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Joined: 03/13/2011
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Have had Crohn's since age 17 and since I am now 58 that's a long time. When I was first diagnoised there were no medications so when things got bad they sugically removed the worst parts of my intentines. I have no colon and very little of my small intestine. This means an illeostomy, which I have had sence 1977. Best thing I ever did tho. My life with Crohn's isn't heaven but the illeostomy improved life dramatically. Within the last 5 years I had to quit working due to chronic pain and now live on social security and my pensions from work. My health has been much better since I stopped working so something good cam out of that. I have a very supportive family and boyfriend, without them life would be bad. Have had good days and bad days but all days are appreciated.

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