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I am 28 years old and I have been diagnosed with Crohn's since I was 26. I had my first child when I was 25 and after I had him I started having severe diarhea, extreme nausea, weight loss, and everything that goes with Crohn's. At first they took my gall bladder out and then within a year I had numerous test done to confirm Crohn's. I was on Remicade infusions for a year and then switched to Humira injections. I am now pregnant and have stopped taking all meds. My symptoms have recently come back.

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After my doc received my blood work showing that I did not have an infection and that my...More
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Allergic Reaction to Humira
Just curious if anyone else has had a localized allergic reaction to Humira at the injection...More
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Reply: Seeking good advice for weight loss with Crohns
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Reply: joint pain with colitis?
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I took Remicade for over a year and unfortunately I did experience hair loss. It came out in...More
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Reply: Biologics
I took Remicade for over a year and it was wonderful. I spoke with someone else who has been...More
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Reply: Crohn's and Pregnancy
Absolutely do not give up on having children!! I have Crohn's and I was also on everything...More
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Reply: Need Some Advice
Congrats!! I am also pregnant. I am 21 weeks. Before conceiveing I was on Humira Injections...More
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