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Reply: Round Two
NPH106, I totally understand what you mean about journaling, but i do agree...More
Reply: Does therapy help for addiction?
4Foxy11, First off, sorry to hear about your breast cancer, keep fighting and...More
Reply: Would love some relationship advice
Anon, I read thru a few of the responses and skimmed some of them, so if i am...More
Reply: Confused and looking for support
confused, first off...sorry to hear about your health issues, especially when...More
Reply: insecure about his estranged wife
ailurophile, He also could have been trying to be sweet and not tell you about...More
Reply: Depressed Husband
"He has never beat me or anything, just pushing me or grabbing my arms" What...More
Reply: Depressed Husband
Quest, I couldnt agree more...once i read the ashley madison thing, thats f'd...More
Reply: Depressed Husband
You going back to therapy is a good idea but it still may not fix the problem. I...More
Reply: Depressed Husband
Choice, Therapy has different effects on everyone...and if you find the right...More
Reply: Depressed Husband
Well I am glad to hear that he sought some type of help in the past. I would...More