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ulcerative colitis
Hey, I hv ulcerative colitis. What could be the implication if my wife sits on my belly. Is that ok or we need to...More
Posted by vixcy
chronic inflammation of J-pouch
was just informed that, after a pouchoscopy, my J-pouch is in a state of chronic inflammation. I've had my pouch...More
Posted by sim59
Vitamins Deficency with Crohn's
hi, [br>I got diagnosed almost 4 years ago, it's been a roller coaster. However I found out what...More
Posted by ruthfightseveryday
can anyone help me...i was just diagnosed with colitis. however, whenever i look up colitis, ulcerative...More
Posted by jan201136
Digesta Cure
I have tried Digesta Cure and it helped me tremendously! I have Celiac, I have other stomach and bowel...More
Posted by cynhornecker
Where/who are our moderators? I know we don't have as much traffic on this site as we used to but we...More
Posted by hannahleigh89

Spotlight: Member Stories

Hi, My name is Lauren Hope. I am 19 years old and have been struggling with "stomach problems" for about six years. it really got serious in...More

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Prednisone short term versus long term use!
Predinisone can be a very helpful anti-inflammatory drug when used over the shortest term use that is effective. Predisone and other ... More
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