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Joined: 03/01/2010
My Story:
My name is Kristin and I am 29 years old. I am lucky to be the mother to DS who is my world. He is the funniest kid I know. He is also very loving and caring. I just LOVE that kid.
II would describe myself as loud, very talkative, low attention span, outgoing, loyal, honest, goofy.
Somehow I find myself working as an auditor in a bank, when I should really be a comedian or actress ;-)
Even though being a mother has turned me into an up tight spaz at times, I am still wild at heart.
Besides being with my family and friends, I love reading, reality tv, music- all kinds, doing volunteer work, dancing and educating myself on whatever catches my interest.

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Thank you queston! I feel that was good advice. Made me think a little more about...More
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Wow Guard! Sounds like you are doing a lot of good things!
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I understand 100% this is my fiance's kid. And we have my son living with us. My...More
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Thoughts for new marriage?
I am going to be open and honest here, so please dont judge. I feel though by being...More
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I want to work on being a better mother. More patience with my son and more of the...More
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(((HUGS))) I think you did a very smart thing. You know what you can handle. You...More
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I got my SO a Lowe's gift card, some thermal underwear (he works outside at times)...More
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I am here today for a little bit and then off the rest of the week! Have a great...More
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Reply: Time
I feel like it's the busier you are (as an adult), time goes faster. I miss long...More
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