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I work third shift, and I spend a lot of time checking out Webmd. I use to go to a lot of different boards, but now I primarily spend my time on couples coping. Almost seems like family.

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Reply: PArticularly interested in women's perspective on ...
It is better to just remain silent on this issue. I can assure you of that. You can't...More
Posted by GuardSquealer
Reply: Blackmail?
I agree totally with FCL. If you haven't already told your husband do so. Best way to...More
Posted by GuardSquealer
Daughter dating my "best" friend?
My daughter recently broke up with her boyfriend of about 2 years. My wife and I have...More
Posted by GuardSquealer
Reply: Daughter dating my "best" friend?
I have been getting along with him ok. He is a decent young man. Only problem is he...More
Posted by GuardSquealer
Reply: I had to vent, can I also get advice?
Just curious how it came about that you kissed her? That has to be an awkward...More
Posted by GuardSquealer
Are you still around? Doesn't look like you have posted for a while. Seems like you...More
Posted by GuardSquealer
Reply: How does one focus on themselves?
Seems like this is probably the correct board. It might help if you were more...More
Posted by GuardSquealer
Reply: Quiz
Memorial Day, it is generally the start of summer. Labor day the end.... Money or...More
Posted by GuardSquealer
Reply: Still Drinking......
So at this point I am a little confused about my own situation. We have a great life...More
Posted by GuardSquealer
Reply: Frustrated - No Sex
I agree with queston. Try buying a different vibrator just for use with the two of...More
Posted by GuardSquealer