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I work third shift, and I spend a lot of time checking out Webmd. I use to go to a lot of different boards, but now I primarily spend my time on couples coping. Almost seems like family.

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Reply: PArticularly interested in women's perspective on ...
It is better to just remain silent on this issue. I can assure you of that. You can't...More
Posted by GuardSquealer
Reply: Blackmail?
I agree totally with FCL. If you haven't already told your husband do so. Best way to...More
Posted by GuardSquealer
Reply: Daughter dating my "best" friend?
I have been getting along with him ok. He is a decent young man. Only problem is he...More
Posted by GuardSquealer
Daughter dating my "best" friend?
My daughter recently broke up with her boyfriend of about 2 years. My wife and I have...More
Posted by GuardSquealer
Reply: I had to vent, can I also get advice?
Just curious how it came about that you kissed her? That has to be an awkward...More
Posted by GuardSquealer
Reply: How does one focus on themselves?
Seems like this is probably the correct board. It might help if you were more...More
Posted by GuardSquealer
Reply: Quiz
Memorial Day, it is generally the start of summer. Labor day the end.... Money or...More
Posted by GuardSquealer
Are you still around? Doesn't look like you have posted for a while. Seems like you...More
Posted by GuardSquealer
Reply: Still Drinking......
So at this point I am a little confused about my own situation. We have a great life...More
Posted by GuardSquealer
Reply: Frustrated - No Sex
I agree with queston. Try buying a different vibrator just for use with the two of...More
Posted by GuardSquealer