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Joined: 09/04/2010
My Story:

OK, I'm retired, married 50 years, was dx with UC four
years ago. It is now under control (not a complete remission, but so close!!!), and I love this site.

Two children, five grandkids who are the light of my life, as well as our pooch, Bella, an 3 year old Maltipoo who literally "runs" our life. We adore her, and just look at that face of hers. Adorable is not nearly enough to describe her. She's fun, funny, ridiculous at times, and most of all, she keeps us going!!!! So important when you're retired.

I enjoy cooking for family and friends, reading, especially Evanovich and James Patterson books, love country music of all kinds, really enjoy fishing at our daughter's lake house in Michigan, and truly, truly enjoy my computer.

This past February, as indicated above, we celebrated our Golden Wedding Anniversary, and our dear kids and grandkids really threw us quite a party. They had it at a banquet hall, and it was a mini wedding reception. Beautiful setting with all of our close family and friends. Open bar, 5 course delicious meal, beautiful cake, and as a huge surprise, they gave us a trip to wherever we wanted to go! Well, that brought me to tears. We still haven't taken the trip because I had hip replacement surgery on July 16, and we delayed it because of that. I was in so much pain before the surgery that a trip was not going to happen until we could enjoy it. It's on the horizon in the next month or two. Can't describe how much we love our kids and grandkids! They're absolutely the best.

So, that's me.

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