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Hi there. It feels like I've been dealing with intestinal issues my whole life. I was first diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis when I was 17; I'm 32 now. At that time in my life, my journey with intestinal difficulties began. I've been on many different medications from Metronidazole, Lialda, Asacol and the lovely Prednisone has been one of the main medications that has worked for me with reducing flare symptoms. However, as many know, with being a long-term Prednisone patient, It has weakens the body (muscles,bones, tissues, skin) and has contributed to Osteoporosis that I now have.. When I was in my early twenties, my body would heal quite quickly from a flare. I'd take a round of Prednisone with say Asacol and I'd be better within a few months. I was even able to be medication free.
Currently, my body isn't as cooperative & able to heal quickly. SInce 2008, I have been struggling to get better with a flare. I went to the Mayo Clinic and diagnosed with Crohn's Disease in October of 2009. I have wanted to stay away from the Biologicals due to their potency and worried as to what side-effect they may produce with longterm use of these drugs. The Side effect list for these drugs are enormous. Despite my concerns about these drugs, I started on Remicade and finally, I am able to ween myself from Prednisone, I have less pain and bleeding and overall, I am feeling MUCH better than when I wasn't on the Remicade.
I am constantly doing research about alternative approaches to heal Crohn's Disease and homeopathic medicine that is effective as well. I am a strong advocate for myself and have a lot of knowledge from the years of studying IBD, Colitis, Crohn's, AutoImmune diseases. I know a lot and would love to help you find the answer to your questions. Feel free to message me with your question/concern and I will do my best to answer your question and provide you with the information that will be valuable and helpful to you.

Be well and Keep your Head Up. & Remember.... You are not alone!

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Don't forget that Everyday is a Blessing! Keep looking up and remember you are never alone.  
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