many strange health issues.
My best friend is a stuffed bear named Peter Panda.
Yes I am an adult.
No I am not crazy.
I only dance when no one is looking.
I will be your friend if you need one.

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Reply: Help, grossed out :(
Haha WOW I can't believe I said hockey games had quarters...this just reiterates...More
Posted by MissCaptainKirk
Help, grossed out :(
Hi everybody! Hope you're doing well today. So, to make a very long story short,...More
Posted by MissCaptainKirk
Reply: Just need to vent
Hey I understand the whole husband-being-glued-to-the-PlayStation thing. He didn't...More
Posted by MissCaptainKirk
Reply: i don't know where to start
I don't have much advice to offer, but I just want you to know I'm praying for you...More
Posted by MissCaptainKirk
Reply: How was everyone's summer?
Hi! I'm curious as to how other peeps are doing as well so I thought I'd "stop by"....More
Posted by MissCaptainKirk
Reply: confused..
Hooray! I'm really happy that you are away from the danger and starting a new life...More
Posted by MissCaptainKirk
Reply: confused..
OMG honey don't wait for your mom to come back, just go stay with your friend...More
Posted by MissCaptainKirk
Reply: confused..
Hi friend, just wondering how you're doing this week?
Posted by MissCaptainKirk
Reply: Husband Vent
It's not very hard to believe if you knew the novel-length story of our marriage,...More
Posted by MissCaptainKirk
Reply: opinions on pornography and marriage
I find this discussion very interesting because I just recently had a discussion...More
Posted by MissCaptainKirk