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Reply: Pain
hi larsstarscanary...i am newly (well,more or less NEWLY0 diagnosed with colitis and am in real need...More
Posted by trying2findpeace
Reply: DigestaCure
What amount of calcium & magnesium do you take in your supplement? Vit c, amount? And B6, amount?...More
Posted by Bellafrombrooklyn
healing the gut
I have heard of Carnivora and Aloe Vera as different things that could take the inflammation out of the...More
Posted by mugsysmum
Reply: Prednisone Alternatives
I know when I have had a flare up, my GI will tell me to increase my med (Dipentum), and to watch what I eat...More
Posted by sheba_q
Reply: partial intestinal obstruction
Thanks for the advice. I will have to try it. Take care MelodyMore
Posted by melodysb
Medical Marijuana as an Anti-Inflammatory Drug
Hello everyone! [br>[br>I am beginning pharmacy school this fall and am interested in researching...More
Posted by An_263915
Colitis with constipation
I was recently diagnosed with colitis, I started having pencil size stools, then ribbon size stools, then...More
Posted by ira915
Reply: Not A-typical crohn's/colitis sufferer with consti...
I see this discussion is five years old but I'll add what I know too. I found Elaine Gottschall's book "Food...More
Posted by jeanoliver
Reply: Coconut Oil?
Hi there! Good to hear from you! Yes, I finished nursing school nearly two years ago. I think May 18th is...More
Posted by hannahleigh89
Reply: For that tender/burning/pain from too much diarrhe...
Thanks for the tip. I will definitely try it. Take careMore
Posted by melodysb
Reply: Crohns/UC
It's not easy to tell the difference between Crohns and UC. They get mistaken for each other all the...More
Posted by miserable_sob
Reply: Pain
Just found out I have UC and IBS but Dr still doing tests for crohns. You can have both? Aren't they pretty...More
Posted by jlschil54
Reply: how long?
It is never too late to go to the doctor. They may not be able to do anything but keep him comfortable,...More
Posted by hannahleigh89
Reply: hi
Hi, geez this place is dead.
Posted by miserable_sob
Natural remedies for Crohns
Hello, I have been suffering with Crohn's for roughly 6years. I have had 2 surgeries and taken medication...More
Posted by ladybel123
Reply: Son's crohns
I was looking for information on IBS/ IBD (Irritable Bowel Disease) and found an article by Dr. Dahlman in...More
Posted by An_262097
Posted by annie0529

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has anyone used mercaptopurine for colitis...haven't used yet but has been side effects and getting scared
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Posted by annie0529

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has anyone used mercaptopurine for colitis...haven't used yet but has been side effects and getting scared
  • medication
  • treatment safe?
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Reply: Upcoming Colectomy
Thank you so much for your response and sharing your experience. I have appointments to see two different...More
Posted by stippyrow
UC and Hemerrhoids
I was diagnosed with UC about a year ago and haven't had a flare up but my stool the last month has just been...More
Posted by An_260951
Food Report!
I'm hoping we still have enough members here that I'll get some sort of response to this. I'm doing so...More
Posted by hannahleigh89
Reply: uc throat ulcers
You are very knowledgeable with medications but no one seem to understand the cause of the problem. In 1960...More
Posted by jbicaci
Reply: What has happened to this Exchange?
I agree. And it is a shame, because a lot of people out there need help and answers to questions, and they are...More
Posted by arbob5
Reply: I am so confused....
You described my condition in 1960 where all the X-rays and blood test concluded in removing part of my...More
Posted by jbicaci
Reply: UC and Pyoderma gangrenosum
Hello, and thank you for responding. Wow - that is scary - liver problems. Would you mind sharing what you...More
Posted by teachyou2
Reply: IBD, Colisis, Chrons?
I have Crohn's and I suffer from constipation. Taking Liver Support Factor pills by Country Life and adding...More
Posted by jbicaci
Reply: What other test can I have to find where the probl...
There is a procedure by swallowing a pill with camera and you have to carry a scanner like a belt all day. ...More
Posted by jbicaci
Reply: i am 14 and CANT EAT HELP pls. I would like some a...
The diet and exercise helps the liver functions that caused inflammation and digestive problems including...More
Posted by jbicaci

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I'm 45 and was diagnosed with Crohn's about 14 years ago. For many years I had few intestinal symptoms but have now been on Humira for a year...More

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Assistance for Medical Expenses
Many with a diagnosis of Crohn's or Colitis are unable to work or enjoy many social or physical activities. The burden of paying medical ... More
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