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Reply: Not A-typical crohn's/colitis sufferer with consti...
Lindsay I'm no expect in no way but I have a friend whom had a sleve (i may be spelling it wrong) where they go...More
Posted by gennib
Crohns and Colitis and Gastroparesis
At 25 I was diagnosed as having C & C - last year I was also diagnosed as having GP. When I have a flair...More
Posted by An_261270
Posted by annie0529

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has anyone used mercaptopurine for colitis...haven't used yet but has been side effects and getting scared
  • medication
  • treatment safe?
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Posted by annie0529

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has anyone used mercaptopurine for colitis...haven't used yet but has been side effects and getting scared
  • medication
  • treatment safe?
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Reply: Upcoming Colectomy
Thank you so much for your response and sharing your experience. I have appointments to see two different...More
Posted by stippyrow
UC and Hemerrhoids
I was diagnosed with UC about a year ago and haven't had a flare up but my stool the last month has just been...More
Posted by An_260951
Food Report!
I'm hoping we still have enough members here that I'll get some sort of response to this. I'm doing so...More
Posted by hannahleigh89
Reply: Son's crohns
And before it becomes an issue, I meant goob as a term of endearment. I use it in the same way that I...More
Posted by hannahleigh89
Reply: Pain
I have Crohn's and Ulcerative Colitis. I had a lot of pain specially lower back, abdominal, and stomach. It...More
Posted by jbicaci
Reply: uc throat ulcers
You are very knowledgeable with medications but no one seem to understand the cause of the problem. In 1960...More
Posted by jbicaci
Reply: What has happened to this Exchange?
I agree. And it is a shame, because a lot of people out there need help and answers to questions, and they are...More
Posted by arbob5
Reply: I am so confused....
You described my condition in 1960 where all the X-rays and blood test concluded in removing part of my...More
Posted by jbicaci
Reply: UC and Pyoderma gangrenosum
Hello, and thank you for responding. Wow - that is scary - liver problems. Would you mind sharing what you...More
Posted by teachyou2
Reply: IBD, Colisis, Chrons?
I have Crohn's and I suffer from constipation. Taking Liver Support Factor pills by Country Life and adding...More
Posted by jbicaci
Reply: What other test can I have to find where the probl...
There is a procedure by swallowing a pill with camera and you have to carry a scanner like a belt all day. ...More
Posted by jbicaci
Reply: i am 14 and CANT EAT HELP pls. I would like some a...
The diet and exercise helps the liver functions that caused inflammation and digestive problems including...More
Posted by jbicaci
Reply: Humira and UC/crohns
I was on Humira for roughly six months after my surgeries in 2010/2011. I also had to take methotrexate....More
Posted by hannahleigh89

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Anyone with crohns tried Humira?
  • Tried Humira with good results
  • Tried Humira with no positive results
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Reply: DigestaCure
I have just started on DigestaCure. I am only just getting to the 8 pill dose. I have IBS. I'm not expecting...More
Posted by hikariv
Hemorrhoid and Colitis
What is the link between Colitis and Hemorrhoid?
Posted by sarahmcgray
partial intestinal obstruction
Just had my first attack. Spent 5 days in the hospital to with the tube. That in itself was barbaric. They...More
Posted by carlakc12358
Question from Journalist
Hi, my name is Caroline Chen, I'm a healthcare reporter at Bloomberg News. [br>I'm writing a story about...More
Posted by cchen509
Reply: digestive problems
Follow some tips that could get rid of your digestive problem- 1. Do remove spicy foods , dairy ,...More
Posted by stellagonzalez
Reply: Cipro Long Term
I am super disappointed with doctors not understanding Crohn's disease and the liver functions. I almost...More
Posted by An_259245
Generalized Intestinal Dysmotility
Originally my GI thought I had Gastroparesis - so he sent me to a specialist who deals with it - turns out I...More
Posted by debs_bears
Reply: Checking In
I still tend to wander by here, mostly in lurk mode to report all the spam that's been showing up. My colitis...More
Posted by sheba_q
Reply: hydrocodone use and colitis
I've used hydrocodone for years and while I'm not currently using it, I've never noticed any correlation...More
Posted by hannahleigh89
Reply: Picture of Bethany Townsend with colostomy bag goe...
Having lived with a colostomy bag for 90 days, I can tell you from experience how anything but pretty...More
Posted by miserable_sob
Short Survey of At-Home Injection Experiences, You...
My name is Dan and I am a graduate student at San Jose State University, studying Human Factors and...More
Posted by iaa_research
Article - What it's really like to live with bowel...
What if every bite of food made you double over in pain and forced you to be near a washroom at all times? Two...More
Posted by sheba_q

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I've had crohn's for the last 14years, have had 5 resections,1 hernia repair, 6 eye infections,and my gallbladder removed recently due to ston...More

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Joint Pain
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