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Joined: 09/05/2010
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I came down with Ulcerative Colitis in 1984, long before I ever heard of the internet. Thus I only wish I had more resources to choose from back then. I found a few books but was more dependent on the advice of my doctors at the time. The alternatives were few, my health got worse and worse. After having no success with steroid and constant hospitalization, I chose a J-Pouch. For over 20 years now I curse that decision and wish I could take it back. Maybe living with UC was rough, but I only wish I could go back and try more alternatives now.

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Reply: What can I do for my sister?
If you really believe your sister is a victim of child abuse, why not call the police?
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Since I'm going to be taking a Colonoscopy soon, I'd rather just try the camera pill...More
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When I used Prednisone, I actually didn't have any noticeable side effects. The...More
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